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      Hi Everybody!

      Marillion was born in 1979 as an instrumental group. Since then
      the band has gone through many personell changes. However
      Steve Rothery was one of the members of the original line up.

      Mark Kelly joined the group in 1981, and Steve Hogarth would
      become the lead vocalist in 1989. Replacing Fish, who would
      then begin a solo career.

      Marillion is currently on a tour of the U.S. And their new CD is
      called "This Strange Engine".

      Gentlemen, we appreciate you taking the time out to speak with
      us today. Welcome to @Music and TalkCity!

      Hello folks. We've just been joined by Mark and the two Steve's
      Under the appropriate nick of Marillion.

      Very cool. Welcome to TalkCity.

      Great to have you here today!

      Who's first?

      Shall we begin with an audience question?

      Mexican asks:
      Why doesnt Marillion play any songs from FUGAZI? Hope we
      hear some Fugazi songs in Mexico City!! ;o)

      Good question.

      Steve Hogarth:
      I've had difficulty climbing inside these songs - they don't really
      have much in common with where I'm at emotionally.

      Could you tell us about the new CD? How do you feel about the
      finished product?

      Steve Rothery:
      I think it's an interesting mixture

      Any more on the new CD?

      Mark Kelly:
      We're very happy with our first self produced CD

      Steve Hogarth:
      It's been a relief to have noticed how well the album's been
      received out there. It's given us the confidence to produce again
      in the future

      Speaking of the new album, it was originally supposed to come
      out before the tour, but now it's set for after the tour. What

      Mark Kelly:
      We're really F****ing unhappy with Castle in London hopefully
      we will be able to do something positive about this before the
      next album.

      will your next release have a drum'n' bass or ambient influence,
      or will it be more of a "back to basics" affair?

      Steve Hogarth:
      There is an ambient remix album of TSE in the pipeline at the
      moment. I've heard most of the tracks already - 2 guys in the
      Channel Islands have done it. It's very impressive- particularly
      sympathetic to the lyric feelings.

      Hi guys! I wanted to ask how you enjoyed playing in NYC this
      time around. You seemed to be having a good time! Did you do
      anything else while in town?

      Good question Jed.

      Mark Kelly:
      NYC has always been a bad spot for us in the past but this time
      it was a great night. Our new record company Velvel were
      there, they were more impressed with the audience than us!

      Steve Hogarth:
      I had a guided "insider" tour of the UN building. That was most
      interesting - I got to pick the brains of some of the
      ambassadorial staff...

      Did Mark Kelly Synthesize all of the orchestral music on La
      Gazza Ladra's intro?

      Steve Rothery:
      No, it was taken from a CD

      In the past few years Progressive music seems to have had
      quite a resurgence. Do you think the internet has been part of
      that? And has this given you greater freedom in your music?

      Mark Kelly:
      the Internet has enabled like minded people to get in touch with
      each other, as progressive music is largly ignored by the media,
      it may appear to have disappeared

      For SR: Any chance of a US Wishing Tree tour, I heard

      Steve Rothery:
      I would love to tour in the US with the Wishing Tree, but it all
      depends on a gap in Marillio proceedings

      Will we be seeing any video in support of "This Strange

      Mark Kelly:
      there is a vid of Man of 1000 faces, it will be promoted in the US
      with the album release in OCT. we have no plans to make any
      more vids for this album.

      Will Marillion come in France (not only Paris) ???

      Mark Kelly:
      we will be doing 7 regional dates in October.

      Very cool. Do you have any tour dates or cities you can share
      with us?

      Steve Hogarth:
      October: 17 Toulouse   20 Nice   21 Lyon   22 Reims   23 Lille
      25 Strasbourg

      Any chance of meeting the band at the Cincinatti ?
      Also.. is H's voice back at 100%?

      Steve Hogarth:
      We usually emerge to chat in the street after any show.
      Sometimes we shower first so it can involve abit of a wait...
      My voice is back to 90% which is as good as it gets mid-tour.
      Be gentle.

      this for Marillion: Thanks for coming to this channel : )
      How do you feel when you see people wearing tour t-shirts
      when you're doing your shopping and stuff ?

      Interesting question.

      Steve Hogarth:
      It's always good to see a show of dedication. I've recently
      stopped shopping, due to massive overspending in San

      Its easy to do there.
      How do you feel Marillion fits in to the music of the 90's? Are
      there any contemporary musicians you identifiy with?

      Mark Kelly:
      we fit very well its just the media aren't prepared to admit it!
      Yes, Radiohead

      Steve Hogarth:
      The Blue Nile!


