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January 11, 2021


Hi, folks,

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In Today's Newsletter

New Releases: King Crimson, The Amorphous Androgynous & Peter Hammill, Steve Hackett, Greg Lake, Richard Sinclair, Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Kraut!: Die Innovativen Jahre Des Krautrock 1968-1979 Teil 4, Rick Wakeman, Jon Anderson, Ryuichi Sakamoto, The Strawbs, Focus, Gryphon, Gavin Harrison and Antoine Fafard, From Brussels with Love [Deluxe Hardbound Edition], Harmonia, Cafe Exil: New Adventures in European Music 1972-1980, Mythos, Dave Bainbridge & Sally Minnear, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Terje Rypdal, Martin Barre, Iron Butterfly, Blue Oyster Cult, The Grateful Dead, The Residents, Crack the Sky, Grumblewood, Multi Story, SBB, Raw Material, Barbara Thompson, Sun Ra, Ashley Hutchings with Becky Mills & Blair Dunlop, Trees, Japanese Releases


New Releases

King Crimson/The Complete 1969 Recordings ....20 CD + 4 Blu-Ray + DVD + DVD-A Box Set $229.99

King Crimson/The Complete 1969 Recordings ....20 CD + 4 Blu-Ray + DVD + DVD-A Box Set $229.99

The complete audio history of one of the most important debut albums of all time presented across 26 discs (20CD/4Blu-Ray/1DVD/1DVD-A).  Featuring a 2020 Dolby Atmos mix by Steven Wilson, David Singleton stereo mixes of session material (on Blu-Ray, DVD and across 6CDs), and a further disc of newly compiled studio material, the box also includes the original In the Court studio album, every alternate take known to exist, every mix known to exist, all live recordings from this incarnation of the band known to exist and a selection of pre-King Crimson 1968 recordings from Giles, Giles & Fripp.   This eighth King Crimson boxed set, as with the previous boxed seven sets in the series, is packaged in a vinyl sized box containing a booklet featuring previously unseen photos from the recordings sessions, an intro by Robert Fripp, sleeve-notes by King Crimson biographer Sid Smith, notes about the tapes from David Singleton, additional memorabilia and an additional protective outer sleeve.  "...an uncanny masterpiece." - Pete Townshend, 1969


• Ultimate Boxed Set Edition of one of rock music's seminal debut albums.
• Blu-Ray features 2020 Dolby Atmos mix by Steven Wilson.
• Complete, fully mixed stereo recording sessions feature on Blu-Ray, DVD and across 6 CDs.
• Blu-Rays also feature the original master edition of the 1969 album mix in 24/96 stereo, the 2019 stereo and 5.1 mixes, the 2009 stereo and 5.1 mixes a complete alternate album comprising 2019 mixes &more.
• "Let's Make a Hit Waxing" - single CD 'in the studio with the band' mixed and compiled by David Singleton - also features in 24/96 hi-res on Blu-Ray.
• 13 further CDs present all known live recordings of the band, BBC sessions, a pre-King Crimson CD compilation of Giles, Giles & Fripp and all studio recordings, alt versions, etc of the main album.
• Presented in an album sized box with outer slipcase, containing booklet including previously unseen photos from the recording session, an intro by Robert Fripp, sleeve-notes by King Crimson biographer Sid Smith, notes about the tapes by David Singleton, and memorabilia.


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The Amorphous Androgynous & Peter Hammill/We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal ....import CD $19.99
The Amorphous Androgynous & Peter Hammill/We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal ....import Vinyl LP $39.99

The Amorphous Androgynous & Peter Hammill/We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal ....import CD $19.99

The Amorphous Androgynous return with symphonic 40 minute progtronic space rock concept album We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal in 5 epic parts.  Featuring Peter Hammill on vocals alongside a host of musicians including Paul Weller (piano and guitar), Ray Fenwick (lead guitar), Brian Hopper on sax, and many others including the 50 piece Chesterfield Philharmonic Choir and a 25 piece sumptuously recorded live orchestral string section.  Opening with the 13 minute epic space prog rock of title track We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal (written with Peter Hammill and Paul Weller) the themes of mortality and immortality are then musically and conceptually catapulted to the far flung corners of the AA sonic multiverse over 40+ minutes utilizing choir, moog, a live orchestral string section, harp and vintage synth all fed against a backdrop of classic rock and psych samplerdelia of the Amorphous Androgynous. Space Odyssey like dystopian choirs and moog of Hymortality crash full force into the Led Zep Bonham-like drums of the Immortality Break while Synthony on a Theme of Mortality lives up to its name as an almost Vangelis Bladerunner-esque vintage synthony of some of the themes of the original track utilizing the classic '70s Yamaha CS80 synth before triumphantly soaring to lift off adrift a Pink Floyd-like female wailing aria against classic vintage guitar rock. Psych Recap is all backwards voices and guitars over pounding Tomorrow Never Knows-era Beatles bass and drums with dislocated Peter Hammill psychedelic vocals before the whole cosmic trip cascades finally into the harp daydream reverie and minimoog space landings, choir and french romantic strings of Physically I'm Here, Mentally Far, Far Away.


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Steve Hackett/Selling England by the Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live at Hammersmith ....2 CD + Blu-Ray 25.99
Steve Hackett/Selling England by the Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live at Hammersmith
....import 2 CD + DVD 29.99
Steve Hackett/Selling England by the Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live at Hammersmith [Limited Deluxe Edition] ....import 2 CD + DVD + Blu-Ray + Art Book 69.99

Steve Hackett/Selling England by the Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live at Hammersmith [Limited Deluxe Edition] ....import 2 CD + DVD + Blu-Ray + Art Book 69.99

In November 2019, at a sold-out show in London's Hammersmith Apollo, Steve Hackett performed the legendary Genesis album Selling England by the Pound in its entirety. Steve and his band also played tracks from Spectral Mornings (celebrating its 40th anniversary), At the Edge of Light, and A Trick of the Tail. Available on Limited Deluxe 2CD/Blu-ray/DVD Artbook, CD/Blu-Ray and CD/DVD versions including a Steven Wilson 5.1 surround mix.


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Greg Lake/The Anthology: A Musical Journey ....2 CD Set $19.99
Greg Lake/The Anthology: A Musical Journey ....Vinyl LP $34.99

Greg Lake/The Anthology: A Musical Journey ....2 CD Set $19.99

A comprehensive career-spanning Greg Lake collection compiling early recordings, King Crimson, ELP album tracks and singles, plus solo pieces and collaborations.  Deluxe hardback media book double CD, including 60 page booklet with many unseen photos, extensive notes and tributes to Greg.   Features the final version of Greg's Closer to Believing, recorded in 2014.  Produced in association with Greg Lake's family and ELP manager Stewart Young.


