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Cyrille "CLEARLIGHT" Verdeaux

CYRILLE VERDEAUX, native of France, was born July 31, 1949 in Paris. In 1963 at the age of 14, he entered the prestigious French National Conservatory of Music in Paris studying composition, harmony, and piano. From 1966 to 1968 he won first place in student composition three successive times. During the student uprisings of 1968 he was dismissed from the Conservatory for his revolutionary activities. He then attended the Nice Conservatory earning a Masters diploma, returning to Paris to form the band Babylone with guitarist Christian Boule.

In 1975 Virgin Records released the first album of Cyrille Verdeaux compositions titled CLEARLIGHT SYMPHONY. Clearlight became the first French progressive rock band signed to a major British record label. Gathering accolades for its unique compositions and keyboard stylings, the music spanned from classical romanticism to lush experimentation. Cyrille Verdeaux and CLEARLIGHT toured England and Europe with the legendary band "GONG".  This was just the beginning of a prolific career as a composer, performer and producer.  Besides Boule, Verdeaux's work has also featured such artists as King Crimson's David Cross, jazz violinist Didier Lockwood, Didier Malherbe, Tim Blake and Steve Hillage of Gong and many other great musicians.  And his work has shown a stylistic depth that few can match from progressive rock to jazz fusion, from classical to indigenous musics from all over the globe.

Unfortunately, over the past thirty years, the record industry has undergone drastic changes. Increasingly, it is marketing strategies rather than artistic merit that determine whether a performance will be released and distributed. As a result, the public has been denied the privileges of enjoying many great artists whom the record companies feel are not in the mainstream. With this in mind Clearlight 888 Music was created to make available the musical works of Cyrille Verdeaux, whose efforts deserve to be released and enjoyed without regard to commerciality. We plan to build a catalog of quality recordings of an enduring nature that can be enjoyed for years to come. In addition to musical recordings, we will be distributing other unique and special products including posters, clothing and artwork. We believe that there are many individuals eager to enjoy the works of these unique musicians and artisans. We hope you agree with this concept and look to us for future releases.

Recently released!!!

Dream Aria/Transcend ....CD $13.99

Dream Aria/Transcend ....CD $13.99

Sounds like new...fresh...exciting...sensual...raw...intoxicating...stimulating...and more... Dream Aria blends progressive rock, rock, ambient, techno, goth, classical, new age, and world music to create a sound all their own. They also mix languages, vocal styles/timbres, music eras, cultures, exotic instruments to create a musical journey of sorts. Their music knows no rules or boundaries and is meant to open the mind and take you on a far away journey... Turn down the lights, sit back, close your eyes and, of course, TURN IT UP LOUD!  Influences - Debussy, Beethoven, Yes, Genesis, ELP, King Crimson, Led Zep, Deep Purple, Peter Gabriel, Abba, Beatles...and many more...

Tony Spada/Balace of Power ....CD $13.99

Tony Spada/Balace of Power ....CD $13.99

Tony Spada was the main composer and one of the founding members of U.S. prog band Holding Pattern.  Holding Pattern's original lineup was Tony Spada (guitars), Robert Hutchinson (drums), Mark Tannenbaum (keyboards) and Jerry Lalancette (bass/pedals).   Their debut album is still considered by many to be a symphonic prog classic.   Due to record company pressures to turn Holding Pattern into a more commercially sellable product, Tony was prompted by many to release a solo album to return to a more guitaristic and progressive style.  Spada's first solo effort "Balance Of Power" was released in 1993 and put Tony in touch with a more guitar oriented fanbase. The music on "Balance Of Power" was a diversified mix of prog rock's best qualities from symphonic, celtic and classical, to blistering fusion metal. The remainder of the 90's found Spada performing concerts with his new solo band along with Kansas, Steve Morse, Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman, to name a few as well as headlining his own shows.

