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Phil Manzanera is one of the UK's best-known musicians and record producers, having shot to prominence in the early '70's as the lead guitarist with the style band, Roxy Music. He is widely acknowledged as one of the world's greatest guitarists and is in much demand both as a performer and record producer.  Phil Manzanera was born in London to a Colombian mother and English father, and spent most of his childhood in different parts of the Americas: Hawaii, Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba. It was in Cuba that the young Manzanera, aged 6, encountered his first guitar, a Spanish guitar owned by his mother.

Phil's early musical accomplishments were Cuban folksongs learnt against the upheaval of the Cuban Revolution. The scenes witnessed at this time made a deep impression on the young Manzanera, impressions which have surfaced in much of his music, most recently in the critically acclaimed new album, Vozero.  In Venezuela the eight year old Phil started experimenting with the sounds of the electric guitar, a cello electric. During his teenage years Phil was absorbing and marrying the twin influences of 60's rock and roll with the Latin-American rhythms of the merengue, cumbia and particularly the boleros of the Mexican, Armando Manzanero.  Manzanera was determined to join a professional band and by the summer of 1971 he had joined the recently formed Roxy Music as lead guitarist - the line-up at this time was Bryan Ferry, Brian Eno, Paul Thompson and Andy Mackay. Roxy's rise was meteoric, with the band being hailed as the stylistic influence of the early 1970's.

During the next 12 years, until 1983 when the band members finally went their separate ways, Roxy Music released a series of international best selling albums, achieving ten number one albums and touring extensively throughout the world. During much of the time with Roxy Music, Manzanera also pursued solo projects, both recording his own albums and producing for others.  As a writer, producer and solo artist, Phil Manzanera has worked with many of the luminaries of modern music, such as Steve Winwood, Dave Gilmour, John Cale, Godley and Creme, Nico (Velvet Underground) and John Wetton (King Crimson, Asia). He has co-written material with many artists, including Brian Eno, Tim Finn, Robert Wyatt and David Gilmour. Manzanera co-wrote Pink Floyd's single 'One Slip' from their 1988 'Momentary Lapse of Reason' album.

In the 90's Manzanera performed in concerts all over the world, including 'Guitar Legends', the five day guitar festival performed in Seville where he was musical director for the event and played with Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Jack Bruce and Richard Thompson. Phil has also played in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Spain and the UK, including a ten date European tour with the Cuban band, Grupo Moncada. Last year he was invited to play in WOMAD festivals in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Phil ended the 20th Century by appearing with Bryan Ferry at the British Gas Millennium Concert at Greenwich, the first time they had performed together in 18 years.

Phil Manzanera defies easy musical definition, preferring to continually explore new musical directions and experiment with sounds and styles.  Because Phil Manzanera is such a multi-talented musician, producer, songwriter who is willing to take risks, there is no doubt that he will be part of the international music scene for many years to come.

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Phil Manzanera and Anna Le/Nth Entities (Deluxe Edition) ....CD + Book $59.99

Phil Manzanera and Anna Le/Nth Entities (Deluxe Edition) ....CD + Book $59.99

Nth Entities, is a unique collaboration between Phil Manzanera and poet Anna Le.   Comprising a collection of nine poems, in which Anna Le recites her work over original Manzanera compositions, the deluxe edition, presented in a beautifully illustrated book of Anna Le's poems, comes with four bonus tracks.  The project began two years ago, when Phil and Anna had a chance encounter at Gavin Martin's 'Talking Musical Revolutions,' during an evening dedicated to the life and work of Jimi Hendrix. Charles Shaar Murray, music writer and Hendrix's biographer, was captivated by Anna's Jimi poem and turned to Phil saying, "You should set that to music."  Charles Shaar Murray writes in the album foreward: "And lo and behold...he's done just that. (He) has framed a whole heaping handful of Anna Le's verse in a staggering variety of musical settings."  Anna Le's powerful verse, ranges from specific homages to Jimi Hendrix, Lee Scratch Perry and Stevie Wonder, to musings on Lego Limbs, herself as a 'mixed Caribbean kebab,' and the realities of 'The American/British Dream.'   Musically, the album marks yet another innovative departure from the ever-creative Phil Manzanera.