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Richard Sinclair/Caravan of Dreams [Special Limited Edition] ....import CD $19.99

Richard Sinclair/Caravan of Dreams [Special Limited Edition] ....import CD $19.99

Special limited edition of this classic album by Richard Sinclair (bassist/vocalist formerly of Caravan, Hatfield & The North, Camel, etc.). Joining him on this album are his old cohorts from Caravan, keyboardist (and cousin) David Sinclair and flute/sax player Jimmy Hastings and also his former Camel band mate Andy Ward on drums. Caravan of Dreams is a must have for any fan of the progressive Canterbury sound!


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Tangerine Dream/Pilots of Purple Twilight - The Virgin recordings 1980-1983 ....import 10 CD Box Set $209.99

Tangerine Dream/Pilots of Purple Twilight - The Virgin recordings 1980-1983 ....import 10 CD Box Set $209.99

A 10 CD boxset containing remastered versions of Tangerine Dream's era-defining Virgin label output between 1980 and 1983 (plus copious extras). The set features the albums Tangram, Thief, Exit, White Eagle, Logos, and Hyperborea, along with the previously unreleased soundtracks from the films The Soldier (1982) and The Keep (1983).  All audio has been re-mastered from the original master tapes by Ben Wiseman.  Pilots of Purple Twilight also features additional previously unreleased material across 4 discs and contains a hard-back book with an essay, many rare photographs, and memorabilia.  The individual albums are also available.


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Individual Albums

Tangerine Dream/Tangram ....import CD $12.99
Tangerine Dream/Thief ....import CD $12.99
Tangerine Dream/Exit ....import CD $12.99
Tangerine Dream/White Eagle ....import CD $12.99
Tangerine Dream/Logos ....import CD $12.99
Tangerine Dream/Hyperborea ....import CD $12.99

Tangerine Dream/Sessions III ....import CD $20.99

Tangerine Dream/Sessions III ....import CD $20.99

In their imperial years of the 1970s, Tangerine Dream's live concerts were an electronic exploration, improvised and different every night, with little or no relationship to their smash hit albums, which were similarly esoteric. As the 1980s dawned, their recorded work contained more recognizable themes and they scored some of the biggest films of the decade (Risky Business, Firestarter, Near Dark, Thief, Sorcerer).


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Ash Ra Tempel/Gin Rose ....import CD + DVD $23.99

Ash Ra Tempel/Gin Rose ....import CD + DVD $23.99

Now, and due to the many requests, here it is again - after 20 years, the re-release of the long-awaited live-album "Gin Rose." Manuel Gottsching and Klaus Schulze blend tradition & vision, and they do not simply reanimate ideas of the 1970s. The spirit of this unique liaison is reflected in every single note of this still up-to-date concert, showing these two musicians playing joyfully, familiar and undeterred.


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Various Artists/Kraut!: Die Innovativen Jahre Des Krautrock 1968-1979 Teil 4 ....import 2 CD Set $29.99

Various Artists/Kraut!: Die Innovativen Jahre Des Krautrock 1968-1979 Teil 4 ....import 2 CD Set $29.99

Progressive rock from Germany! Never before has there been a comparable compilation! Towards the end of the 1960s German bands began their first attempts to emancipate themselves stylistically from their US and British role models. Prog rock and pchychedelia from our country were initially smiled at internationally and disparagingly called 'Krautrock' by cult DeeJay John Peel, among others. Unorthodox formations could not be pigeonholed, and so a scene with a wide musical range was created. The fourth and final part is dedicated to the West Berlin scene of the day and presents popular bands such as Ash Ra Tempel, Lokomotive Kreuzberg, Agitation Free, Dissidenten, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream alongside e.g. Karthago, Mythos, Emtidi, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Cluster, Harmonia, or Os Mundi. Mostly remastered from digital tape copies by Marcus Heumann without wasting the original sound. Compiled and commented on 100(!) pages by Burghard Rausch (DeeJay, vinyl collector, drummer, radio presenter/author and book editor). With 'Kraut! Die innovativen Jahre des Krautrock 1968-1979' we released a double CD every three months in 2020 with a booklet of about 100 pages and biographies of each band, an exquisite selection of the exciting and influential bands of those days, some of which caused a sensation far beyond Germany. The four editions are regionally structured. This fourth part deals with West Berlin. All editions are compiled by Burghard Rausch and commented on in detail (in German language). With the release of the fourth and final issue, Bear Family marks the last milestone on the way to a comprehensive documentation of the history of popular music in Germany from the early 1960s to the mid-1980s. 2-CD (trifold DigiSleeve) with 100-page booklet, 17 tracks. Total playing time approx. 150 minutes.


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Also Available

Various Artists/Kraut!: Die Innovativen Jahre Des Krautrock 1968-1979 Teil 1 ....import 2 CD Set $36.99
Various Artists/Kraut!: Die Innovativen Jahre Des Krautrock 1968-1979 Teil 2 ....import 2 CD Set $36.99
Various Artists/Kraut!: Die Innovativen Jahre Des Krautrock 1968-1979 Teil 3 ....import 2 CD Set $29.99


Rick Wakeman/The Red Planet [Deluxe Edition] ....import CD + DVD $54.99

Rick Wakeman/The Red Planet [Deluxe Edition] ....import CD + DVD $54.99

Limited CD + DVD edition in deluxe "pop-up" packaging. The Red Planet is Rick Wakeman's 2020 studio album. The album harks back to Wakeman's critically acclaimed 1973 solo debut album The Six Wives of Henry VIII and No Earthly Connection. These releases showcased heavy keyboards and focused on a central theme. Rick recorded The Red Planet with a collective of musicians dubbed The English Rock Ensemble, featuring guitarist Dave Colquhoun, bassist Lee Pomeroy and drummer Ash Soan. Pomeroy has also been a touring member of Yes Featuring Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman and Jeff Lynne's ELO, while Soan has played drums with Squeeze, Del Amitri and many other artists.


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Also Available

Rick Wakeman/The Red Planet ....import CD $17.99


Rick Wakeman/The Aspirant Trilogy ....import 3 CD Set $29.99

Rick Wakeman/The Aspirant Trilogy ....import 3 CD Set $29.99

Collected together in one package, keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman presents three albums of ethereal and hypnotic ambient music dubbed "The Aspirant Trilogy!"   Originally released in the early '90s, these albums were the result of Wakeman's "geniune study of music and the effects it has on the human body and mind" and are performed entirely by Wakeman! Comes packaged in a gorgeous 8-panel digipak!   This set collects the albums Aspirant Sunrise, Aspirant Sunset and Aspirant Sun Shadows.