Holding Pattern/Breaking the Silence ....CD $13.99

Holding Pattern/Breaking the Silence ....CD $13.99

Superb 2007 release by Connecticut's Holding Pattern. Musically this is even superior to their excellent debut nearly a quarter century earlier! Shades of Dixie Dregs, Happy the Man, Yes, King Crimson & Steve Hackett's solo work are evident. We hear hints at Kenso here and there as well. "Breaking the Silence" is a very symphonic and satisfying instrumental prog album that really delivers the goods.  The guitar work of Tony Spada is the highlight but the entire band is quite amazing. When they sound like the Dregs it's the Dregs at their best ("What If") and when they sound like Happy the Man it's HTM at their most exciting ("Crafty Hands"). But mostly this is a mature and highly original work by seasoned musicians at the height of their creative powers - and Tony's guitarwork on both acoustic & electric is second to none. If you enjoy instrumental progressive rock with beautiful melodies & inventive solos then this is certainly for you! -ZNR

Alex Carpani/Waterline ....CD $13.99

Alex Carpani/Waterline ....CD $13.99

Waterline is the creative product of Italian keyboardist/composer AL.EN.CA (Alex Enrico Carpani). Classically trained at the University of Bologna in composition and piano, Carpani is in the tradition of great Italian keyboard masters. His fluid and inventive keyboards are accomapnied by an American rhythm section adding rhythmic spice and intensity. Waterline features artwork by Paul Whitehead. Contributing musicians include Guitarist John Thomas (Shaun Guerin Band/Clearlight/Graham Bonnet band), Drummer/percussionist Neil Bettencourt (Clearlight), Guitarist Tony Spada (Holding Pattern/solo), Guitarist Shelly Doty and Bassist Dan Shapiro (Clearlight/Shaun Guerin).

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Borg Symphony/Ode to Tixe ....CD $12.99

Borg Symphony/Ode to Tixe

The Borg Symphony Vol. 1 - Artist Paul Whitehead (Genesis, Van der Graff Generator, Le Orme, Clearlight, Shaun Guerin, Eclat, Submarine Silence, Cyrille Verdeaux, Waterline) has spent his life creating unforgettable images for the cream of progressive rock bands. His lifelong interest in science fiction has led to the creation of his own musical group, the Borg Symphony. This group answers the question?  What kind of music would Cyborgs make and want to hear?  The Borg Symphony is music composed and performed by the Borg Collective of assimilated talent from around the world. This CD combines vocal narration, industrial noise, sampled electronics, grinding guitars and neoclassical musicians (flute, violin, bowed cymbal and Theremin) creating a mix of music and theater.  In addition to music, this CD features a variety of short films, photographs and text, all playable on a computer, that illuminate the essence of the Borg, a race of beings both machine and humanoid. Prepare to be assimilated!

Christian Boule/Non Fiction ....CD $12.99

On his first solo record "Photo-Musik", ex-Steve HILLAGE guitarist Christian BOULE is helped by Cyrille VERDEAUX, Jean-Pierre THIRAULT, etc… Our man plays a twirling music with spacy parts reminding of the firsts works by Steve HILLAGE himself, but keeping his own identity. He can here let his guitar talents fully show. The CD includes two excellent bonus tracks from 1998 with Tim BLAKE and other musicians.

Christian Boule/Photomusik ....CD $12.99

Christian Boule/Photomusik

Temporarily out of print, this is now available again from Clearlight Music.  On his first solo record, the ex-Steve HILLAGE guitarist helped by Cyrille VERDEAUX, JP THIRAULT, etc plays a twirling music with spacy parts reminiscent of the firsts works by Steve HILLAGE himself, but keeping his own identity. He can here let his guitar talents fully show. The CD includes two excellent bonus tracks from 1998 with Tim BLAKE and other musicians.

