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Echolyn - Clockwise from top left: Brett Kull, Paul Ramsey, Chris Buzby,Tom Hyatt, Ray Weston


echolyn is:
Christopher Buzby - keyboards, backing vocals
Thomas Hyatt - bass, backing vocals
Brett Kull - guitars, lead and backing vocals
Paul Ramsey - drums and percussion, backing vocals
Raymond Weston - bass, lead and backing vocals

With a history dating back twenty years, echolyn continues to develop and redefine a compositional style best described as melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and dynamic - music that is progressive in the truest sense of the word. Defying categorization, while achieving critical acclaim from all around the globe echolyn continues to bend the ears of the world's listeners.

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echolyn/I Heard You Listening ....CD $15.99

echolyn/I Heard You Listening ....CD $15.99

echolyn is very excited to announce their eigth full length album of new music!   "I Heard You Listening" is comprised of nine new songs, totaling over 60 minutes of music, and written by the same five guys that have been playing, writing, laughing, arguing and crying together since 1990!  Who would have thought?!?   They started work on " I Heard You Listening" back in September of 2013 and made it a point to get together every Thursday night to smash really big rocks into little bitty rocks - that can be thrown with purpose. Over the next year of "Thor’s Days" they bashed and crashed and chipped away until they had something worth pointing at, and tiredly proclaimed, "Good... done!" The year spent (and then some) left them with fourteen songs, nine of which fit together perfectly for this new album endeavor.



Echolyn/Echolyn ....double CD $14.99

Echolyn/Echolyn ....double CD $14.99

Five years in the making, Echolyn is finally set to release their eighth, and greatest, studio recording! The self-titled new album, "Echolyn," is the culmination of 20+ years of highly original musical arrangements, combined with the heartfelt lyricism and vocal adventure echolyn fans have come to love.  The feel of this double-album (70+ minutes) evokes yet another new, and truly progressive, listening experience and interpretation. A sense of beauty and great openness pervades both the production and songwriting. Each piece of music stands on its own and yet, at the same time, cohesively fits with all of the other songs. Neither tedious nor overbearing, this album will make you want to start-it-over-again each time it ends, as you are enveloped by the music.

Brett Kull/Last Of The Curlews ....CD $13.99

Brett Kull/Last Of The Curlews ....CD $13.99

Brett Kull's second solo CD is finished!! The album is called "Last Of The Curlews" and is made up of 12 new songs.  Brett plays all the instruments except the drum kit, which is played by long time friend Paul Ramsey. Guest vocals by Molly Decker and Jacque Varsalona add color throughout the album. "Last of the Curlews" is a mature, sonically rich album of picturesque songs and stories! The album cover was painted by Tara Jane O'Neil specifically for this project.  Songs include Acadia Gulls, Lullabies and Starlings, Hey Horizon, If She Could Be Who She Wanted, Nightingale, Halos, Love Is On The Discarded Street, Become A Ghost, Autumn Endings, Last Of The Curlews, There Was A Place For Us, Windows Of Light

Echolyn/Cowboy Poems Free ....CD $13.99

Echolyn/Cowboy Poems Free

"Cowboy Poems Free" re-release!! Finally, our acclaimed 2000 album will be available again! With ALL NEW ARTWORK, this album has been carefully and completely RE-MIXED and RE-MASTERED to showcase the power of the music and lyric. Focusing on 20th Century Americana, 1900-1949, this truly lyrical album shines like it finally should!  Every story in the world has been told at least once...some stories are worth telling again and again... Cowboy Poems Free a slice of the American dream.

Echolyn/The End is Beautiful ....CD $13.99

Echolyn/The End is Beautiful

The new echolyn album is"The End is Beautiful." This 8-track tour de force begins a new chapter in echolyn history. All the dynamics of what make this band so unique are here, however the album was written mainly around driving rhythms laid down by drummer Paul Ramsey giving the songs an apparent extra dose of power. Blaring organ leads, acrobatic guitar melodies and multi-part harmonies also abound on "The End is Beautiful." This album also marks the return of bass player Tom Hyatt as a full-time member! So, go get your copy of "The End is Beautiful" today!

Echolyn/As the World ....CD $13.99

Echolyn/As the World

This is the re-release of echolyn's 1995 Sony Music/EPIC Records debut, considered by many to be one of the most important progressive releases of the 1990's and one of the most uncompromising pieces of echolyn's musical output.  This re-release features:   the original 1995 compact disc recording of 'as the world' - Produced by Glenn Rosenstein, co-produced by echolyn, mixed by Jeff Balding and mastered by Greg Calbi; a bonus DVD of echolyn performing the music from 'as the world,' filmed just 2-days before the actual release of the album in March of 1995 in Michigan at The Ritz; special packaging with new full-color artwork.