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Jon Anderson/Song of Seven [Remastered & Expanded Edition] ....import CD $19.99

Jon Anderson/Song of Seven [Remastered & Expanded Edition] ....import CD $19.99

Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a new re-mastered and expanded edition of the 1980 solo album by Jon Anderson, Song of Seven.  The album was recorded during Jon's first hiatus from Yes, with whom he had become an internationally known vocalist and songwriter and followed on from his 1976 solo album Olias of Sunhillow. Working with keyboard player Ronnie Leahy, Anderson created an optimistic album of varying influences and he gathered together a fine ensemble of musicians to assist him such as celebrated bass players Jack Bruce and John Giblin, guitarists Clem Clempson and Ian Bairnson, saxophonist Johnny Dankworth and percussionists Morris Pert and Simon Phillips.  Song of Seven was a UK top forty hit upon its release by Atlantic Records in November 1980 and spawned a solo tour which established Jon Anderson as a regarded artist in his own right. This Esoteric Recordings edition has been newly remastered from the original Atlantic Records master tapes and is expanded to include two rare US single edits previously unreleased on CD and restores the original album artwork in a digipak. The booklet also features a new essay with an exclusive interview with Jon Anderson.


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Ryuichi Sakamoto/Coda ....Blu-Ray $25.99
Ryuichi Sakamoto/Coda ....DVD $18.99

Ryuichi Sakamoto/Coda ....Blu-Ray $25.99

One of the most important artists of our era, Ryuichi Sakamoto has had a prolific career spanning over four decades. From techno-pop stardom to Oscar-winning film composer, the evolution of his music has coincided with his life journeys. Following the Fukushima disaster, Sakamoto became an iconic figure in Japan's social movement against nuclear power. As Sakamoto returns to music following a cancer diagnosis, his haunting awareness of life crises leads to a resounding new masterpiece. Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda is an intimate portrait of both the artist and the man.


sakamotocoda.jpg (75669 bytes)


The Strawbs/Live in Concert ....import 2 CD + DVD Set $29.99
The Strawbs/Best Of: Live In Concert ....Vinyl LP $29.99

The Strawbs/Live in Concert ....import 2 CD + DVD Set $29.99

Double CD and DVD in a six panel digipack recorded at The Robin 2, Bilston 5th March 2006.


strawbs.jpg (76450 bytes)


Focus/50 Years: Anthology 1970-1976 ....import 9 CD + 2 DVD [PAL Region 0] Box Set $69.99

Focus/50 Years: Anthology 1970-1976 ....import 9 CD + 2 DVD [PAL Region 0] Box Set $69.99

Limited nine CD + two DVD (PAL) box set. Please note: the DVDs in this set are PAL format, and will not play on most North American DVD players. Dutch prog rock band Focus has been a household name worldwide for 50 years with hits such as "Hocus Pocus," "House Of The King," "Sylvia," "Tommy" and many others. In honor of this monumental band, Red Bullet Productions presents the boxset: Focus - 50 Years: Anthology 1970-1976, consisting of 9 CDs and 2 DVDs with remasters and never before released material, such as the 'Focus at the Rainbow' concert film from 1973! This box set contains the complete work of Focus as released between 1970 and 1976, the years in which the band featured four of the most talented musicians originating from the Netherlands during the 70s: guitarist Jan Akkerman, keyboard player Thijs van Leer, bass player Bert Ruiter and drummer Pierre van der Linden. In the period 1970-1976, Focus was the first continental European rock group to reach a worldwide audience meanwhile touring extensively in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Japan. The band scored two worldwide hit singles, sold several million albums and was the first Dutch rock group claiming Melody Maker's Brightest Hope award for 1972. One year later, Focus hit the US Billboard charts with two singles and two albums simultaneously. 50 Years: Anthology 1970-1976 is curated by Focus/Jan Akkerman archivist Wouter Bessels and includes long anticipated new remasters of their first seven albums, plus single tracks, alternate mixes, demos, raw studio mixes and previously unreleased live recordings. In addition, two PAL format DVDs contain 4+ hours of audiovisual material from the archives of worldwide TV broadcasting companies, plus the first official and long anticipated release of the 1973 'Focus at the Rainbow' concert movie, carefully remastered from the original 16 mm film.


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Gryphon/Get Out of My Father's Car! ....import CD $22.99
Gryphon/Get Out Of My Fathers Car! [180gm Vinyl] ....import Vinyl LP $47.99
Gryphon/Get Out Of My Father's Car! (SHM-CD) (Paper Sleeve) ....Japanese import $49.99

Gryphon/Get Out of My Father's Car! ....import CD $22.99

2020's Get Out of My Father's Car! is the seventh studio album from the legendary Gryphon. Original members Graeme Taylor, Brian Gulland and Dave Oberle are joined by virtuoso Andy Findon on clarinets, saxes and flutes, plus two new members, Rob Levy on bass guitar and Clare Taylor on violin and keyboards. All three new members have contributed compositions to Get Out of My Father's Car and the range of styles on the album is unprecedented in the history of this most eccentric of bands. It is almost impossible to pigeonhole Gryphon, recently reformed nearly 40 years after a very successful spell throughout the 1970s, which included extensive touring in the States and Europe with Yes, Steeleye Span and Mahavishnu Orchestra. They even appeared on BBC Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4, all in the same week! Gryphon stunned their faithful following four decades later in 2018 when they released their sixth studio album, ReInvention, to huge acclaim. Anyone who thought this was an isolated flash of brilliance now has another think coming as we announce a further brand-new release which proves to be every bit as unfathomably innovative and exciting. Continuing to display fine humour, it defies repetition in favour of seemingly constant streams of reinvention, perhaps even surpassing its predecessor in its richness.


gryphon.jpg (74014 bytes)


Gavin Harrison and Antoine Fafard/Chemical Reactions ....CD $15.99

Gavin Harrison and Antoine Fafard/Chemical Reactions ....CD $15.99

Chemical Reactions is a collaboration between Gavin Harrison and Antoine Fafard presenting an epic hybrid of progressive-fusion approaches and the world of chamber and orchestral music. Fafard's compositions beautifully frame Harrison's playing and provide a unique context for his innovative drumming. Features Jerry Goodman and the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra.


gavin.jpg (49821 bytes)


Various Artists/From Brussels with Love [Deluxe Hardbound Edition] ....2 CD + Book Set $59.99
Various Artists/From Brussels with Love [2xLP (LP1 black, LP2 white) with download (21 tracks)] ....2 Vinyl LP Set $49.99