Corroncho with Phil Manzanera/Corroncho ....CD $18.99

Corroncho with Phil Manzanera/Corroncho ....CD $18.99

Corroncho is a Spanish-speaking band made of Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera and Colombian artist-sculptor Lucho Brieva. They recorded their self-titled album in London between 2003 and 2008. The idea came from a track called "Complicada" written by Chrissie Hynde whilst collaborating with her on a Spanish version of that song.   The album proceeded via the track "Lowrider" to a full-blown set of songs about two corroncho characters. Let's say that "Corroncho" is the Colombian slightly pejorative name given by people from the capital, Bogota, to people from the Carribean Coast, particulary Barranquilla, which is politically incorrect but humourous! The album is a collection of songs based on two Latin males, their trials and tribulations, good and bad points, loves and hates, political correctness and incorrectness but ultimately their good humour, good heart and ability to dance, all illuminating the many social issues in present day South America. The music stakes in salsa, cumbia, pop, ballads and chillout! There are guest appearances from Robert Wyatt, Paul Thompson, Enrique Bunbury, Chrissie Hynde, Annie Lennox, Quimi Portet and Gilad Atzmon, as well as Aldo Lopez Gavilan, one of Cuba's top pianists.

Quiet Sun/Mainstream (Collector's Edition) ....CD/Book $35.99

Quiet Sun/Mainstream (Collector's Edition) ....CD/Book $35.99

Quiet Sun was a four piece conceived in 1970 at Phil Manzanera's alma mater, Dulwich College; his fellow band members were Bill MacCormick, bass, Charles Hayward, drums, vocals and Dave Jarrett, keyboards. After a brief tour and no record deal in prospect, the band split and Manzanera joined Roxy Music. By 1974, riding high on the Roxy wave, Manzanera secured a deal for his debut album Diamond Head. What he didn't mention was that he had reformed Quiet Sun and was splitting his daily 12-hour studio time between the two projects. This reissue of 'Mainstream' is in book form with new photos and memorabilia as well as bringing together all early demos in one place.

Phil Manzanera/Firebird V11 ....CD $15.99

Phil Manzanera/Firebird V11 ....CD $15.99

Phil Manzanera's latest album of guitar instrumental and ensemble playing. 'Firebird V11' is an explosion of musical inventiveness, created by Phil Manzanera, one of the UK's great musicians and guitarists, with ex-Quiet Sun and This Heat's avant garde drummer Charles Hayward, top Polish classical/jazz pianist Lezek Mozdzer and renowned bassist Yaron Stavi from Gilad Atzmon's band. This ambitious musical endeavour is inspired by the red and white Gibson Firebird V11 guitar, his signature guitar and one that Manzanera has had a 35 year musical partnership with. The seven track album was recorded in one week at Manzanera's Gallery Studios in June 2007. Firebird V11 continues in the tradition of Quiet Sun and the instrumental side of the 801 Live project. MacCormick and Haywards' tracks were in fact written in 1970 for Quiet Sun's 'Mainstream' album, but until now, were never recorded. The tracks are: Fortunately I Had One With Me, Cartagena, FIReEBIReD, A Few Minutes, After Magritte.

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801/801 Latino ....import CD $15.99

801/801 Latino

801 Latino - recorded live at Newark in 1999. The CD will contain a CDROM performance of Phil in Havana taken from the Manzanera/Moncada concert video.