Clearlight/Clearlight Symphony (ltd. ed. mini-LP sleeve) ....CD $14.99

Clearlight Symphony/Clearlight Symphony

Now available in a limited edition mini-LP sleeve package, the Clearlight Symphony was Cyrille Verdeaux and Clearlight's world debute. Between 1971 and 1973, Richard Branson signed Clearlight, along with Tangerine Dream, Gong , Klaus Schulze, etc. as the first wave of bands on the newly formed Virgin records, hot on the heels of Mike Oldfield's worldwide success with Tubular Bells. Led by the classically trained master keyboardist, Cyrille Verdeaux chose to work with additional artists to flesh out his musical visions including guitarist Christian Boule and Gilbert Artman on drums. The sound is rich, full and colorful, truly symphonic, with psychedelic guitar flare-ups. Recorded in 1973, it continues to sound timeless with its melodic blend of classical, rock and free jazz. Guitarist Steve Hillage, Saxophonist Didier Malherbe and Synthesist Tim Blake were borrowed from Gong to produce a classic progressive symphonic work present on the first side of the LP, clocking at over 20 minutes. The resulting album proved popular with both European and American progressive music fans with its mixture of Symphonic keyboard orchestrations, courtesy of Mellotron, Arp 2600, Piano and Organ, as well as Hillage's Lead Guitar, Malherbe's sax flourishes and Blake's forward sounding analog synthesizers. One interesting note, on the original LP the second movement was placed on side one and the first movement on side two, a problem corrected on this release. Clearlight Symphony is an essential recording for fans of progressive music.

Clearlight/Delired Cameleon Family ....CD $12.99

Clearlight Symphony/Delired Cameleon Family

Recorded by a crew of French progressive musicians including Clearlight members as the soundtrack to the 1974 Pierre Clementi film Visa de Censure n* X, this album demonstrates the inspired genius that can occur when you combine talented musicians with a 'psychedelized' mind and the freedom of six crazy days in a recording studio off the clock. This is music that demands to be listened to with an open mind and a strong visual imagination, as the listener is transported to the next dimension. Featuring Cyrille Verdeaux, Joel Durgenot, Gilbert Artman, Francois Jeanneau, Joe Padovani, Yvan Coaquette, Ariel Kalma, Valerie Lagrange,Tim Blake and other space travelers, the music is alternately hallucinatory, soothing and 'nightmare' provoking. Featuring a cover with a chameleon eating pot leaves the overall concept can only be described as subversive surrealism. Great effort was taken during mastering this first CD version to produce the highest sound quality for tripping the light fantastique.

Clearlight Symphony/Forever Blowing Bubbles ....CD $12.99

Clearlight Symphony/Forever Blowing Bubbles

This album followed the heady success of Symphony by charting into new territory. Forever Blowing Bubbles is also based on keyboardist Cyrille Verdeaux's piano and synthesizers but incorporates a more cohesive group sound featuring bassist/vocalist Joel Duregenot (ex-Zao), violinist David Cross (King Crimson) & guitarist/flutist Jean Claude d'Agostini (Magic Circus). Shorter songs with more variety are featured with pronounced synthesizer textures and a strong symphonic/psychedelic ambiance. Long a favorite of certain Clearlight fans, Bubbles was remastered to provide the best sound quality possible.  In addition to the original tracks, this CD also boasts the presence of three bonus tracks remixed in 2000 from the original 16 track master tape.  "Sweet Absinthe" was recorded for the original sessions but left off the LP because of its length.  Featuring the triple tracked guitar artistry of Christian Boule along with Verdeaux's inventive keyboards and tuned drums with Gilbert Artman, this track transports the listener straight into the next level.  The song "Without Words" was remixed to bring out the symphonic qualties of the keyboards, in particular the multliple layers of Mellotron that were obscured on the original mix.  "Flute Aquatique" is a remix of "Jungle Bubbles" but with Francois Jeanneau's flute and percussion taking center stage creating a piece that would not be out of place at any world music festival.

