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WotanCCC:    Mick Taylors tenure with The Rolling Stones and John Mayall assured himself a place in rock history along with the other great guitarists of rock.   His subsequent solo work and projects are further examples of his artistry and creativity. He is clearly one of the great rock guitarists of our time.

WotanCCC:    Mick joins us today to take your questions about the past, present, future, and his new CD A Stones Throw.  Mick, thank you for joining us today.

MickTaylor:    It's nice to be involved !

GaryDavis:    Greetings, Mick, glad you could join us. For all the fans out there that already have Mick's new album, A Stone's Throw, now would be a perfect time to play it!

MickTaylor:    It certainly would Gary!  It would make perfect background music to the questions you may have for me!

ASKMick:    rocnrose says: Do you feel that this band is different from past projects ? It seems that you are more comfortable where you're at today than previous band attempts and it shows in the music, the consistency.   The CD and the tour has been really inspiring. Please continue creating and sharing your sounds with us.

MickTaylor:    Yes, it's a very good band.  We've all known each other for many, many years.  WE're also good friends.  We play like a real band.   What I've always lacked is a really strong band to back me up.  The shows just seem to be getting better and more enjoyable.  It's nice to finally have a CD out which reflects my songwriting, my singing andthe band that I have.

ASKMick:    billkain says: Mick, awesome effort on Stones Throw! Is there any material left over that we might see on a new release? Or is there any plan to release material from the recent west coast tour?

MickTaylor:    bill:  There is definitely plenty of material for another project.  We recorded nearly 17 songs and instrumentals for this particular CD.  We chose the 10 that seemed to fit together best.  There are perhaps other songs that are a little bit left of center, a little bit more personal, a litle bit more unusual, using percussion, different instruments.  There are about 7 or 8 tracks that most of which we will probably finish, or re-record.  That material will form the basis of my next CD, of which I will start doing demos with next month.  I have a working title of the CD.

ASKMick:    reddest says: Hi, Mick. My question is: After performing the same song many times over and over, what's your method to making the song sound as good as the first time you played it? How do you keep from being bored by playing the same songs again and again?

MickTaylor:    That's a very very good question!  I find that after touring for three weeks, possibly doing 11 or 12 shows, no matter how many songs you play, your playing tends to get a little stale.  I try to keep things fresh by not doing the same song too many times.  In other words, having an alternative song.  At the moment, there will be 5 tracks on the CD which we always play at times we slide something else in.  It's hard for musicians that like to improvise as I do to keep things sounding fresh.  It's a subject that me and Max Middleson, my keyboard player We like to keep things fresh...and professional ..but not too slick.  Exciting and spontaneous...but professional.  Sometimes just changing the running order of the show is a good idea also.

GaryDavis:    Mick, A Stone's Throw is a beautiful bluesy album. My favorite track is the jazzy blues of 'Morning Comes.' Can you share anything with us about the making of that track?

MickTaylor:    Yeah, I can!  It's a little song that I composed on the piano in Los Angeles when I was living in Woodland Hills in 1992, I'd moved out to LA from New York.  But the sentiments expressed in the song very much remind me of New York.... of early morning in New York.  I would love to actually make a video of that track.  I have a whole concept ... a visualization if you like of a mood and an atmosphere for a video of that song.

Gary, I should also say that even before the piano intro you hear a chorus... the song was written in the city...it's a very early morning in the city song... the city being New York.  It's also a song we've played on stage once or twice...we haven't really managed to work it in yet.  It's so quiet and laid back, it requires a part in the middle of our show ...  which we're working on now...where we will do that song...and possibly something I play completely alone on acoustic guitar.  It's sometimes impossible to fit in all the music we want to fit in... in an hour and 45 min show... especially in a club situation.

ASKMick:    woopa says: How old were you when you decided to pick music as your career?