Various Artists/From Brussels with Love [Deluxe Hardbound Edition] ....2 CD + Book Set $59.99

For release in November, From Brussels With Love - the legendary compilation from 1980 - featured exclusive tracks from the likes of A Certain Ratio, Gavin Bryars, Harold Budd, Thomas Dolby, The Durutti Column, John Foxx, Martin Hannett, Richard Jobson, Bill Nelson, Kevin Hewick + New Order, Michael Nyman and more.  Running for 78 minutes, the original cosmopolitan 'cassette journal' was curated by Michel Duval, Annik Honore and Wim Mertens, and also includes extended interviews with Brian Eno and legendary French film actress Jeanne Moreau.  To mark its 40th anniversary, this remastered edition will be issued as a deluxe double CD edition in 10-inch square hardback 60 page book.  Altogether this new set includes 20 bonus tracks, 39 tracks total.


brussels.jpg (46956 bytes)


Also available the 2007 19 track standard release

Various Artists/From Brussels with Love ....import CD $19.99


Harmonia/Complete Works ....5 CD Box Set $44.99

Harmonia/Complete Works ....5 CD Box Set $44.99

Groenland present the definitive Harmonia box set collecting their groundbreaking debut, 'Musik von Harmonia' (1974), along with 'Deluxe' (1975), 'Live 1974,' their Harmonia & Eno '76 album 'Tracks and Traces,' and the previously unreleased 'Documents 1975' a collection of early live performances. The short-lived syzygy, extant from 1973 to 1976 and revolving three members - Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius of Cluster with Neu!'s Michael Rother - were responsible for a gentle but pivotal phase shift in German experimental music, and also on a wider scale within the world of new pop, rock and electronic music, thanks to the praise of David Bowie and Brian Eno - the latter of whom would join them for 'Tracks and Traces' as Harmonia & Eno '76. Their history remains one of the most storied of electronic music; a group of imaginative, innovative German composers seeking to make a new music guided by nature and the stars, accompanied by one of the greatest producers of their generation, Conny Plank, and all at an idyllic location in the countryside of Forst, Lower Saxony, next to the Weser River. From these lush conditions they vibed out, working with an arsenal of "mobile" recording gear (depicted in the accompanying booklet) to realize some of the most beautiful and influential records of the '70s, from the shimmering ambience of 'Musik Von...' thru the "pop" tone of 'Deluxe,' along the motorik trajectories of their 'Documents 1975' recordings, and back to space music with Eno in '76.


harmonia.jpg (40768 bytes)


Various Artists/Cafe Exil: New Adventures in European Music 1972-1980 ....import CD $17.99

Various Artists/Cafe Exil: New Adventures in European Music 1972-1980 ....import CD $17.99

When David Bowie and Iggy Pop relocated from LA to continental Europe, taking trains to Berlin, Paris and Warsaw, they would have come across new music that was very different to the burgeoning disco scene they left behind. "Cafe Exil" - named after one of Bowie's favourite Berlin haunts - imagines the soundtrack that would have informed "Low," "Heroes" and "Lodger." It's an awesome mix of electronica, Krautrock and experimental treats. There are key tracks from members of Can and Tangerine Dream, fascinating obscurities by German act Streetmark and Italian library maestro Piero Umiliani, the Herzog-soundtracking Popul Vuh, and highly collectible avant-strangeness by Annette Peacock. Czech-born Jan Hammer's beautiful, light, atmospheric groove is among myriad surprises.  Also Rubba, Focus, Amon Duul II, Steve Hillage, Faust, Michael Rother, Toni Esposito, Brian Eno, Soft Machine, Cortex and Cluster. "Cafe Exil" has been put together by Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley and Jason Wood, author of multiple books on cinema and programmer at Home in Manchester. It fits in with other recent Ace compilations such as "English Weather" and "76 In The Shade" - it creates a mood, a time and a place. You're right there, sat next to Bowie, drinking his Pernod and black, in a darkly lit Berlin bar.


cafeexil.jpg (42680 bytes)


Mythos/ Berliner Schule Sequencing ....CD $17.99

Mythos/ Berliner Schule Sequencing ....CD $17.99

The legendary PILZ label released the first album of the Berlin-based electronic group Mythos in 1972. The current album, Berliner Schule Sequencing, is a brand-new production and the first new release on the PILZ label for 45 years. Mastermind Stephan Kaske presents the typical sound cascades and sequences of the Berlin School.


mythos.jpg (107000 bytes)


Dave Bainbridge & Sally Minnear/Live in the Studio ....import CD + DVD $18.99

Dave Bainbridge & Sally Minnear/Live in the Studio ....import CD + DVD $18.99

Dave Bainbridge is best known for his work in the progressive/Celtic band Iona. He's also worked with The Strawbs. Vocalist/instrumentalist Sally Minnear has an incredible music pedigree being the daughter of Gentle Giant's Kerry Minnear. Dave and Sally are also part of the band Celestial Fire as well as being a duo. This record demonstrates the range and diversity of music that Dave & Sally perform at their always well received concerts. Featuring the duo's arrangements of music from Dave's previous band Iona, his solo albums and several traditional Irish folk pieces, filmed, recorded and mixed at Dave's Open Sky Studio.  DVD Extras include Dave & Sally 'In Conversation,' plus some live footage from their concert at The Lantern Theatre, Sheffield in March 2018.


minnear.jpg (62348 bytes)


Jimi Hendrix Experience/Live in Maui ....2 CD + Blu-Ray $29.99
Jimi Hendrix Experience/Live in Maui [With Blu-ray, 150 Gram Vinyl, Download Insert] ....3 Vinyl LP + Blu-Ray Set $55.99

Jimi Hendrix Experience/Live in Maui ....2 CD + Blu-Ray $29.99

Experience Hendrix announces a brand new collection that couples the brand new feature length documentary Music, Money, Madness... Jimi Hendrix in Maui with the accompanying live performances on both audio and video. The film chronicles the Jimi Hendrix Experience's storied visit to Maui, their performance on the dormant lower crater of Haleakala volcano on the island and how the band became ensnared with the ill-fated Rainbow Bridge movie produced by their controversial manager Michael Jeffery. Directed by John McDermott and produced by Janie Hendrix, George Scott and McDermott, the documentary incorporates never before released original footage and new interviews with firsthand participants and key players such as Billy Cox, Eddie Kramer, Warner Bros. executives and several Rainbow Bridge cast members, as well as it's director Chuck Wein. The Blu-ray will include the full documentary as well as the 16mm color film shot of the two afternoon performances captured on July 30, 1970 mixed in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound. Also included in the package will be Live in Maui - both of the aforementioned sets spread across 2 CDs, newly restored and mixed by longtime Jimi Hendrix engineer Eddie Kramer, and mastered by Bernie Grundman. The two sets finds The Experience - Hendrix, Billy Cox on bass, Mitch Mitchell on drums - at the height of it's powers playing flawlessly against a stunning natural backdrop. Included are breathtaking renditions of crowd favorites like "Foxey Lady, " "Purple Haze" and "Voodoo Child (Slight Return), " as well as then-unreleased songs like "Dolly Dagger" and "Freedom" that showcased the new direction Hendrix was moving toward.