Clearlight/Infinite Symphony ....CD $12.99

Clearlight/Infinite Symphony

Clearlight's newest release is the seventh chapter of the Kundalini Opera. Written and performed by French keyboard maestro Cyrille Verdeaux on Piano and electronic orchestrations The Infinite Symphony also features the precise drumming of Shaun Guerin, Gong soloist Didier Malherbe on Flute, Saxophone and Douodek, and world class muscicans on Violin, Guitar, Double Bass, Tabla drums and Voice (also provided by Shaun Guerin).   Clearlight stands out combining the best of acoustic and electronic instrumentation to create a work that is both modern and eternal.  Infinite Symphony also includes a bonus track - Movement III (Radio Mix) - and two bonus mp3 files - Movement V (early demo) and Clearlight Symphony II/Movement III.  Graphic art by Paul Whitehead.

Clearlight/Les Contes de Singe Fou ....CD $12.99

Clearlight Symphony/Les Contes de Singe Fou

This grand thematic and initiate piece features the Piano and synthesizers of Cyrille Verdeaux, the virtuosity of violinist Didier Lockwood and British vocalist Ian Bellamy's soulful voice. The result produced an ambitious and eternal tale about humanity's spiritual quest for higher perfection in the universe and the struggle to achieve this illumination in a world that crushes such noble ambition. Detailing the challenges, questions and dangers of such a quest provided a work that spans over forty minutes in the same tradition as Yes' "Close to the Edge", Genesis' " Suppers Ready" and Nektar's "Remember the Future", all contemporaries of Clearlight. Now available for the first time in CD format, this eternally young music will satisfy old fans and impress new converts to the Clearlight musical illumination.

Clearlight/Visions ....CD $12.99

Cyrille Verdeaux/Clearlight Visions

Previously available only as an import, but now reissued by Clearlight Muisc, this album stands as true fusion music, straddling between progressive-rock, classical, modal jazz and Northern Indian raga styles. This album is a gathering between fifteen musicians, French, American and Indian forming a brotherhood and tribe. This album represents the first Clearlight album produced independently. Freed from the conditions being made by the mercantile record companies, Cyrille invited all his musician friends to celebrate this freedom. Particularly noteworthy is the involvement of jazz violinist Didier Lockwood who, demonstrates once again, his genius for improvisation. Gong saxophonist "Bloomdido" Didier Malherbe and Steve Hillage guitarist Christian Boule contribute their unique musical voices. The interplay between the musicians here borders on telepathic, sparks of light flying. Conceptually, Clearlight Visions represents a reimagining of the possibilities of music and life. The cover featuring a tantric goddess hovering above the crystal city is an advanced view of humanity's possibilities to recreate its existence.  The import version of this CD had rearranged all the tracks from the original album scattering bonus tracks throughout.  This new Clearlight Music reissue returns the tracks to their order on the original LP and placing the six bonus tracks at the end, plus one more bonus track, a remix of Songes de Cristal.

Jennifer Cutting/Ocean Songs for the Night's Sea Journey ....CD $12.99

Jennifer Cutting/Ocean Songs for the Night's Sea Journey

Composer/director Jennifer Cutting convenes a global orchestra of Celtic and British Isles music's brightest lights for her collage of sea-inspired songs exploring the rich symbolism of water and its themes of transition, transformation, and "The Hero's Journey" in mythology and traditional music. Guest artists such as Maddy Prior and Peter Knight (Steeleye Span), the late Tony Cuffe (Ossian), Gabriel Yacoub, Dave Mattacks (Fairport Convention, XTC, Paul McCartney), Troy Donockley (Iona) and other leading lights from the British Isles and European scene are joined by U.S. luminaries Grace Griffith, John Jennings (Mary Chapin Carpenter band), Sue Richards, Zan McLeod, and others. Bulgarian diva Tatiana Sarbinska lends her riveting Balkan vocals to the album's electrifying finale.  Celtic, symphonic, and electronic textures are fused with female vocals, harps, pipes, fiddle, accordion, and other traditional instruments. Synthesizers, bass, drums, and electric guitar complete these song cycles ethereal soundscapes, plaintive folk tunes and emotional love ballads. Cutting utilizes lyric inspiration from the Irish oral tradition, Latin phrases from medieval alchemical texts, and turn-of-the-century folk music to create a work that is both ancient and modern.