Echolyn/Stars and Gardens ....DVD-NTSC $25.99

Echolyn/Stars and Gardens ....DVD-NTSC $25.99

The new Echolyn DVD, Stars and Gardens, features a live performance from May 25th 2003 at the Sellersville Theater In Pennsylvania. Anyone that was fortunate enough to be there would tell you that it was a spectacular night showcasing an hour and a half of "classic echolyn" and then a rare performance of their latest CD, "Mei", with Strings, Tuned Percussion and Woodwinds!  All This was captured on 32 tracks of audio and 6 cameras to give you the best possible quality.  Also featured is a music video of "Never The Same" shot on 8mm and used in conjunction with the Live performance footage from Sellersville.  To top all this off they've added some cool interview segments with archival footage spanning their whole career.  The echolyn DVD package is being made for ALL REGIONS. It is almost 4 hours.   The audio of the performance was multi-tracked (32 channels) and mix/mastered by Brett Kull.  The show was filmed using 6 cameras, 16 mm, HD, and professional BETA SP.

Ray Weston/Presents This is My Halo ....CD $13.99

Ray Weston/Presents This is My Halo

"In football the term 'Halo' is given to the 2 or 3 yards of protection a kick returner gets to receive the ball fairly. If a defender infringes upon this halo before the ball is caught, his team is penalized. In my case there are no kamakazee linebackers gunning for me, just those things that life throws at you without warning.  Perfect example: At work on Thursday I had lost myself in deep thought about some vocal parts for the album, when the phone rings. I am happy the sun is out and birds are singing. The phone rings:  It is the garage.  Hello......Your car is done, but it needs some work to pass inspection.......BOLT OF LIGHTNING......How much?.......THUNDER CLAP.....Alright go ahead....Now I'm standing in a downpour.  I spent the rest of the afternoon grumbling to myself.  I've lost a lot of afternoons to situations like this.  This album was written on many stormy afternoons.  It's personal.   It's dark.  It's about how I feel when my space is violated by some unexpected misfortune." - Ray Weston

Echolyn/Mei ....CD $13.99


Chris, Brett, Paul and Ray are back with a brand new studio album - mei - ...a combination of jack kerouac's "on the road" and dante alighieri's "inferno."  mei is a pilgrim's journey in which many junctions are crossed.   At each of these junctions loss, regret, addiction, pride and fear are met with feelings of hope, forgiveness, and love.  mei is a song of redemption.  mei is a love song, with love as something intangible and yet all encompassing, fragile, and yet eternal ...but a backdrop of darkness forever surrounds this love and it is through this hell that our pilgrim is forced to drive...

Echolyn/A Little Nonsense: Now and Then ....3 CD Set $27.99

Echolyn/A Little Nonsense: Now and Then ....3 CD Set $27.99

"A Little Nonsense: Now and Then" is the long-awaited 3-CD set of the ultimate in includes:  the fully-remastered 1991 debut release Echolyn; the fully re-mixed and re-mastered 1993 release ...And Every Blossom; the fully re-mixed and re-mastered 1996 release When the Sweet Turns Sour; the Edge Of Wonder (aka "E-Rad Glitch") - a re-mixed track from 1989 that was never commercially released; year 2000 re-mixes of Suffocating the Bloom, As the World, Shades and Carpe Diem; special packaging with a full-color pull out booklet; and several other surprises!  So what are you waiting for? This is finally the chance to complete your echolyn collection. The vaults have been emptied to make available to fans worldwide the ultimate collection of echolyn from 1989 to the present.

Brett Kull/Orange-ish Blue ....CD $13.99

Brett Kull/Orange-ish Blue

Brett Kull, guitarist, singer/songwriter for Echolyn and Grey Eye Glances will be releasing his first solo album, Orange-ish Blue! This 13 song CD is a beautiful collection of songs in the singer songwriter vain. With wonderful instrumentation and well crafted/produced songs this is yet another progression for Brett.

Echolyn/Suffocating the Bloom ....CD $13.99

Echolyn/Suffocating the Bloom

Echolyn is proud to announce the re-release of their 1992 album "suffocating the bloom" - an album that not only broke new ground in the world of progressive rock, but defined the sound of the band, attracted the attention of the recording industry, and helped to etch the name "echolyn" into progressive rock history books.  Re-mastered, with new packaging, this year 2000 re-issue of "suffocating the bloom" will be released before the new year 2001 (tentatively slated for a late November release)

Finneus Gauge/One Inch of the Fall ....CD $13.99

Finneus Gauge/One Inch of the Fall ....CD $13.99

Finneus Gauge, formed in the summer of 1996, is comprised of keyboardist/vocalist Christopher Buzby, of echolyn, drummer/vocalist Jonn Buzby, bassist Chris Eike, lead vocalist Laura Martin, and guitarist Scott McGill, also of The Hand Farm.  This diverse quintet, all accomplished musicians in their own right with countless years of performance and recording experience, melds their individual talents into a compositional intensity that is unparalleled in music today.  In coming together as Finneus Gauge they have not only capitalized on the demand today's audiences place on entertainment and musicianship, but they have quickly built an extensive fanbase that spans the globe and almost every genre of music.

Following the critical success of their 1997 debut, More Once More, Finneus Gauge's release of One Inch of the Fall catapults the band's uncompromising sound and style forward with a darker vibe, a heavier edge, and a union of musical diversities that not only pushes the musical boundaries, it redefines them.   Blending creative songwriting with freewheeling improvisation, two and three part vocal harmonies, diverse musical styles and thoughtful lyrical passages, Finneus Gauge is one of the truly original musical acts in the 1990's.

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