The Artist Shop FAQ


1. Privacy Policy - Hey, you're not sharing my information are you?
2. Shipping time - How long does it take to get my order?
3. Returns - This CD doesn't play!  What do I do?
4. Newsletter - How do I subscribe?  How do I unsubscribe?
5. Shrinkwrap - Not all the CD's I got from you were shrinkwrapped.   Does that mean they're used?
6. Customs and Currency Conversions - What if I'm outside the US?
7. Contact Info - Where are you?  How do I get hold of you?
8. NTSC, PAL - What are these?
9. Sales Tax - Do I have to pay sales tax and how much?

1. Privacy Policy - First, you should be aware that The Artist Shop is a fat free website (i.e. NO COOKIES!).   That's right, there are no cookies in The Artist Shop website collecting information from your computer or adding something to your computer without your knowledge or permission!

As for the information you send me as part of your order, that is purely between you and me.  I don't compile any lists to sell or share with any other parties.  I hate it when companies do that with my information, so I'm not going to do that to you.  Besides, who would want this information but my competitors anyway?   Also, your e-mail address will not be added to The Artist Shop Newsletter mailing list unless you specifically request it.

If you are a regular Artist Shop customer, you can place an order without including your credit card number simply by instructing me to use the information from your previous order.  If you are new to The Artist Shop and reluctant to send your credit card info over the net, please check our ordering options page for information on how to order by phone, fax, snail mail, etc.  You should find an ordering method with which you are comfortable.

2. Shipping time - At any given time we have a few thousand CD's in stock.  However, as The Artist Shop is a specialty store dealing mostly in fairly obscure items, it is not possible to keep all titles in stock at all times.  Stores that have tried that either have a nasty habit of going under (like about 90% of all internet stores) or have a limited catalog.  At The Artist Shop we try to bring you the biggest selection of progressive music and avant garde titles possible.  We do have stock on a good number of titles and better access to other titles than most stores, given that for many titles we're dealing directly with the artists and labels.  Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.  However, many orders will ship much quicker and a few orders could take longer.  If your order is taking longer than two or three weeks, please feel free to drop me an e-mail to check on the status.

3. Returns - Ok, here's the scoop on returns. If you get something you didn't order, simply return it unopened for a refund or credit towards your next purchase (your choice). If by some freak of nature, you get a damaged product, it can only be returned for trade on another of the same product. And, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the gem boxes will arrive undamaged.  Please e-mail me before returning any product.

We cannot give refunds on used merchandise, period.  Please understand that I cannot be responsible for your selections or your taste in music.  I cannot accept returns based on your simply not liking the music or that the sound quality wasn't quite up to your standards.  The problem is that I end up having paid for a CD that I can't return because it's not defective, nor can I sell it because it's a used CD.

Also, returns should be in a timely manner.  I understand that one doesn't always get around to listening to new CD's right away.  However, if something needs to be returned, you must contact me within six weeks.  Beyond that, I cannot accept returns.

4. Newsletter - How do I subscribe?  Simple, just drop me an e-mail.
How do I unsubscribe?  Simple, just drop me an e-mail.

5. Shrinkwrap - All CD's sold by The Artist Shop are new CD's.  We don't sell used CD's.  However, not all CD's are shrinkwrapped.  A majority of CD's we receive from outside the US (imports) are not shrinkwrapped.  And even some CD's we receive from inside the US are not shrinkwrapped - a case in point being CD's from Camel Productions.  Camel Productions strongly feel that shrinkwrap is a major environmental pollutant and refuse to shrinkwrap their CD's for that reason.

6. Customs and Currency Conversions - The Artist Shop ships all over the world.  It's simply impossible for me to know how customs works in every country.  I recommend asking some of your fellow countrymen or your local post office if you're not sure yourself.  The bottom line, though, is that you are responsible for any customs taxes.

If you're outside the US and not used to ordering from a US based company, you may wonder how prices in US dollars translates into your own currency (not to mention that exchange rates do fluctuate!)  If this is the case, here's a website that can help you - Classic 164 Currencies Converter

7. Contact Info - The easiest way to get hold of me is simply to e-mail me at   As you can imagine, I get quite a lot of e-mail so sometimes it takes me a while to reply.  But chances are pretty good that within a day or two, you will hear back from me.

You can always call me on the phone.  My numbers are 877-856-1158 (toll free inside the U.S.) and 330-929-2056.  Please keep in mind that I'm in the Eastern time zone (same as New York).  My mailing address is:

The Artist Shop
1337 Forest Glen
Cuyahoga Falls, OH    44221

8. NTSC and PAL are video standards for VHS and DVD's.  PAL is the video standard for Europe while NTSC is the video standard for North America and most other places.  And I'm told my many Europeans that they're DVD players will play both PAL and NTSC.

9. Sales Tax - The Artist Shop is located in the state of Ohio.  I am therefore legally obligated to collect sales tax on all items shipping within the state of Ohio.  If the package is going outside the state of Ohio, there is no sales tax.  For those of you inside Ohio, the sales tax used to be 5.75%.  However, that has recently gone up to 6.75%.  In addition, because Ohio lawmakers are apparently so desparate for cash, they have expanded sales tax to many other areas that have not traditionally collected sales tax including, believe it or not, DELIVERY CHARGES!!!  Yes, the Ohio government is now mandating that shipping and handling charges be taxed.  If this disturbs you, then I strongly urge you to contact your state legislators in the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate and let them know your feelings!


Creating this FAQ is an ongoing process and I will try to answer common questions and concerns on this page.



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