Dream Aria/In the Wake ....CD $12.99

Dream Aria/In the Wake

DREAM ARIA is a new progressive band hailing from Ontario Canada. Originating as a studio project for keyboardist/composer Donald Stagg, the band took flight with the contributions of singer/songwriter Ann Burstyn, rhythm man Garry Flint (drums & bass) and Jozef Pilasanovic (guitar, bass, vocals, flute) each adding their own elements to the Dream Aria sound. These elements include Progressive, Classical and World musics blended seamlessly without regard for labels or boundaries.  Dream Aria certainly qualifies as progressive music but they place much more emphasis on texture and emotion then technical dexterity; each of these musicians possesses total mastery of their craft. The result is a cohesive group sound that takes the listener on a journey through different intersecting worlds. Fans of female vocals will find much to appreciate in Ann Burstyn, who sounds like a combination of Kate Bush, Annie Haslam and Sarah Brightman while projecting her own style and charisma.

Shaun Guerin/Archives ....CD $12.99

Shaun Guerin/Archives

Shaun Guerin "Archives" is a collection of musical timepieces from throughout his career.  Vocalist/drummer/instrumentalist Shaun Guerin shines on a variety of songes ranging from covers by Emerson Lake & Palmer (a full 13+ minute rendition of Karn Evil 9 first impression), Genesis (Back in New York City & Colony of Slippermen) and Pink Floyd (In the Flesh), original progressive songs and instrumentals, and oddities such as the alternate take of the Clearlight Infinite Symphony's second movement.   Once again artist Paul Whithehead has created stunning artwork that reflects Shaun's musical journey.  Archives has been issued in the collectible mini-LP sleeve packaging.

Shaun Guerin/By the Dark of Light ....CD $12.99

Shaun Guerin/By the Dark of Light

Clearlight Music is excited to announce the upcoming CD by Percussionist/vocalist/keyboardist Shaun Guerin, "By the Dark of Light."   Shaun is an accomplished drummer/percussionist but also is a powerful vocalist and skilled keyboardist/composer. These talents were most recently visible as lead vocalist and second drummer for the Genesis tribute band, Cinema Show. This ensemble focused on the Peter Gabriel era of Genesis and counted Paul Whitehead and Armando Gallo as fans and attendees of their live performances.  After a three-year stint playing to large and appreciative audiences, Guerin decided the time was right to focus on his own original progressive compositions and consequently began work on his first solo album.   Besides playing the drums and keyboards, the multi-instrumentalist/vocalist also plays guitar and flute. Primary influences include Peter Gabriel and Genesis, of course, as well as King Crimson, Hatfield and the North and Brian Eno. While all these musicians exert an influence, this writing is original and progressive without being overly derivative. This is music that contributes to the progressive canon rather than copying it.  Over the years he’s worked on many original projects, including session work, independent film scores, and rock ensembles. Currently Shaun is contributing to the new Clearlight Symphony CD as percussionist, programmer and vocalist. "By the Dark of Light" establishes Shaun Guerin as a leading new force in progressive jazz/rock/fusion music.

Shaun Guerin/The Epic Quality of Life ....CD $12.99

Shaun Guerin/The Epic Quality of Life

Virtuoso composer/musician/vocalist Shaun Guerin's follow up to "By the Dark of Light" moves into a more complex and symphonic realm with longer tracks and additional thematic and musical complexities. Guerin's propulsive drumming, voices, keyboards and guitars are joined by Matt Brown on keyboards and vintage synthesizers, John Thomas on Electric and 12 string guitars, Don Schiff on NS Chapman Stick, & Dan Shapiro on NS 5 string electric upright bass. Featuring artwork by the legendary Paul Whitehead. The Epic Quality of Life further cements Guerin's place as one of the leading lights in progressive music.  Sadly he passed away before it's release.