hendrix.jpg (57536 bytes)


Terje Rypdal/Conspiracy ....CD $17.99

Terje Rypdal/Conspiracy ....CD $17.99

A 2020 studio album and program from Terje Rypdal is cause for celebration. Conspiracy shows the Norwegian guitarist reconnecting with the wild inspiration that fueled his early masterpieces, exploring the sonic potential of the electric guitar with both a rock improviser's raw energy and a composer's feeling for space and texture. Produced by Manfred Eicher and Terje Rypdal.


rypdal.jpg (69206 bytes)


Also Available

Terje Rypdal/Descendre ....import CD $19.99
Terje Rypdal/Terje Rypdal ....import CD $19.99
Terje Rypdal/What Comes After ....import CD $19.99
Terje Rypdal/Whenever I Seem to Be Far Away ....import CD $19.99


Martin Barre/50 Years of Jethro Tull ....2 CD Set $16.99

Martin Barre/50 Years of Jethro Tull ....2 CD Set $16.99

"So... finally we have arrived at year number 50 !!!! Is it important... yes, of course and it must be celebrated with due care and thought hence this double CD which showcases some of my favourite tracks. Personally... I'm looking forward to year 51 and beyond !!!... So, with a big nod to history, I will take my guitar on the road and continue my love affair!"


barre50.jpg (72935 bytes)


Iron Butterfly/Unconscious Power - An Anthology 1967-1971 [Remastered] ....import 7 CD Box Set $59.99

Iron Butterfly/Unconscious Power - An Anthology 1967-1971 [Remastered] ....import 7 CD Box Set $59.99

Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of Unconcious Power - An Anthology 1967 - 1971, a newly remastered 7 CD boxed set featuring all of the albums and singles recorded by the legendary American acid / progressive rock band Iron Butterfly recorded for Atlantic's Atco label between 1967 and 1971 and additional recordings made at the Fillmore East in New York City in April 1968.  Iron Butterfly first came together in San Diego, California in 1966 with a line-up of Doug Ingle (vocals, organ), Danny Weis (guitar), Greg Willis (bass), Jack Pinney (drums) and Darryl DeLoach (vocals). After performing in the San Diego area the band relocated to Los Angeles in search of a recording contract, with Willis soon departing to be replaced by Jerry Penrod on bass. Jack Pinney also departed and was eventually replaced by Ron Bushy.  The band's psychedelic and acid rock style was honed during regular appearances at LA venues such as the Whisky a Go Go and the Galaxy Club, which saw Iron Butterfly develop a loyal following and led to the band signing with Atlantic's Atco label in 1967. In October that year the band recorded their debut album, Heavy, but the group would endure further line-up changes prior to its release as Jerry Penrod, Danny Weis and Darryl DeLoach departed soon after recording sessions were completed. Faced with the possibility of the album remaining unreleased, Ingle and Bushy recruited 17 year old guitarist Erik Brann and bassist Lee Dorman to the band.  Heavy was released in January 1968, entering the US Billboard charts and eventually earning gold disc status. The album In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, issued in June 1968, would break the band into star status. Dominated by the side long title track featuring the instrumental dexterity of the new line-up, it was a masterpiece of acid rock and reached a height of number 4 in the US charts and went on to sell a million copies. An edited version of the title track was issued as a single and reached the US top thirty.   The band's third album, Ball, was released in January 1969 and was even more successful, reaching number 3 in the US and spawning the hit singles Soul Experience and In the Time of Our Lives. The band undertook a punishing touring schedule and a series on concerts were recorded in May 1969, finally to be issued as Live in April 1970. Erik Brann departed the band in December 1969 and was replaced by guitarist and vocalist Mike Pinera and additional guitarist Larry Reinhardt.  This line-up would record the album Metamorphosis in May 1970 which saw the band take a heavier direction. The dominant track on the record was the excellent thirteen minute Butterfly Bleu which saw one of the earliest uses of a "talk box" on a guitar solo. Following a tour with Yes in early 1971, Doug Ingle announced his departure from the band. After releasing a final single, Silly Sally in April 1971, Iron Butterfly disbanded. Although they would reform in the mid-1970s and continue to perform and record sporadically afterwards, their recorded work for Atco Records remains their main legacy.  Unconcious Power - An Anthology 1967 - 1971 features all of the albums issued on Atco, all newly re-mastered from the original master tapes, and additionally includes the rare mono mixes of the albums Heavy and Live, (the only true separate mono mixes of their albums), both previously unreleased on CD, along with two CDs of recordings made at the Fillmore East in New York City on the 26th and 27th April 1968. It also includes all of the band's US non-album singles and single edits and a lavishly illustrated booklet with a new essay featuring interviews with Ron Bushy and Mike Pinera and a poster.


ironbutterfly.jpg (84406 bytes)


Blue Oyster Cult/Live '83 ....CD $19.99

Blue Oyster Cult/Live '83 ....CD $19.99

By special arrangement with Blue Oyster Cult and its management, Real Gone Music presents, for the first time on CD, the band's complete July 24, 1983 concert at Perkins Palace in Pasadena, CA. Originally recorded for radio broadcast, this was long regarded as one of the best-sounding BOC bootlegs, and now it is finally coming out on authorized physical form, complete with liner notes by Scott Schinder and rare photos. Further confirmation that Donald 'Buck Dharma' Roeser is one of America's great, unsung guitar heroes (don't miss the 10-minute, concert-closing version of "Roadhouse Blues")!


boclive83.jpg (57962 bytes)


