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Features in this issue include:

DAVE WILLEY: He is not your conventional modern composer/performer. His work with Hamster Theater is impossible to categorize, but it has earned heaps of praise from their fervent fans. We caught up with him as he was in the process of completing a new, personalized work that will likely push the limits of the music while still retaining its strong identity.

MANOOGHI HI: There are no direct flights between Mumbai, India and Seattle, Washington. But that doesn’t stop the international collaboration called Manooghi Hi from bridging the gap between the two cultures. The band got its start a few years ago when Mehnaz Hoosein, who had a million-selling career as a pop singer in India, connected with Ava Chakravarti in Seattle. Things went so well that a band was born, bringing in some other denizens of the Seattle scene going back to the 1980s, with a wide variety of experience and stylistic diversity, including jazz fusion, funk, musical theater, and world music.

MICHEL BESSET / THE RIO FESTIVAL: Rock In Opposition (RIO) began in the late 1970s as a collective of progressive rock groups, the ‘opposition’ in their name referring to their common opposition to the music industry that refused to recognize them and release their music. Today, RIO as an organization no longer exists (though Recommended Records evolved into RÚR Megacorp, which exists to this day, producing numerous releases each year), but the guiding spirit of the original RIO approach has lived on, and the annual RIO festival in France is a vital part of it. ExposÚ was able to catch up with Michel Besset, who, along with Roger Trigaux of Present, directs the festival.

VACUUM TREE HEAD: Over the last 20 years Vacuum Tree Head has been one of the Bay Area’s best kept secrets – a band on the periphery that is heard about often, occasionally turning up on recordings, but only rarely seen live. Several years ago ExposÚ was introduced to Michael de la Cuesta, one of the principals in Vacuum Tree Head, and from that point we started corresponding, and agreed that someday we would do this interview. Several years later, his VTH colleague Jason Berry relocated to Brooklyn, and we started corresponding with Jason as well. So here is the interview, a long time comin’ as they say, but well worth the wait.

MARKUS REUTER: Earlier this year, ExposÚ’s Jeff Melton planned to interview composer and touch guitarist Markus Reuter regarding his work as a performer, engineer, and producer. After a few rounds of questions, it became clear that the volume of activity by the artist and his detailed responses warranted splitting the interview into two parts. The first part of the interview can still be found on the All About Jazz Website. It serves as both a standalone representation of Reuter’s career to date as well as a strong introduction. The second part of that interview continues here, detailing Reuter’s wide assortment of activities.

UWE CREMER / LEVEL p : In the never ending battle of independent musicians against pop music there are those who continue to remain true to their roots and love of progressive music, especially Krautrock. One such is German musician and composer Uwe Cremer. He is not a household word, but his music has appeared on well-known labels (Garden of Delights and Musea). On a recent trip to Cologne, Germany ExposÚ’s Henry Schneider had the opportunity to enjoy a delightful afternoon with Uwe aka Level p over a few beers.

SPECTRUM ROAD: What began simply as a tour in support of Cindy Blackman’s superb disk on the 4Q Entertainment label, Another Lifetime, has far exceeded the expectations of fans and participants. Having seen only one set from the short three-city, ten-date bi-coastal tour, it is clear that the quartet (Vernon Reid, John Medeski, Jack Bruce, Cindy Blackman-Santana) has come a long way in a short time. Word from the Blue Note dates in New York was that the band was very well rehearsed, and as a result, listeners enjoyed their happy, telepathic combination of loose riffs and dynamic solos. This was confirmed in the set we saw at at Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley on February 7, 2011 in Seattle.

ANDY BRACKEN / FRUITS DE MER RECORDS: Fruits de Mer Records (FdM) is possibly the world's smallest vinyl-only psych/prog/acid folk/krautrock/spacerock record label. They release several new disks each year designed to whet the appetite of the vinyl junky and music officiando. FdM is joint venture between Andy Bracken and his cohort in crime Keith. Andy is a wonderful chap, whose personality blazes forth in this interview. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious!

GARDEN OF DELIGHTS LABEL (PART 2): Garden of Delights is an excellent German specialist label dealing primarily in CD reissues of rare vinyl artifacts (and in some cases tape artifacts as well), although they do occasionally put out a new release. Label owner Walter N. spares no effort in making every release up to the highest possible sonic standards, remastered from original tapes wherever possible, and when not possible, sourcing from clean vinyl copies and using state of the art noise reduction techniques. Each release is also graced with a thick booklet containing exhaustive historical information on the artists, a complete discography (often including discographies of band members’ follow-on projects), and occasionally including interviews with the members. Back in ExposÚ #19 we did our first feature on the label which covered the first 36 releases in one fell swoop. This latest feature covers a number of the label’s recent releases.

