The following DVD's and CD's are all pending releases that you can pre-order now.  Please understand that the release dates are varied.  Some could be released next week while others could be a month or two away.  And release dates can (and frequently do) change.  So please be patient when making a pre-order.

Future Releases


Asia - Symfonia: Live In Bulgaria 2013 Blu-Ray $18.99

Clapton, Eric - Live In San Diego (With Special Guest JJ Cale) Blu-Ray $21.99
Clapton, Eric - Live In San Diego (With Special Guest JJ Cale) DVD $15.99

Cohen, Leonard - Mind Of A Poet DVD $14.99
While hearing Leonard Cohen sing his self-composed songs is one of life's finest experiences, to simply hear the man talk comes a close second. And while Leonard remains one of the best raconteurs in the business, to hear him converse and discuss all manner of topics across more than two hours of interviews with intelligent and sympathetic journalists, is a sheer joy. Never less than entertaining, wise, humorous and enlightening, Cohen is also majestically humble, appropriately self-depreciating and never mean spirited nor arrogant. And whether discussing his years spent meditating in an LA monastery or the wicked theft of his life savings while doing so - or indeed his oft- noted attraction to the opposite sex, a topic much prompted by one female interviewer - this sage-like man speaks with honesty, humour and dignity at all times. This DVD includes over 2 hours of rare filmed interviews with Leonard Cohen from various junctures across his career to date. A truly fascinating film is created from these sessions which all at once provide one of the best and most fascinating documents on this legendary performer.

Henry Cow - Vol.10: Vevey 1976 DVD $16.99
This DVD was originally available only as the 10th disc of Henry Cow's 40th Anniversary Box Set. Now available as a stand alone disc, the DVD is a 75 minute video of Henry Cow (with Georgie Born and Dagmar Krause) performing in Switzerland in 1976.

Morse, Neal - Morsefest 2015 Sola Scriptural And '?' Live Blu-Ray $24.99

Vaughan, Stevie Ray - 1984-1989: Lonestar DVD $17.99
In the mid-1970s, when Stevie Ray Vaughan first emerged as a modern blues guitarist with unparalleled ability and passion - skills which distinguished his playing from that of just about all his contemporaries - the blues world he represented had little impact in the mainstream market place. So despite his obvious gifts, he struggled to secure a record deal. But by the time his debut album, 1983's Texas Flood, was finally released, the tide had turned and Stevie Ray not only became an international phenomenon, but was also of paramount importance in the revitalisation of the blues genre. This film traces and reveals The Full, Previously Un-Told Story Of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Glory Years, the period between the release of his debut album and his tragic death in a helicopter crash in 1989. Featuring; rare film footage, exclusive interviews with many close friends and confidantes, contributions from the industry professionals and music writers who documented SRV's career as it unfolded, seldom seen photographs and numerous other features, which together make this program the finest documentary yet on the personal life and career of Stevie Ray during his most fertile and productive era. PLEASE NOTE: This film is the sister feature to Sexy Intellectual's previous documentary, Rise Of A Texas Bluesman - Stevie Ray Vaughan 1954 - 1983

Vaughan, Stevie Ray, Muddy Waters & Howlin' Wolf - Legends Of Blues DVD $15.99
Three of the greatest Bluesrock musicians on earth - Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf - on one DVD. The LEGENDS OF BLUES film features 14 very rare live clips including Blow Wind Blow, Texas Flood and Shake For Me.

Wakeman, Rick & Friends - Gastank DVD $22.99
Two DVD edition. Gastank was an English television show that aired between 1982-1983 on Channel 4. Hosted by Rick Wakeman and Tony Ashton the show featured a mix of interviews with 1970s musicians and impromptu performances where the guest artist would join Rick and Tony with their house band in playing re-arranged versions of their classic songs, or entirely new pieces created for the show. The format was very informal with the setting likened to a bar where Wakeman and Ashton would interview the guests over a drink or two followed by their performance in front of a small studio audience sitting in groups at tables. They would frequently cite the show as an opportunity for musicians from different bands to get the opportunity to work together. During it's run, the show featured guests as diverse as Ian Paice, Rick Parfitt, Steve Hackett, Andy Fairweather Low, John Entwistle, Godley and Creme, Eric Burdon, Suzy Quatro, Eric Burdon and Phil Lynott. Now for the first time on DVD all the episodes of Gastank are collected here.

CD Box Sets

Allman Brothers Band - Fox Box - Boxed Set, Slipsleeve Packaging CD $89.99
8 disc set.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - 2017 Box Set Japan - Import CD $74.99

Fleetwood Mac - Tango In The Night - With DVD, With LP, Deluxe Edition, 5PC CD $89.99

Golden Earring - Complete Studio Recordings - Boxed Set, Holland - Import, 29PC CD $139.99
Limited 29 CD box set. From their debut Just Ear-rings from 1965 till the tribute to their hometown The Hague from 2015 - all 26 studio albums by Holland's most legendary rock band are collected in a monumental box Complete Studio Recordings, augmented with no less than three CD's full of non-album tracks. Throughout the years Golden Earring released no less than 26 studio albums. Next to that, dozens of songs were released but not on official albums (the so called non-album tracks), including classics like 'That Day', 'Sound Of The Screaming Day', 'Another 45 Miles', 'Holy Holy Life' and hard to find songs, like 'So You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star' / 'L.A. Woman' and 'You Gun My Love'. In total no less than 307 songs, that for the first time are compiled in this box set Complete Studio Recordings, including extended liner notes per album by respected music journalist Tjerk Lammers. So turn the volume up to 11 and hear how a little beat band from The Hague turned into the biggest and best Dutch rock band ever!