Holding Pattern/Holding Pattern ....CD $12.99

Holding Pattern/Holding Pattern

"Holding Pattern " This CD is the 1981 Self-titled release that was done as an EP. Holding Pattern was a progressive rock fusion band that was complex and symphonic during a time when progressive rock was not only out of fashion, but actively derided by the rock press and music industry. Holding Pattern sailed against this trend to release this gem. Featuring Tony Spada on guitars and Mark Tannenbaum on multilayered classic keyboards, this CD is a worthwhile addition to fans of instrumental symphonic music.

K2/Book of the Dead ....CD $12.99

K2/Book of the Dead

K2 is a new progressive group lead by bassist/composer Ken Jaquess. "Book of the Dead" features vocalist Shaun Guerin (Clearlight, Solo Artist), guitarist Allan Holdsworth (UK, Bruford, Soft Machine, Tempest, Solo), jazz drummer Doug Sanborn, keyboardist Ryo Okumoto (Spocks Beard) and violinist Yvette Devereaux.  Ken Jaquess (Atlantis, Dresden) was inspired to write a conceptual album based on the Egyptian "Book of the Dead". To complete his music, Ken has assembled a first rate group. Shaun Guerin's haunting vocals were completed just prior to his death in 2003. Allan Holdsworth performs with a fire and rock edge that hasn't been heard from him since his days with UK. K2's "Book of the Dead" is a must for every progressive rock fan.

Tony Spada/The Human Element ....CD $12.99

Tony Spada/The Human Element

Tony Spada's newest solo release finds the Holding Pattern mastermind working in a stripped down trio format, similar to the live shows he has been performing along the east coast of the US in the past few years opening for acts such as Kansas, the Steve Morse band, Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman. "The Human Element" finds Spada paying tribute to his heroes Jeff Beck, Steve Morse, and Jimi Hendrix but still retaining his own unique performing and compositional style. Featuring Tony Castellano (bass/keyboards) and Rob Gottfried on drums, this effort is sure to please fans of instrumental progressive-fusion.

Various Artists/Colossus of Rhodes ....double CD/Book $25.99

Various Artists/Colossus of Rhodes ....double CD/Book

A CD rock opera based upon the Sergio Leone film Colossus of Rhodes, featuring large poster of the Paul Whitehead artwork, a comic book and 2 CD's of progressive rock by the cream of the new Italian progressive bands.  LEVIATHAN, GREENWALL, SINKADUS, MAD CRAYON, VELVET, DESPERADOS, REVELATION offer brilliant progressive epic pieces echoing the seventies' spirit and sound (mellotron, analogic keyboards...). The result is brilliant, progressive, timeless music!

Cyrille Verdeaux/Flowers from Heaven ....CD $12.99

Cyrille Verdeaux/Flowers from Heaven

The forth chakra of the Kundalini Opera is Flowers From Heaven . This is a CD of vocal songs that correspond to Anahata (love), located at the heart and cardiac plexus. Flowers From Heaven is designed to harmonize and balance this chakra. Anahata is related to devotion, faith, sacrifice and selfless service. On this plane of being humans relate to the world as emotion and personal relationship. Anahata is the connection point between the hearth, the breath and the spirit, where one becomes open to universal love. The beautiful vocals and exquisite melodies of Flowers From Heaven serve to vibrate these emotions into divine perfection. Featuring Leah Davis, Frances Key, Gunnar Amundsen and the Children's choir on vocals.