The Grateful Dead/Road Trips Vol. 2 No. 4 Cal Expo '93 ....2 CD Set $41.99

The Grateful Dead/Road Trips Vol. 2 No. 4 Cal Expo '93 ....2 CD Set $41.99

The Cal Expo Amphitheatre at the State Fairgrounds in Sacramento became one of the homes-away-from-home (but not too far away from home!) for the Grateful Dead during their later years, and they always played well there, inspired perhaps by the good old-fashioned (and increasingly rare) General Admission policy towards seating coupled with a grassy infield for dancing. So, when the Dead settled in for a three-night run from May 25-27 in 1993, anticipation was high... but what occurred exceeded even the wildest expectations of the most devout Dead Head. Simply put, the second set of the May 26 show - captured here in its entirety - is considered by many as the absolute high point of the Vince Welnick edition of the band, as the always welcome set opener "Box of Rain" leads into a magical medley of "Victim or the Crime"/"Crazy Fingers"/"Playing in the Band"/"Rhythm Devils"/"Corrina"/"Playing in the Band"/"China Doll"/"Around and Around" that summons up that halcyon '70s spirit. What's more, this 2-CD set, which also features excerpts from the 5/26/93 first set and the next day's show, has some extra surprises in store: the 5/26/93 encore "Liberty" makes its first appearances on a live Dead release, as does the aforementioned "Corrina." With notes by Blair Jackson and full-color photos from the gig, this Road Trip is as good as it got during the last few miles of the long strange trip, and it's remastered in HDCD sound by Jeffrey Norman.


dead.jpg (102762 bytes)


The Residents/Beautiful Eyes ....CD $19.99

The Residents/Beautiful Eyes ....CD $19.99

Beautiful Eyes was a compilation album that was released on July 16th 2010 via the Robot Selling Device. The album is focused on "beautiful but cold" pieces of music from throughout the group's history. It includes pieces of music unavailable elsewhere like "Available Piece" which is an extended instrumental segment from the group's 1978 album Not Available which has not been released elsewhere.


residentseyes.jpg (55822 bytes)


The Residents/Anganok ....CD $19.99

The Residents/Anganok ....CD $19.99

Anganok was a mini opera written with San Francisco artist, Spoonman, in 1991. The opera was performed only a few times and was not recorded. However, the instrumental track and an early rehearsal with Spoonman's vocals exist. The instrumental track had been pilfered for other uses (such as incidental music for the Uncle Willie companion CD), and an excerpt of the instrumental track was included as part of the fourth disc of Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses. In 2009 both the full instrumental track and the rehearsal recording were released as digital downloads. This is the first CD release of this work.


residentsanganok.jpg (34901 bytes)


Crack the Sky/Tribes ....CD $17.99

Crack the Sky/Tribes ....CD $17.99

In 1976 Rolling Stone called prog-rock pioneers Crack the Sky "one of year's most impressive debuts."  Named by Rolling Stone in their 2015 list of 50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums of All Time and in Twenty 1970's Albums Rolling Stone Loved that You Never Heard, the magazine's review likened Crack The Sky to Steely Dan, 10cc, the Tubes, and said writer/lead singer/guitarist/keyboardist John Palumbo avoids conventional melodies, preferring to repeat a tuneful phrase and then abruptly break the mood he's established with something nearly opposite in spirit. "Crack The Sky's ensemble singing and playing are impeccable. Palumbo's lead vocals are chameleonlike, resembling Ian Hunter's and Bowie's." Today, 40+ years later, the band releases a new studio album entitled Tribes, due out early 2021. The title track speaks volumes about modern society's perpetual cultural divide, wherein each side believes its inalienable right to champion the only opinion that matters.


crackthesky.jpg (61204 bytes)


Grumblewood/Stories of Strangers ....import CD $21.99

Grumblewood/Stories of Strangers ....import CD $21.99

Released on Robin Armstrong's Gravity Dream label, Grumblewood's debut album Stories of Strangers features eight fabulous tales of fortune and fable, that musicially fuse folk, jazz, baroque, and (a lot of) rock. Recorded, mixed and mastered entirely in analogue, this a charming album that evokes the golden era of progressive music. CD in digifile with 12-page booklet.


grumblewood.jpg (64795 bytes)


Multi Story/CBF10 ....import CD $22.99

Multi Story/CBF10 ....import CD $22.99

Multi Story formed in the early 1980s. CBF10 is Multi Story's latest studio album and features some special guests. Some of the songs have drawn juice from the band's rockier veins yet the album still demonstrates those symphonic touches that Multi Story do so well. CBF10 is not a concept album but there are subtle threads and connections across the songs that listeners may spot... and, anyway, what is CBF10? This release comes in a digipak with 24 page booklet.


multistory.jpg (55464 bytes)


SBB/Pamiec ....import CD $17.99
SBB/Memento Z Banalnym Tryptykiem ....import CD $17.99

SBB/Pamiec ....import CD $17.99                SBB/Memento Z Banalnym Tryptykiem ....import CD $17.99

SBB is a Polish progressive rock band formed in 1971 in Siemianowice, Upper Silesia. It consisted of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Jozef Skrzek, a young guitar player Apostolis Anthimos, the drummer Jerzy Piotrowski and sound engineer Grzegorz Maniecki. It was one of the most popular super-groups in Poland and Europe in the 1970s. The band was among the forerunners of progressive rock and jazz-rock and attracted many influential jazz musicians, who often performed with the band. The trumpeter Andrzej Przybielski and the saxophonist & bass clarinetist Tomasz Szukalski developed a long lasting relation with SBB. Pamiec was their third album originally released in 1976. Memento Z Banalnym Tryptykiem was released in 1981.


sbbpamiec.jpg (63330 bytes)


sbbmemento.jpg (62471 bytes)


Raw Material/Raw Material ....import 2 CD Set $29.99

Raw Material/Raw Material ....import 2 CD Set $29.99

The UK psychedelic/progressive jazzrock outfit's 1970 debut-album gets reissued, with the addition of a full disc's worth of rare B-side tracks PLUS the entire 'Kid Jensen Introduces Sounds Progressive' LP, which the Raw Material-members released under the Sounds Progressive pseudonym that same year. This edition includes a 16-page booklet with background notes and images.


rawmaterial.jpg (89181 bytes)