      What are your feelings on the age limits at the shows?
      I'm only 17, and I might end up missing the Grand Rapids show
      because of it.

      Mark Kelly:
      we would like to admit all ages but sometimes its beyond our
      control. sorry...

      Pretty much city ordinances, and the venue owners decide that

      Steve Hogarth:
      If you give us your name - I'll arrange something- but keep it


      whoa...very cool, Marillion!

      Will the next album be something we can expect after TSE or
      will it be something totally different, just like the change
      between Brave and AOS?

      Mark Kelly:
      we never know what we are going to do next.

      Steve Hogarth:
      I never know what HE'S going to do next!
      We try not to repeat ourselves from one album to another

      Mark Kelly:
      the release date is NOW 16 Oct. although it could change

      Critics are rarely kind to any progressive music. In your early
      days some of them labelled you as Genesis imitators. More
      recently I saw a comment on the Genesis mailing list that
      Genesis today is a bad imitation of Marillion! How do you
      respond to that?

      Steve Hogarth:
      All that Genesis/Marillion stuff is too tedious to bother thinking
      about really...

      What are your favorite Marillion CD's and why?

      Steve Hogarth:

      Mark Kelly:

      Steve Rothery:
      Seasons End
      It's a bit like trying to choose a favourite one of your children,

      Is the band frustrated by the support, or lack thereof, on the part
      of your American record companies and/or distributors?

      Mark Kelly:
      We have been in the past but Velvel seem to be making all the
      right noises we shall see....

      The shows in California where Killer. The participation from the
      band was great to see. Did you all have time to take in any
      sights here in California?

      Steve Hogarth:
      I went to Laguna Beach with my family.
      That was relaxing before the onslaught!

      What do you think of online "fan" web sites? And what do you
      think about the current reaction to these sites by major record
      companies? Some companies are demanding that fan sites be
      taken down. While I understand thier point of view, somehow it
      seems counterproductive to me.

      Or at least to bar them from using any pictures or soundclips

      Right, that seems to be the big issue. However a fan site
      without pictures at least....

      Steve Rothery:
      I think that online sites have to be the best way to find out up to
      the minute details of whats happening

      And its clear by the numbers in this room that real fans love to
      get together and "enjoy the band" as it were.

      Steve Rothery:
      You have to be a little cynical about major labels motives in
      getting involved

      I think you'd be hard pressed to find a more dedicated fan base
      than those on the internet. I don't even recall seeing a fan site
      that was "taking advantage" of an artist.

      Mark Kelly:
      the majors realise if they allow it to continue, they will be
      bypassed as will the retailers.

      Why is it that several obvious singles have not been released in
      an attempt to break through the US market? "Accidental Man" is
      the only track with obvious commercial potential in America...

      Steve Hogarth:
      These things boil down to taste. We could always take a vote
      on it!...

      Will the ambient remix cd be released? It sounds absolutely

      Steve Hogarth:
      It will be released. We don't have a date yet, but it seems likely
      to appear before our next studio album. We are considering
      selling it direct over the internet. Velvel are also keen to be

      ^Coop: has this:
      I really love "Hope For The Future". What inspired you all to
      make such a song and be brave enough to put it on an album?

      Steve Hogarth:
      It started out when we were in Brazil back in 90. We were
      guests at a samba drumming school in Rio and I experienced
      the intoxicating magic of tribalism at full force. Since then, it was
      a matter of time before we would explore an experiment at a
      Samba driven song.

      For H: Any chance of releasing any of your older band's work
      via let's say a fan club CD?

      Steve Hogarth:
      I'm having a look into the Europeans stuff. That was with A&M
      records. The How We Live stuff was with Sony who were most
      uncooperative in the past.. Watch this space and keep hustling

      Well, it's after 5:00. Steve, Mark & Steve, you've been with us
      for an hour now. We've got plenty of questions. How long can
      your schedule allow you to stay with us, or do you need to be

      Steve Hogarth:
      We'll wrap it up at 5.30. I'm going to a party with Bill Clinton.

      Yikes. Is it a jam?

      Make sure he brings his sax!!!

      I'll be at the show tomorrow night which I believe is a seated
      only venue. Do you feel this plays a role in the overall intensity
      of the performance and how you relate to the crowd?

      Mark Kelly:
      it makes a big diffrence to the level of excitement physically, we
      try to alter the set list according to this. We prefer a standing

      Do you think you will play Sugar Mice next week in Milwaukee?