Cyrille Verdeaux/Journey to Tantraland ....CD $12.99

Cyrille Verdeaux/Journey to Tantraland

JOURNEY TO TANTRALAND (2nd chakra) - This is the second chapter/chakra of the famous "Kundalini Opera", an ambitious seven CD conceptual work. Tantraland features pulsating synthesizers which are layered to create an environment of deep space.   Comparisons include Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and ENO, but Verdeaux's work remains singular. Essential listening for fans of electronic minimalism.

Cyrille Verdeaux/Messenger of the Sun ....CD $12.99
Temporarily unavailable - to be reissued later

Cyrille Verdeaux/Messenger of the Sun

A progressive rock tour de force, Messenger of the Sun, restates the Clearlight ethos of classical, jazz, rock and symphonic musics fusing into a rich tapestry sound as Composer/keyboardist Cyrille Verdeaux lays out a magical vision of synthesizer and piano. Accompanied by a stellar cast of French progressive musicians including Steve Hillage guitarist Christian Boule and keyboardists Frederic Rousseau & Jean-Philippe Rykiel, the sensation of improvisational wizzardry and group synergy is addictive. Conceptually, Messenger of the Sun represents an evolutionary leap incorporating the lessons learned by Cyrille Verdeaux during pilgramages to India, where he studied Tabla, Sitar and Yoga.    Messenger of the Sun corresponds to the color Red, the auric color for life and vital energy.  Messenger of the Sun is a call to raise energy and elevate humanity's essential nature. It is music to unblock cellular awakening, repatterning the DNA to achieve the highest potential.

Cyrille Verdeaux/Nocturnes Digitales ....CD $12.99

Cyrille Verdeaux/Nocturnes Digitales

NOCTURNES DIGITALES - Cyrille Verdeaux's ambition has always been Symphonic combined with nature.  With the release of Nocturnes Digitales, he has created electronic chamber music that echoes Debussy, Bach and Mozart and still retains a distinctly modern sensibility. Rarely have electronics been used in such an organic fashion. This is music which is both melodic and challenging, possessing a harmonic and musical sophistication that stands out uniquely.

Cyrille Verdeaux/Piano for the Third Ear ....CD $12.99

thirdear.jpg (2758 bytes)

Solo piano is a world unto itself. Allowing for the complete expression of the composer and player immediately it is capable of functioning as an entire orchestra. Illustrating the depth and breadth of the artist's vision, pianist/composer Cyrille Verdeaux has been working within a variety of styles, all of them connected by a romantic sensitivity and open melodicism that is best described as the "French touch". Starting his classical training as a young child in Valmandois, a suburb of Paris known as a refuge and inspiration for the great impressionist painters, he excelled in Piano and composition at the conservatory. Verdeaux absorbed the works of the great French composers and synthesized their influence along with world music, in particular the improvisational music of Northern India, into a unique style.  A great deal of joy and pain has occurred in the composer's life and is reflected in the reflective mood of "Remember Jonathan", a memorial written to commemerate the loss of his young son (tragically drowned at age five). In the melody of "Nypheas", it is easy to hear the chiming wind and creeks in the French countryside of his youth. The "Raga" is an improvisation performed live in concert, an occasion which marked a triumphant return to solo Piano performance after a five year hiatus. It features Classical, Indian and Spanish themes blended into a seamless tapestry and technical virtuosity. Thus technique is utilized to evoke mood, illustrate emotion and elevate the Inner Light of the listener.   Ultimately, the best description for this music is Neoclassique, the new classical music.

Cyrille Verdeaux/Rainbow Music-Best of 1975-2000 ....CD $12.99

Cyrille Verdeaux/Rainbow Music-Best of 1975-2000

If Cyrille Verdeaux and Clearlight Symphony are new to you, then this CD is an excellent place to start giving a great sampling of his music from 1975 on up to the present day.