Barbara Thompson/Live at the BBC ....import 14 CD Box Set $119.99

Barbara Thompson/Live at the BBC ....import 14 CD Box Set $119.99

Fourteen CD set containing 27 complete radio programmes constituting 14 hours of music. Over 100 remastered and restored tracks from 1969-1990 together for the first time on one release. Featuring contributions from many legends of British jazz including Jack Bruce, Jon Hiseman, Don Rendell, Harry Beckett, Kenny Wheeler, Henry Lowther, Ian Carr, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Gary Husband, Frank Ricotti and Chris Spedding. Liner notes by celebrated jazz critic, broadcaster and saxophonist Dave Gelly MBE. Barbara Thompson MBE is a virtuoso saxophonist, composer and bandleader whose career has spanned five decades. Despite her battle with Parkinson's Disease, Barbara's vast career has seen her perform, compose and lead on many projects including The New Jazz Orchestra, The United Jazz & Rock Ensemble, Jubiaba, Paraphernalia, Andrew Lloyd-Webber productions and Colosseum. She is considered a pioneering composer for the saxophone and was part of a luxuriant crop of new jazz composers in the 1960s: Mike Westbrook, Neil Ardley, Graham Collier, Mike Taylor, Michael Garrick and several more. Within a few years, Barbara would be among the most eminent of them, and by far the most prolific. This previously hidden treasure trove of Barbara Thompson recordings amounts to 14 CDs containing complete radio programmes recorded and broadcast by the BBC over a period of 21 years. Many come from Barbara's own tapes, preserved by her husband, legendary drummer Jon Hiseman, in their archive at Temple Music, while others have been gathered from private collections across Britain and Europe. The material ranges from a live concert by the New Jazz Orchestra, introduced by Humphrey Lyttelton, in February 1969 to a set by Paraphernalia, featuring Jon Hiseman and keyboard player Peter Lemer, dating from June 1990. Along the way are such rarities as: a set of compositions by Mike Taylor, broadcast in 1969 as a tribute following his then-recent death; Improvisations for Octet and Strings (1970); Five Movements for Jazz Ensemble (1971), conducted by Neil Ardley and introduced by Ian Carr; several broadcasts from the mid-1970s by Jubiaba; and many sets by Paraphernalia in it's various forms including a complete concert broadcast live from Holland Park, mastered to the highest level, with extensive liner notes by celebrated jazz critic, broadcaster and saxophonist Dave Gelly MBE.


barbarathompson.jpg (50141 bytes)


Sun Ra/Egypt 1971 ....4 CD Set $29.99

Sun Ra/Egypt 1971 ....4 CD Set $29.99

Like countless others, the young Alabamian prodigy Herman Blount (later reborn as Sun Ra) had been awed and beguiled by the archaeological discoveries of the early 20th Century around the Nile delta that, once again, thrust ancient Egyptian history and culture into the popular consciousness of the day. Music was Blount's first and abiding passion but, as a young man, he was also a voracious reader, spending hours in the Magic City's libraries, poring over tomes documenting world history, Egyptology, poetry and numerous other subjects.


sunraegypt.jpg (131609 bytes)


Ashley Hutchings with Becky Mills & Blair Dunlop/A Midwinter Miscellany ....import CD $18.99

Ashley Hutchings with Becky Mills & Blair Dunlop/A Midwinter Miscellany ....import CD $18.99

Put Ashley Hutchings, Becky Mills and Blair Dunlop in a room for 3 days during lockdown add a little social distancing and the result is A Winter Miscellany, a beautiful fresh collection of songs.


ashleyhutchings.jpg (40520 bytes)


Trees/Trees ....4 CD Set $47.99
Trees/Trees ....4 Vinyl LP Set $89.99

Trees/Trees ....4 CD Set $47.99

It's now over fifty years since Trees' formation and, although 'acid folk' has now become a sub-category in the lexicon of record dealers and music critics, and although founder member David Costa feels the original noughties reissue helped consolidate a gathering wave of curiosity, they themselves remain in the shadows. Earth's new Trees collection brings together both albums adding shiny alternate mixes of key tracks along with a selection of radio sessions and demos, all sounding brighter and cleaner than ever before. Trees first album, 'The Garden of Jane Delawney' (1970) snuggles nicely into contemporary nu-folkies' idea of the genre, and shares some of the pastoral-whimsy that characterised The Incredible String Band or Donovan, offset by some stunning interpretations of traditional material and Bias' own songs, which were somehow part of the tradition Trees had adopted. Readings of 'Lady Margaret,' 'Glasgerion' and the old standard 'She Moved thro' the Fair,' and the extended fade of the group's own 'Road,' presage the explosive instrumental duelling that would come to characterize the follow-up album, 'On the Shore.' There's a definite shift between the records, the second being darker and more ambivalent. Here Trees don't tell you what to think. You're left to formulate your own response to this odd, opaque music. The 'Streets of Derry' session version leans into the brain vibrating drone-groove they somehow found at the traditional tune's centre. 'Polly on the Shore,' another traditional tune, is one of the definitive moments of English folk-rock.


trees.jpg (103506 bytes)


Japanese Releases

Dixie Dregs/Free Fall ....Japanese import CD $19.99
Dixie Dregs/Night Of The Living Dregs ....Japanese import CD $19.99
Dixie Dregs/What If ....Japanese import CD $19.99
Gary Moore/Blues Alive ....Japanese import CD $19.99
Gary Moore/Blues For Greeny ....Japanese import CD $19.99
Mike Oldfield/Ommadawn (Deluxe Edition) (SHM-CD) (Paper Sleeve) ....Japanese import 3 CD Set $89.99
Mike Oldfield/Tubular Bells (Deluxe Edition) (SHM-CD) (Paper Sleeve) ....Japanese import 3 CD Set $89.99
Seawind/Light the Light ....Japanese import CD $19.99
Seawind/Seawind ....Japanese import CD $19.99
The Tubes/The Completion Backward Principle ....Japanese import CD $19.99
The Tubes/Outside Inside ....Japanese import CD $19.99
Gino Vannelli/Crazy Life ....Japanese import CD $19.99
Wigwam/Being [Japanese Mini-Lp Sleeve, Bonus Track, With Booklet, Remastered, Super-High Material CD] ....Japanese import CD $54.99
Wigwam/Fairyport [Japanese Mini-Lp Sleeve, Bonus Track, With Booklet, Remastered, Super-High Material CD] ....Japanese import 2 CD Set $64.99
Wigwam/Hord N' Harny [Japanese Mini-Lp Sleeve, Bonus Track, With Booklet, Remastered, Super-High Material CD] ....Japanese import CD $54.99
Wigwam/Tombstone Valentine [Japanese Mini-Lp Sleeve, Bonus Track, Remastered, Super-High Material CD, Japan - Import] ....Japanese import CD $54.99

Mike Oldfield/Hergest Ridge: Deluxe Edition [Japanese Mini-Lp Sleeve, With DVD, Super-High Material CD, Japan - Import] ....Japanese import 2 CD + DVD Set $84.99
The tracks on this product are the same as its deluxe edition previously released including a DVD with 5.1 Surround Sound Mix. Cardboard sleeve reissue featuring the high-fidelity SHM-CD format. Features UK 2010 master. The mini LP is made based on it's deluxe edition's design (new artwork) released in 2010. Comes with an obi faithfully replicating it's Japanese first press LP design. Comes with liner notes. Comes with a bonus cover artwork, which faithfully replicates it's UK first pressing LP.


