The Unknown Man

Vangelis - To the Unknown Man by Mark J. T. Griffin

A Biography by Mark J. T. Griffin

Vangelis' mission has been to explore sound through electronics and push back the bounds of musical knowledge.

This book traces his career from his prodigal beginnings and formation of Vangelis circa Albedo 0.39, 1975Aphrodite's Child. It examines his work in television, including his contributions to Carl Sagan's Cosmos series and scores for director Frederic Rossif. It details Vangelis' classical compositions for ballet, theatre and orchestra and his platinum selling work with Jon and Vangelis. The biography focuses on his Oscar winning score for Chariots of Fire and his other sound-tracks for Blade Runner, Bitter Moon, Antarctica and 1492 - Conquest of Paradise. It reviews his live performances and work on over thirty five albums such as Heaven and Hell, Albedo 0. 39, Direct, The City, Voices and Oceanic.   Vangelis: The Unknown Man presents Vangelis' work, life and influences and showcases his breathtaking range of talent and achievement.


This is the second edition of this biography just released in 1997. It covers Vangelis' history from his Jon & Vangelis on Top of the Pops with I'll Find My Way Home, Jan. 1982birth to the release of Oceanic. The final pages include a Workography that details Vangelis' album releases, singles, work with other artists, film scores, bootlegs, unreleased albums, scores for ballet, theatre and opera and much more. This book is absolutely essential for the Vangelis fan and collector and profits from sales go to various charities in the UK. Here are a few quotes of praise for the first edition of this biography:

"...a wealth of detail. Information pops out of every nook and cranny..." The Mix

"...ideal for fans of the man and his music..." Record Collector

"...a mine of information..." Sound on Sound


And, just to give you a little teaser, here's an excerpt from Chapter 6 of this biography.

During the same period, Vangelis' albums ranging from "Apocalypse D'Animaux" through to Vangelis - Direct circa 1988"China", including "Heaven and Hell", "Beaubourg" and "Ignacio" were being given a perfect show-case, as the incidental music to Carl Sagan's journey of the imagination, the television documentary series, "Cosmos". The combination of Sagan's mesmerising, thought provoking narrative, stunning visual effects and the majestic music of Vangelis produced a series which won a string of TV awards and was seen in more than fifty countries.

An album was released from the sound-track which included Vangelis' music entitled "Music of the Cosmos" in August 1981. The "Third Movement" from "Heaven and Hell", a quiet, reflective piece, was chosen as the title theme for the series, released as a single and reached UK #48, staying in the charts for 6 weeks.

"Actually" Vangelis says, "Carl Sagan made all the arrangements with my publishers without even telling me. It was quite a shock when I saw the programs on TV but I very much liked the way he used my music. I was doubly happy because I'd heard a lot about Sagan and I wanted to meet him".

This soundtrack is widely considered to be one of the most effective uses of pre-existing music and Vangelis - Caracalla Rome, July 1989it has been said that the "choice of music and musical sequence is superb" and indeed it contains a wealth of classical and electronic music including work by Louis Armstrong, Bach, Bartok, Beethoven, Chuck Berry, Brahms, Britten, Roy Buchanan, The Byrds, Miles Davis, Brian Eno, Edgar Froese, Haydn, Paul Horn, Hoist, Alan Hovhaness, Janacek, Jean Michel Jarre, Scott Joplin, Khachaturian, Liszt, Mahler, Neilsen, Orff, Pachabel, Pink Floyd, Prokofiev, Purcell, Rachmaninoff, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Rimsky-Korsakov, Satie, Schoenberg, Kllaus Schulze, Shostakovich, Strauss, Stravinksy, Synergy, Tangerine Dream, Telemann, Tomita, Vaughan Williams, Vivaldi, Wagner, Weber and .... Vangelis!

Vangelis was by far the largest contributor and included "Alpha", "Pulstar" from "Albedo 0.39", "Beaubourg Part 2", "Heaven and Hell (Part 1)", "Creation du Monde" from L'Apocalypse Des Animaux","Entends-tu les Chiens Aboyer ?" from "Ignacio", "Himalaya" and "Little Fete" from "China" and "Spiral".

The available music to the compilers was phenomenal as in the USA, PBS (Public Broadcasting System) who broadcast the series had a free rein to use any music that has been legally released there without paying royalties and when Cosmos was first broadcast, they just utilised whatever music they wanted and used it.

Carl Sagan was quoted on the record sleeve:

"In its portrayal of cosmic evolution, of our deep connections with the universe, 'Cosmos' seems to have struck a chord in many. A persistent theme in the letters we receive is the delight in the music of 'Cosmos'. Human music is an expression of our thoughts and our feelings, a combination that is the distinction of our species. We dedicate this record to the musicians of planet Earth".  

Vangelis - The Unknown Man $18.99

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