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Once there was music. Simple music. Maybe a nursery rhyme or a simple folk tune sung by a kind and loving voice. Soon your ears met new music, maybe a classical piece or a fragment of a pop song, a comforting melody that played in your mind the whole day through. The simplicity of youth soon gave way to the anxieties of adolescence; pop music, then perhaps rock - began to speak more directly to your spirit in turmoil. As time went by, your musical tastes continued to develop driven by a hunger for new ideas, reaching for new horizons, fusing new styles and idioms, breaking down the existing limits and barriers. Then one day you found yourself alone, ignored completely by a music and radio industry firmly set on maintaining popular music at its lowest common denominator, while your wide ranging taste for eclectic musical styles and experimentation find you increasingly disconnected from the musical mainstream. Is this you ?

This growth and disconnection is what ExposÚ is all about. Our primary focus is the music that the mainstream ignores; music whose roots seem to have originated somewhere just outside the pop/rock mainstream, but has progressed onwards toward the boundaries of rock, where it meets jazz, classical, folk, avant-garde, electronic and experimental, going well beyond the standard forms into areas of stark and stunning originality. With ExposÚ, the focus is on the exploration.

ExposÚ began modestly in the autumn of '93 as a bi-monthly companion newsletter to the Exposure radio show, which focuses on progressive and experimental rock and its periphery. It grew from sixteen to forty pages within one year, and has since settled out as a sixty to eighty page quarterly, packed with information on all the music that matters, and the artists who create it. Our typical issue contains artist profiles, interviews, historical perspectives, and much more. You will find well over eighty reviews of new releases and selected reissues in each issue, and ExposÚ is the only English language publication that features roundtable reviews of all important new releases - not just one, but three different perspectives on the same release. Our writers are knowledgeable about music and the history of music, many being musicians themselves, and are among the best in the field, having previously written for Gibraltar, Audion, i/e, Eurock, and others.

Some of the artists we have featured and reviewed: Anglagard, Ozric Tentacles, Tony Spada, Ezra Winston, U Totem, King Crimson, Pulsar, SFF, Ange, Minimum Vital, Carl Weingarten, Doctor Nerve, Anyone s Daughter, Mezquita, Finch, Shylock, Saga, Zao, Area, Arena, Magma, Hoelderlin, Frank Zappa, Wittox O Hara, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Cast, Landberk, Halloween, Jean-Pascal Boffo, Pekka Pohjola, Versailles, Jadis, Kenso, French TV, Hawkwind, Kit Watkins, Iona, Crucis, Xaal, Eskaton, Carpe Diem, Phish, Mastermind, Klaus Schulze, Terraced Garden, Virgil Moorefield, Discipline, Anekdoten and many others. If this is the kind of music that interests you, then the time to subscribe is now. You will never find so much information at such a modest cost, focused squarely on the music that matters the most.

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ExposÚ #30, September 2004, 92 Pages (Current Issue)
Les Tritonales Festival, Paris 2004, Matraz, KBB, John Duval, Baja Prog 2004, Trettioariga Kriget, Strawbs feature (Interviews with Dave Cousins & Dave Lambert), Fred Frith interview

ExposÚ #29, April 2004, 92 Pages
Gentle Giant megafeature, Barry Cleveland, Mark Powell, The Attila & Dave Project, Syzygy, Robert Wyatt interview, Paul Ellis, The Future of Music Downloading

ExposÚ #28, December 2003, 92 Pages
Edgar Froese, Bob Drake, Lars Hollmer, David & Linda Laflamme, NEARFest 2003, Progman Cometh Festival, Seattle 2003, Progday IX, North Carolina 2003.

ExposÚ #27, August 2003, 92 Pages
Mujician, Karda Estra interview, Forever Einstein, Steve Tibbetts, Hugh Hopper, Cabezas de Cera Baja Prog 2003, Dave Kerman's final chapter in the continuing story of Josh, Canadian Progressive Rock in the 1970's, Part One.

ExposÚ #26, February 2003, 92 Pages
Phil Miller, Anglagard, Peter Frohmader, Proto-Kaw interview w/ Kerry Livgren & Lynn Meredith, Seattle "Progman Cometh" festival 2002, NearFest 02, ProgDay 02, Classic Rock Festival, ProgWest 02, Cattle Prog, Dave Kerman: The Further Adventures of Josh.

ExposÚ #25, September 2002, 92 Pages
Interviews: John Marshall, Kraan, Cyrille Verdeaux/Clearlight, Kromlech, Radio Massacre International, Rick Wakeman, ECM Rarum series, Baja Prog 2002, Dave Kerman: Earth to Josh: Prog Is Dead.