Happy Holidays!  Stay healthy!  There's more to come soon!!!  Spread the word!


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# 816

December 23, 2020


Hi, folks,

If you'd like to order anything you see in ... oh wait.  No, it's not that kind of newsletter, not a newsletter at all really.  Rather today's email is a Christmas Card wishing all of you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  Looking forward to a better new year in 2021!!!  Honestly, could it get worse that 2020?

Meanwhile, let's all share in some Holiday Music!


From John Lennon, Yoko Ono & The Harlem Community Choir

xmaslennon.jpg (101850 bytes)


From Greg Lake

xmaslake.jpg (53396 bytes)


From Jethro Tull

xmasjethro.jpg (89853 bytes)


xmastull.jpg (117307 bytes)


From Bruce Cockburn

xmascockburn.jpg (79806 bytes)


From Jon Anderson

xmasjonanderson.jpg (79188 bytes)


From Vince Guaraldi

xmasguaraldi.jpg (87298 bytes)


From Ringo Starr (written by The Beatles)

xmasringo.jpg (81472 bytes)


And for those of us with a wicked sense of humor - Tom Lehrer

xmaslehrer.jpg (28695 bytes)



Stay healthy!  There's more to come soon!!!  Spread the word!  Happy Holidays!!!


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# 814

December 12, 2020


Hi, folks,

Well, kind of a weird thing happened recently in that I got a bunch of CDs dropped in my lap.  Not much in the way of progressive (DARN!), but if you're like me this time of year, you're buying for all styles of music lovers on your Christmas list, so it's definitely worth a look!  All titles listed are brand new, still sealed.  Prices are slashed so most are under $10, except for some multi-disc sets slightly over.  If you haven't figured out what to get so-and-so for Christmas, it might be on this list!

If you'd like to order anything you see in today's newsletter, just drop me an e-mail with your selections. Also be sure to check out the Gary's Stash at http://www.artist-shop.com/sale.htm . The page has recently been updated so everything listed there should still be available as of the time of this mailing. Also don't forget to check out the $6.99 Specials - http://www.artist-shop.com/catalog/members/specials.htm .

Gift Giving Specials


ABBA/Gold: Greatest Hits ....CD $8.99
Adele/25 ....CD $9.99

Beach Boys/Sounds of Summer ....CD $7.99
Bee Gees/Number Ones ....CD $7.99
Black Crowes/Greatest Hits 1990-1999: A Tribute To A Work In Progress ....CD $7.99
Bon Jovi/2020 ....CD $11.99
Brown, Kane/Kane Brown [Deluxe Edition] ....CD $9.99
BTS/Love Yourself: Tear (Random cover, incl. 104-page photobook, one random photocard, 20-page minibook and one standing photo) ….CD + Books + Photos Box Set $18.99
BTS/Map of the Soul: 7 ….CD + 3 Books + Postcards & Poster Box Set $19.99

Cash, Johnny/The Greatest: Number Ones ....CD $6.99
Cher/Icon ....CD $8.99
Cher/Very Best Of ....CD $11.99
Creedence Clearwater Revival/Chronicle: The 20 Greatest Hits ....CD $10.99

Eagles/Their Greatest Hits Vols. 1 & 2 ....2 CD Set $14.99
Eilish, Billie/Don't Smile at Me ....CD $8.99

Five Finger Death Punch/F8 ....CD $9.99
Fleetwood Mac/Rumours ....CD $8.99
Foreigner/Playlist: The Very Best Of ....CD $6.99

Guardians of the Galaxy/Awesome Mix Vol. 1 ....CD $8.99
Guns n' Roses/Greatest Hits ....CD $7.99

Haggard, Merle/40 Greatest Hits ....2 CD Set $11.99

Jackson, Alan/Greatest Hits Volume II ....CD $6.99
Jackson, Alan/Precious Memories ....CD $8.99
Jackson, Alan/Precious Memories: The Collection ....2 CD Set $12.99
Jett, Joan & The Blackhearts/Greatest Hits ....CD $6.99

Keith, Toby/35 Biggest Hits ....2 CD Set $11.99

Led Zeppelin/Mothership ....2 CD Set $13.99
Lightfoot, Gordon/An Introduction To ....CD $4.99
Lynyrd Skynyrd/All Time Greatest Hits ....CD $8.99

Marley, Bob & The Wailers/Legend ....CD $8.99
Metallica/Metallica ....CD $9.99
Miller, Steve Band/Greatest Hits 1974-78 ....CD $8.99
Motley Crue/Greatest Hits ....CD $9.99

Nirvana/Icon ....CD $8.99

Osbourne, Ozzy/The Essential Ozzy Osbourne ....2 CD Set $11.99

Panic! at the Disco/Death of a Bachelor ....CD $9.99
Presley, Elvis/Presley Ultimate Gospel ....CD $6.99

Queen/Greatest Hits I, II & III: The Platinum Collection ....3 CD Set $16.99
Queen + Adam Lambert/Live Around the World ….CD + Blu-Ray $14.99

Rascal Flatts/20 Years of Rascal Flatts ....CD $9.99
Richie, Lionel/The Definitive Collection ....CD $8.99

Seeger, Bob & The Silver Bullet Band/Greatest Hits ....CD $8.99
Stapleton, Chris/Traveller ....CD $10.99
Strait, George/Icon ....CD $8.99
Styles, Harry/Fine Line ....CD $10.99

Temptations/20th Century Masters - Best Of Vol. 1: The '60s ....CD $8.99
Tritt, Travis/The Very Best Of ....CD $9.99
Twenty One Pilots/Blurryface ....CD $9.99

Urban, Keith/Greatest Hits ....CD $8.99

Various Artists/Now That's What I Call Country Classics '90s ....CD $12.99
Various Artists/Now That's What I Call Country Volume 13 ....CD $12.99
Various Artists/Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 75 ....CD $12.99
Various Artists/The Many Faces of Iron Maiden ….import 3 CD Set $9.99
Various Artists/The Many Faces of Motley Crue ….import 3 CD Set $9.99
Various Artists/The Many Faces of Pink Floyd ….import 3 CD Set $9.99

Wallen, Morgen/If I Know Me ....CD $7.99
Whitley, Keith/Greatest Hits ....CD $5.99
Williams, Don/Icon ....CD $8.99

Stay healthy!  There's more to come soon!!!  Spread the word!


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