The Artist Shop
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Welcome to our new toy, The Artist Shop Jukebox!  Are you just dying to hear some new sounds, but haven't the faintest idea what you want or where to start?   Then I strongly urge you to check out the Jukebox.  Just click the selection buttons on The Artist Shop Jukebox and it will stream more than 50 consecutive soundbites from the latest selections in The Artist Shop.  Once you've started the stream, you can continue browsing The Artist Shop while listening (or anywhere else on the web for that matter).  Or even just let it play in the background while you do other things.   If something makes your ears stand up, the player will show you the artist and title of the track.  You can then use The Artist Shop Search Engine to find where that artist appears on our site.

The soundbites are in RealAudio so you'll need a RealAudio Player to receive it.


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