MickTaylor:    woopa: I never really thought of it as a career move.   I certainly always felt that I would somehow be a guitar player and become good enough to join a band and become a professional musician.  I had a instinct about it from the age of 14 or 15.  By which time music more or less dominated my life to the exclusion of almost everything else.  Certainly my education.  The other thing I enjoyed was playing football.  So, my academic interests fell by the wayside temporarily.  Music became the main thing.  I had some friends at school playing music also.  Even at that age I managed to form a band.  One of my friends played drum, and then we found another guitar player.

ASKMick:    theuglyjanitor says: What Rolling Stones albums did you play on?  Which was your favorite?

MickTaylor:    janitor:   the first one I did was "Let it Bleed."  There are various compilation albums released by Polygram.  One called Rolled Gold, Get your YaYas out... recorded at Madison Square Garden.  One called Metamorphisis... basically outtakes from the early days with the stones.   There were albums from Atlantic records... Sticky fingers, Goatshead soup, It's only Rock and Roll.  I think my favorite is probably Sticky Fingers.  I also followed closely by "Exile on Main Street.

WotanCCC:    Great album. Classic

MickTaylor:    From the combination I have with fans on the road, it seems to be everyone else's favorite.  I also have my own personal favorites from before I joined the Rolling Stones.  I always loved "Street Fighting Man"   ...and Jumpin' Jack Flash, and I thought Satisfaction was great.  It wasn't too different from the early stuff... from the rhythm and blues.

ASKMick:    orangefrog99 says: How do you go about tabbing songs from a CD or tape, and what is the best way to practice them?

MickTaylor:    There are different methods.  I always found for me the easiest way was just by listening.  I had to learn chord shapes... I bought books with chord charts.  I used to listen to all kinds of pop music and learn the chords.   I actually played rhythm guitar for many, many years before I  discovered I had the ability and feel to play rock and roll music or rhythm and blues.  I suppose because I have a good ear, I could pick out harmonies and learn by ear.  These days there's so much technology and ways you can learn.  There are videos and CD roms.   I still think that you have to have an ear for music to really be able to feel and understand what you're playing.  You can learn by watching and listening to other people.  I was very influenced by Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. ...both of whom I had the pleasure of playing with and becoming friends with.  In the early days it was just listening... I've never stopped learning.

GaryDavis:    A Stone's Throw is an amazingly well crafted album from songwriting to performance to production. I would think US labels would be scrambling to pick this one up. Are there plans for a US release?

MickTaylor:    Yeah there are!  The plans to release the CD hopefully at the end of June, July.... but I can't remember the name of the label.  I wish I could...but I just can't .  Jeff Allen has all of that information and dealing with the people in NY>  It's not true that people are scrambling... I'm not sure why that is.  It doesn't seem to fall into what most people think is rhythm and blues.  To me it's bluesy...and blues orientation.  It's not like a lot of blues records which are straight ahead 3 chord songs... based on the traditional blues we all still love.  This is an album which has some original songs on it.  Record companies find it hard to market something when they're not quite sure what the audience is...and the music doesn't fall into those categories.  I'm sure if we had made an album that was more traditional would have been released immediately.  When we actually play this music on stage and people become familiar with it...it will become more popular.  It's true to say that I'm mostly known for my guitar playing (I hope) ... most people know me for my work with the Rolling Stones.  Others might know about stuff I did with Bob Dylan.  It's all music, and now I try to make music for my own CD's and my own band.

It's frustrating actually ... not the creative process ..but the time involved in getting something released these days.  It's my new CD...but actually been finished for a year.  It's only now that it's being released. Perhaps not a bad thing, though.   I have a really good band.. and just returned from a short tour in California.   It hasn't always gone that well. ...  8 or 9 yrs ago, most were content to hear me play blues guitar, or expect to hear me doing a couple of Rolling Stones songs.   Those seem to be in the minority now... it was a pleasant surprise in California to see people react to music they had never heard before.  That was the most encouraging thing really.

ASKMick:    carolrock says: Will you and the band be making any videos for A Stone's Throw?