Cyrille Verdeaux/Rhapsodies pour la Planete Bleue ....CD $12.99

Cyrille Verdeaux/Rhapsodies pour la Planete Bleue

Rhapsodies pour la Planete Bleue (Rhapsodies for the Blue Planet) is the fifth chakra of Cyrill Verdeaux's magnum opus Kundalini Opera which is spread out over a series of his albums. It corresponds to Vishuddha (Purity) and is related to communication, expression, speech, and creative intellect. On this plane of being humans relate to the world as pure vibration through music, singing, painting, poetry and theater.  The ethereal melodies and harmonies of Rhapsody work to spin these frequencies into perfect alignment.   Rhapsodies features Cyrille Verdeaux (grand piano, keyboards), Christian Boule (guitar, EMS synthesizer, gliss guitar), Dallas Smith (lyricon, silver flute, bamboo flute), Don Lax (violin),  Jean-Phillipe Rykiel (mini-moog), and Neil Bettencourt (percussion).  Fans of electronics will find much to love on this release.

Cyrille Verdeaux/Solar TransFusion ....CD $12.99

Cyrille Verdeaux/Solar TransFusion

Solar TransFusion is the third chakra of Cyrill Verdeaux's magnum opus Kundalini Opera which is spread out over a series of his albums.  Solar TransFusion has a full band sound in the tradition of Clearlight Symphony and features Gong's Didier Malherbe (saxophone and flute) and Christian Boule as well as Genevieve Meynier (violin), Chico (bass), Jacky (electric guitar) and the Chorus of Les Regresses Vertes.  The African rhythms and infectious grooves of Solar TransFusion will awaken your inner fire.   This is classic progressive music in the Clearlight tradition!

Cyrille Verdeaux, Pascal Menetrey/Ethnicolor's ....CD $12.99

Cyrille Verdeaux, Pascal Menetrey/Ethnicolor's

Primitive rhythms fuse with modern technology in this celebration of the indigenous people throughout the planet. Energetic and positive, it beams a message outward, inviting its listener to dance to the tempos of the globe. Tour the soundscapes prepared by keyboardist Cyrille Verdeaux and ethnographer/sound painter Pascal Menestreyl. Transcend the animal instinct and experience the modern harmony. Speaking with the universal tongue, its infectious grooves infuse the body and electrify the eternity of the human soul. This album involves music and chants of over thirty different tribes from all around the World. These peoples are far from each other but share many things, including the tragedy of facing extinction and the destruction of our planet.  Ethnicolours allows the listener to discover these ancestral shamanic sounds, transporting you through a planetary web of light. Ethnicolours is the bond of human ecstasy and sorrow shared by the tribes of the world. This music corresponds to the color green, the auric color for nature and balance, and the harmony of the flow of life. The attributes of green are unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, generosity, contentment, understanding, openness, acceptance and harmony.

Cyrille Verdeaux, Pascal Menetrey/Tribal Hybrid Concept ....CD $12.99

Cyrille Verdeaux, Pascal Menetrey/Tribal Hybrid Concept

The music on this album is powerful, selected to illustrate the first chakra, the one in charge of life and death energies; designed to energize the body and to celebrate life. Samples of Inuits, Papoos, Tuvas, Ethiopian and Kurdish singers as well as samples of various wild animals facing extinction are musically shaped by Cyrille Verdeaux to boogie for the pleasure of the ears. The aim of Ethnicolours music is to help in the stopping of all these trails of tears, these massacres of innocents all around the globe. The base chakra (Muladhara) is the root of the Kundalini, the coiled serpent representing untapped potential and sexual energy. It also represents security and the need for basic needs (air, water, food) that all life requires for sustenance as well as fundamental human desire. To transcend desire, it is necessary to raise the kundalini that lies at the base of the spine. Ethnicolours is a call to raise this energy up through the chakras of the spine and elevate humanity's essential nature. The chants of various tribes facing extinction represent the death aspect of this chakra, since most of the beings heard on this album are probably already dead.

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