ExposÚ #24, April 2002, 84 Pages
Maudlin of The Well, Paranoise, Roger Eno, John Etheridge, Sven Grunberg, La Torre Dell'Alchimista, Tunnels & Nuove Musiche, ProgWest 2001, Progressive Projections, CD: BayProg Sampler

ExposÚ #23, December 2001, 88 Pages.
Estradasphere, Dennis Rea, Prog Day 2001, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, New Sun, Ozrics, Neil Sadler, Robert Carty + Dweller at the Threshold, Indonesian Prog Festival, Rob Ayling (of Voiceprint), King Crimson w/Tool

ExposÚ #22, July 2001, 84 Pages.
Nearfest 2001, McGill Manring & Stevens, Baja Prog 2001, Riho Sibul, Arti e Mestieri, Gatto Marte, Jeff Greinke Interview, Cartoon & PFS, Gary Parra & Trap + CD: Cuneiform Records 2001

ExposÚ #21, March 2001, 88 Pages.
ProgDay 2000, Gianni Leone/Il Balletto di Bronzo, Uz Jsme Doma, Azigza, Theo Travis, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Five Fifteen, King Crimson, Spacecraft, Picchio Dal Pozzo, The Tunnel Singer + CD: "What's New in Baltimore"

ExposÚ #20, October 2000, 92 Pages.
NEARfest 2000, Yes Masterworks Tour, Moe. in Portland, Annbjorg Lien, Amy Denio, Peter Hammill, Rascal Reporters, Vidna Obmana, Thierry Zaboitzeff, Brainworks Label, The Golden Age of Eurock

ExposÚ #19, May 2000, 88 Pages.
On The Future of Music Distribution, Absolute Zero + Trap, Hypnos Label, Garden of Delights Label, NeBeLNeST, Maximum Indifference, Babylon, Robert Rich, Guy LeBlanc (Nathan Mahl), Discus, Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Richard Barbieri

ExposÚ #18, November 1999, 80 Pages.
Nearfest '99, The Residents, Richard Pinhas & Maurice Dantec, 5th International Progressive Music Festival - San Francisco 99, Bill Bruford's Earthworks, Iconoclasta, Atavism of Twilight, Michael Stearns, Steve Hahn, Tempano, Architectural Metaphor, Mirage Label,

ExposÚ #17, April 1999, 84 Pages.
Earthworks, Baja Prog 99, Kopecky, Gordon Haskell, Opposition De Phase, ProjeKCt 4 live, Kilgore Trout, Mike Keneally, Species Being, Cloud Chamber, French Progressive Artifacts, Kevin Ayers, Christian Vander, Felix Jay, Steve Roach, Silver Apples, Thinking Plague

ExposÚ #16, January 1999, 80 Pages.
Present Live, ProgDay '98, Djam Karet w/New Sun, Strange Days '98, Northside Label Overview, Ten Jinn interview, David Cross, Hugh Hopper interview, A Triggering Myth, Amon Duul Megafeature

ExposÚ #15, July 1998, 80 Pages.
Baja Prog '98, Yes, Sound Resources Studio, XII Alfonso, Benoit Widemann, Michael Brook, Cloud Chamber, Stan Whitaker on the Happy The Man reunion, Doctor Nerve Interview w/Nick Didkovsky, Mickey Simmonds, Kraftwerk, Patrick Forgas

ExposÚ #14, February 1998, 80 Pages.
Projekt Fest `97, Idiot Flesh & Buckethead, Bill Frisell Quintet, Marillion & Enchant, ExposÚ Concert Series, Strange Days `97, ProgDay `97, Providence, Volare, Thijs Van Leer of Focus, Edhels/Marc Ceccotti, Djam Karet, 0.720 Aleacion, Eloy, Present, Zendik

ExposÚ #13, October 1997, 80 Pages.
Victoriaville 1997, Fifty Foot Hose & Silver Apples, Boud Deun, The Grand Parade, Progfest `97, Prog-Est `97), ExposÚ Concert Series, Hawkwind - 25 years on, Spirit and Randy California, Cast, Carl Weingarten, Aldo Tagliapietra of Le Orme, Peter Banks, Dave Brock, Simon House

ExposÚ #12, May 1997, 72 Pages.
Yes, Ash Ra Tempel, Camel, Exposure Concert Series,French TV, Earthlings, moe, Trance Mission, Renaissance Mark 1, Solstice/Andy Glass, Mona Lisa, Bill Forth of Ten Seconds, Martin Barre, Toshio Egawa of Gerard, Doane Perry

ExposÚ #11, February 1997, 72 Pages.
Prog Day 1996, Eclectic Electric Event, Stockholm Progressive Rock Festival 96, Magma, Dead Can Dance, Michael Ray & The Cosmic Krewe, moe., Yolk, Medeski Martin & Wood, Phish, Shockra, Happy The Man megafeature, Boud Deun, Hiro Kawahara (Heretic), Shub Niggurath, Progressive Rock Worldwide Label, Spotted Peccary update


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