MickTaylor:    Carol: Yeah, I think so.  Yeah, for the US.  I don't know which songs... I already mentioned I was likely to do a video of "Morning Comes."  The songs on the CD lend themselves in my mind ... to a good video... Lost In the Desert...  several more... simply because they're the most melodic songs on the CD.  Maybe , "Here comes the Rain."   Carol: it's hard to say at this stage

ASKMick:    ladyexilebear says: Hi Mick! Are there any young guitarists today you admire? And will you please come to Denver on your next US tour? Love Ya! Take care

MickTaylor:    lady: unfortunately I don't get a chance to hear too many musicians these days.  Last year I was on the road a lot.  This year, I've done a sound track for a movie, made a quick trip to California ...I dont' really get the opportunities to hear as much music as I'd like to.  I usually find out about new guitar players second hand.  Someone else will say... "Have you heard about this guy?  I did see a program recently ...a little section in the entertainment section on CNN... about 3 or 4 Blues guitar players who were even younger when I was when I started playing with John Mayall.  I just can't remember their names.  There are a lot of guitar players out there with fabulous techniques.  The kind of players that would capture my ear would be someone who had a feeling of playing jazz or blues.  I did see a program about guitar players filmed at the House of Blues in Boston.  It seems to me that Blues music is becoming more and more popular than it ever was.  I'm always meeting people on the road that are really young, and are guitar players.... male and female.  There are a lot of musicians interested in learning about blues music.

ASKMick:    rocnrose says: Would you ever consider coming back to the States to live? The Bay Area seems to support your music tremendously.

MickTaylor:    Yeah.... I certainly want to get back to the US to play.   It's such a big country.  I've always liked playing there, and enjoyed living there.  I lived in New York, LA, and Florida.  In some ways it's nice to be living in England again.  I only moved back 4 yrs ago.  This is where my roots are, most of my family and friends.

ASKMick:    voodoochileinwonderland says: How many times did you jam with Jimi Hendrix (i.e., his birthday at the MSG 69)

MickTaylor:    I remember one time in 1966 ... 67 ... I think 67 ... I played in San Francisco at the Filmore West, and I was playing with John Miles, Albert King was playing and Jimi Hendrix was at the top of the bill.  At the end ... some guys from the Grateful Dead got together with us and jammed all night. 

One time, he came to this little club in London called the Speakeasy.  It was a little club that musicians came to ... Hendrix came there anyway... it was that kind of club that musicians used to go to in the evening.  He wanted to play, but there was no spare guitar...I gave him my Les Paul..and then sat down at the table to listen to him play.  I'm right handed ...and he's left handed...and all he did was just turn it upside down ... It was amazing to hear someone play so well...and with the guitar backwards!  Jimi Hendrix could play both ways...which is quite phenomenal.  I've never met anyone else that could do that.  It's like playing the piano backwards .... because all the strings and notes are reversed.  He seemed to be able to play equally well both ways ... which is quite phenomenal.  You can't learn to play one way...and I can't think of anyone that I've ever met who's left handed that can just turn a right handed guitar upside down... To turn it upside down and play backwards.  All the chords are reversed...and instead of bending a string ....you'd have to pull it. 

There were a few other times that I remember ...backstage at Madison Square Garden in 69 with the Stones.  He came to the show, I think he was living in NY...during his band The Gypsies period...he came backstage ... and we had a little jam in the dressing room.  I've actually seen some photos of that published in a magazine a few years back.  I very rarely ever saw Jimmi Hendrix without a guitar. He was always playing a guitar.

ASKMick:    guest-micklover says: Mick, I think you're awesome! We've all heard stories about the parties after concerts... are even half of them true? Any that you can talk about here?

MickTaylor:    micklover: Parties after concerts? Oh yeah!  I don't know what you've heard.  Parties are parties... occasions where everyone lets their hair down and everyone has a lot of fun.  I can't say if half of what you've heard is true...because I don't know what you've heard.  I would imagine that probably half of what you've heard...could be true!

ASKMick:    micktaylorwemissyou says: Mick, did you or Jimmy Page do the lead guitar on the Stones' Through The Lonely Nights? (b-side to It's Only Rock'n'Roll)

MickTaylor:    No, I actually played guitar on that song.  That's actually not a very well known song... it was the B-side of a single.  I played the lead guitar on that...and also sang back up vocals.