      Steve Rothery:
      A distinct possibility!

      for Steve R: In an interview in '94 you said that your favourite
      guitar solo was the one in Easter. Do you still think so?

      Steve Rothery:
      Yes, but I also like the 2nd solo in This Strange Engine

      Has having the new record deal 'released' you in some way in
      an artistic sense?

      Steve Rothery:
      The last album is the first time we've had no record company
      A&R involvement.

      How do you think technology has changed the creation and
      performance of music? Has it changed the way you approach
      making a CD?

      Mark Kelly:
      it has for me, these days I will record all my parts into a
      computer, in real time, just like a tape recorder, and then later I
      put the parts onto tape choosing the sounds I want after the
      event. Digital tape recorders are so cheap these days and band
      can make good quality recordings at home.

      Is it true that Marillion has re-signed with EMI?

      Steve Rothery:
      I don't know who started that rumour, but they must have a
      warped sense of humour!

      for Mark Kelly. What's the worst job you ever had?
      Q2. Do you like Lobsters? from Rob & Alexis.

      Don't we all?

      Mark Kelly:
      I've never had a proper job so I would have to say this one!

      Steve Hogarth:
      I have a pet lobster in my bus bunk. He's from New England and
      he's called Derek!.... Best wishes to Rob and Alexis.

      Will there be another wishing tree cd, if so when?

      Steve Rothery:
      Yes I hope to make another WT cd after we've finished work on
      the next Marillion album

      Steve H, will you please put to bed the rumors about the strings
      on your fingers? What's the real story?

      Are the strings a taboo topic or just complicated?

      Steve Hogarth:
      In short, I was attacked by a bass player on a ship, just outside
      Sweden in the middle of the North Sea. My hands were all cut
      up by a glass and my thumb tendon was severed. There wasn't
      a doctor on the ship and I almost bled to death until I was
      stitched back together by the sailors. Two years of surgery and
      physiotherapy ensued before I could play the piano again.

      Yikes. Thats terrible.
      You're ok now we all hope.
      No side effects?

      my word...no wonder lots of folks are asking if you're returning
      for a tour of the Netherlands!

      Steve Hogarth:
      After a while I saw the funny side and I continued to wear
      bandages even after I didn't have to. Then it turned into a
      ritual/good luck thing. This is the first tour I haven't worn them.

      Mark Kelly:
      we are playing the Paradiso on the 27 of OCT

      T.S.E. has a 16 mins song, but pasted albums haven't. Do you
      feel is a good moment for revisit the progressive tradition of the
      band? Will it be continued on the future? Thanks. (I love you,

      Mark Kelly:
      if you mean true progressive and not 70's widdly widdly prog
      then yes.

      Steve Hogarth:
      You don't have to keep drawing a line between what a 3 minute
      or a 15 minute song represents. It's simply a question of how
      much time it takes to say what you want to say.

      And now for our last question of the evening.....

      Was H actually stung by a swarm of bees as in the song TSE or
      is this a metaphor for something else?

      Steve Hogarth:
      I was attacked by an entire nest of wasps whilst still a baby. My
      mother was badly stung also. I was stung in the face -
      particularly my nose which has been super-sensitive ever since.
      Wasps didn't sound so good in the lyric so I made them bees

      Let's continue making good music and making us dream... :)

      Looks like our time is up...
      I'd like to thank everyone for joining us tonight. Steve, Steve,
      and Mark, we appreciate your taking the time to come and chat
      with us. We all hope you'll come back to Talk City again soon!

      I want to thank Mark Kelly, Steve Hogarth and Steve Rothery
      for joining this Artist Shop/Talk City chat today. We hope to
      have them back again real soon.

      Mark Kelly:
      for info on concerts visit www.marillion.com

      Great conference guys... Really appreciate your time too.

      Thanks folks...this has been a wonderful interview!

      Thanks Guys!

      Finally, thanks to the Artist Shop for working with us on this
      conference. We especially appreciate the efforts of Gary Davis
      in giving us the opportunity to speak with the members of
      Marillion. Don't forget to drop by the Artist Shop and explore all
      of their musical offerings. http://www.artist-shop.com

      Thanks for all of the great questions...they were fantastic!

      thanks very much, we really enjoyed our first online chat!

      I want to encourage you all to check out their new album, This
      Strange Engine. It should be out around October 16.

      Come again....and again...and again!!

      Wotan, Gary & Marillion...thanks much! outstanding discussion!

      And, of course, they're on tour now! So go to the show!

      *ToniCCC is receiving thunderous roars from the audience!*

      thanks again folks!

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