801/801 Live ....import CD $15.99
801/801 Live (Collector's Edition) ....double CD/Book $41.99

801/801 Live

On Thursday September 3rd 1976,  801 played their third and final gig to a packed house at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall.  One warm up gig in Cromer and a Saturday evening appearance at the Reading Festival completed their date list.  801 was organised by Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera to fill the vacation that the group were then taking.  The musicians included Brian Eno (on keyboards, synthesiser, guitar and vocals), Lloyd Watson (slide guitar and vocals), Francis Monkman (Fender Rhodes and clavinet), Bill MacCormick (bass and vocals) and Simon Phillips (drums and rhythm generator).  The music consisted of mutated versions of tracks from albums by Manzanera, Eno and Phil's pre - Roxy group Quiet Sun, plus a full scale aural assault on The Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows" and The Kinks "You Really Got Me".   This is a unique opportunity to witness the awesome intense atmospheric powerful performance of this short lived group.  This recording has been remastered, repackaged and includes two additional tracks - The Fat Lady Of Limbourg and Golden Hours - and has never been available in this cd format before.

801/Live @ Hull ....import CD $15.99

801/Live @ Hull

This CD of the 801 Listen Now gig at Hull University contains a guest appearance by Eddie Jobson (who turns in a mighty performance on 'Out of the Blue'). The performance contains the whole set. Rough, ready and raucous fun.

Phil Manzanera/50 Minutes Later ....CD $17.99

Phil Manzanera/50 Minutes Later

50 Minutes Later is the new album from Roxy Music legend Phil Manzanera.  It transports the listener, including them in Manzanera's rock and roll journey, spanning psychedelic London to Buenos Aires and out into the stratosphere, embroidered within a musical context that is always full of invention.  Manzanera's signature guitar style, at times richly textured and at times explosive, is very much in evidence and perfectly compliments his storytelling vocals.  50 Minutes Later featues contributions from Robert Wyatt, Brian Eno and fellow Roxy Music members Andy Mackay and Paul Thompson.

Phil Manzanera/Diamond Head ....import CD $17.99

Phil Manzanera/Diamond Head

Phil Manzanera joined Roxy Music as lead guitarist in 1971, their rise as well as their stylistic influence was meteoric.  Diamond Head was his first solo album and was released in 1975.  It received great reviews and charted in the Top 40.  The featured musicians include Brian Eno, Robert Wyatt, Andy Mackay, John Wetton, Eddie Jobson, Paul Thompson and Bill MacCormick.  The album very much reflects Phil's mixed cultural background, particularly on the first track Frontera, sung in Spanish by Robert Wyatt.  Diamond Head is full of subtle, inventive guitar playing with flawless technique.  This recording has been remastered, repackaged and includes an additional track Carhumba.  It has never been available in this cd format before.

Phil Manzanera/Vozero ....CD $14.99

Phil Manzanera/Vozero

Vozero was originally released, in the UK only, in 1999 and was Phil Manzanera's first solo album in 10 years. All 12 tracks were written by Manzanera, and besides Phil's distinctive and eclectic guitar work, Vozero also prominently features Robert Wyatt and also ex-Roxy Music sax player Andy Mackay along with a cast of musicians and singers who make up the album's wide-ranging, multi-cultural sound. Phil said:  "I made this album because I wanted to make an album, as I did at the time of 'Diamond Head.' It represents a new departure on my musical journey and it's been a great trip on all sorts of levels. Vozero comes from intuition and feeling; the heart rather than the head. It reflects my Colombian and British background, my years in Cuba, love won and love lost. The words are drawn from my own experiences making it my most personal statement. It's taken me 25 years to find a way to express myself vocally as well as instrumentally."

Phil Manzanera and 801/Listen Now ....CD $15.99

Phil Manzanera and 801/Listen Now

"Listen Now" itself consists of nine tracks (plus three more bonus tracks added for this remastered release!)- all but three featuring vocals from Simon Ainsley and Bill MacCormick backed by a more or less fluid line-up of other musicians. "Initial Speed", "Island", and "Que?" are instrumentals during which the omnipresence of Phil Manzanera on composition, production, and guitar comes into its own. (NB at certain points, one can witness the first use outside 1OCC of Godley and Creme's synthetic secret, the fabled "Gizmo"). Of the remaining songs, three, "Postcard Love", "Law and Order" and "City of Light" were written by Manzanera and MacCormick and three "Flight 19", "That Falling Feeling", and "LISTEN NOW" itself by Phil with Bill's brother, Ian.


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