ASKMick:    daniel_shafner says: Mick: what other songs have you written on the piano? When did you start composing on the piano?  I've written lots of songs on the piano.  The piano was the first instrument I played.  I never really became a piano player..and I do remember that my mother had a piano and it was the first instrument I played.  I probably started developing ideas for the songs ..during the periods with the Rolling Stones.  There were times in the studio when not too much was going on...and I got a chance to play the piano and drums.  On the first CD I did for CBS/Columbia which is now Sony ... it was just an album called "Mick Taylor, released in 1980.  I play the piano a lot at home, I write songs on the piano and guitar.  I would like to actually play piano on stage... but we have a really great piano player. I don't think I"ll get the chance for a while.

ASKMick:    neiljw says: Was 'A Stones Throw' mostly done without overdubs?

MickTaylor:    neil: it was actually!  Most of the tracks were done pretty much live at least the drums, bass, guitar and piano.  There was some overdubbing done, and some percussion and some backup vocals, saxophone.  The strings on "Morning Comes," but most of it was actually done live.  There are only 2 tracks done by me playing to a click track, playing rhythm guitar, and then overdubbing drums... That's "Never Fall in Love" ...and Lost in the Desert.  I"m going to be remixing ... Never Fall in Love Again, Lost in the Desert for the American album.

ASKMick:    ravioli says: what would be your advice to a young and upcoming musician ?

MickTaylor:    I don't really know ... it's hard to give out advice about that.  The most important thing is to follow your instinct and get involved with some friends who have similar taste and aspirations and like music as much as you do.   It's important to focus on music as being something that's not just a way of making a living ...but is something that gives people pleasure that can be very spiritual...what I'm trying to say is that it's important to have a real passion for music, because if you don't ...you can get put off ...by not getting as far as you would want to get.  It's something that you have to really stick at ... I never advise anyone to sacrifice something else because of music, but then I don't see why they would have to anyway.   If you've been playing for a few years...especially in a group context... you'll see if you have the ability ... or the passion to want to carry on.  It's something that you have to be dedicated to ...and you've got to love ..no matter what happens.

ASKMick:    coalchamber14 says: what was your first song that you mastered?

MickTaylor:    The first song that I learned to play on the guitar ... That's really hard.... It was probably something like Summertime Blues ... or maybe "Love me Tender"  it would have had to be something from the 50's.  I do remember actually learning chords to Beatles songs...  I thought they were great songwriters.  I still think of the very first song I learned to play ...when I was 14 or 15 I went thru a period where I listened to all types of guitar music... there were little pieces of jazz and even simple classical pieces.  My first love has always been rhythm and blues and jazz.  I have an instinct for playing that type of music.

ASKMick:    boxofdaylight says: Hello, Mick. Do you still receive any royalties from your days with The Stones? Or are we getting too personal here?

MickTaylor:    No, we're not getting to personal... I do receive some.   I do not receive what I think I should receive ..but I do receive some.

WotanCCC:    LOL

MickTaylor:    I receive publishing royalties from all kinds of work I"ve done...going back to my period with John Mayall... who I co-wrote some things and instrumental with.

WotanCCC:    Is there anything else you would like to mention before we conclude today?

MickTaylor:    Yeah, I'd like to tell anyone that has a computer to find out about where we're playing on the east coast... come along ...see the show.... you know... the usual blatant self promotion kind of stuff... LOL   I'm looking forward to this record...and the next one.  I have a very good band...and have made one CD...and would like to do another one soon.  The one thing perhaps I do regret is not making more albums... I have written a lot of music that should be recorded...that will be recorded.

WotanCCC:    Thanks so much for your time Mick. We've really enjoyed talking with you today.  looks like our time is up... I'd like to thank everyone for joining us tonight.  Mick, we appreciate your taking the time to come and chat with us today, and hope you'll come back to Talk City again soon!

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