Harvey, Alex - Last Of The Teenage Idols - UK - Import, 4PC CD $62.99
Four CD set that contains 76 highlights from the critically acclaimed 14 Disc box set, The Last Of The Teenage Idols. Disc One contains 25 songs and opens with Alex and His Soul Band performing "Framed" live in Hamburg in 1964. The CD is bookended with the inclusion of "Framed" being performed by Alex and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band from their debut album of the same name. Sandwiched between these 2 songs are 23 songs, many of them covers. Disc Two contains 16 songs and finds Alex and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band in fine form as they run through many live favorites and studio tracks. Disc Three contains 18 songs spread across the Sensational Alex Harvey Band albums and includes the hit singles "Delilah" (#7 in July 1975) and "The Boston Tea Party" (# 13 in June 1976), plus cover versions of "Schools Out", "Crazy Horses", "Goodnight Irene" and "Cheek To Cheek". Disc Four contains 17 songs including the SAHB rarities "Engine Room Boogie", No Complaints Department" and "Satchel and The Scalp Hunters" plus the best of Alex's post-SAHB albums and ends with a heart achingly beautiful demo version of "Billy Bolero" from the sessions for his final album, The Soldier On The Wall.

Holdsworth, Allan - Man Who Changed Guitar Forever - Bonus Tracks, Boxed Set, 12PC CD $114.99
12 CD box set featuring bonus tracks on the albums and everything newly remastered, includes 40 page booklet

McCartney, Paul - Flowers In The Dirt - With DVD, Deluxe Edition, Boxed Set, 4PC CD $139.99

Morse, Neal - Morsefest 2015 Sola Scriptural And ? Live - With DVD CD $36.99

Nelson, Bill - My Secret Studio Vol 1 - UK - Import, 4PC CD $38.99
Deluxe four CD set in clamshell box. Originally issued as a limited edition release in 1995, My Secret Studio features a collection of recordings made by Bill Nelson between 1988 and 1992: Buddah Head, Electricity Made Us Angels, Deep Dream Decoder and Jukebox for Jet Boy. In his notes for the original release, Bill explained the original recordings thus: "Between the years 1988 and 1992 my life underwent some severe changes... both emotional and financial. During that time I used my home studios to create sketches of songs for possible development with a potential band. The band, for various and nefarious reasons, never materialized. What you will hear is the raw stuff of dreams, instant songwriting with a vengeance". My Secret Studio - Volume One has now become a highly regarded collection of songs in the prolific discography of Bill Nelson. Long out of print, this Cocteau Discs remastered limited edition presents these wonderful albums once again, restoring the original artwork in the collection in a clamshell boxed set.

UFO - Live Sightings - 5PC CD $49.99
A super deluxe 4CD box set of magnificent early '80 live performances by one of the all-time greatest rock bands to ever take the stage - UFO! Founding members Phil Mogg, Pete Way, and Andy Parker are joined by Paul Chapman and Paul Raymond, and Neil Carter as they blast through the highlights from No Place To Run, The Wild, The Willing & The Innocent, and Mechanix as well as their smash hit singles "Lights Out," "Doctor, Doctor," and more! Features the extraordinary photography of Fin Costello in a gorgeous 16 page booklet plus carefully duplicated printings of two vintage tour programs! Each CD comes in it's own mini LP jacket with printed inner sleeve! Includes a bonus live LP of unreleased recordings from 1972 with original guitarist Larry Wallis!


Arel, Bulent - Electronic Music 1960-1973 CD $16.99

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Tutankhamun CD $16.99
Digitally remastered and expanded edition including two bonus tracks. The Art Ensemble of Chicago (AEC) is an avant-garde jazz ensemble that grew out of Chicago's AACM in the late 1960s. The group continues to tour and record through 2006, despite the deaths of two of the founding members. The Art Ensemble is notable for it's integration of musical styles spanning jazz's entire history and for their multi-instrumentalism, especially the use of what they termed "little instruments" in addition to the traditional jazz lineup; "little instruments" can include bicycle horns, bells, birthday party noisemakers, wind chimes, and a vast array of percussion instruments (including found objects). The group also uses costumes and face paint in performance. These characteristics combine to make the ensemble's performances as much a visual spectacle as an aural one, with each musician playing from behind a large array of drums, bells, gongs, and other instruments. When playing in Europe in 1969, the group was using more than 500 instruments. Tutankhamun was Recorded June 26, 1969 in Paris originally recorded for the Freedom label. It features performances by Lester Bowie, Joseph Jarman, Roscoe Mitchell and Malachi Favors Maghostut. The album was named for Tutankhamun, an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. There are two bonus tracks on this CD reissue "Tthinitthedalen Part 1" and "Tthinitthedalen Part 2".

Artful Dodger - Complete Columbia Recordings - 2PC CD $22.99

Asia - Symfonia: Live In Bulgaria 2013 - With DVD, Gatefold LP Jacket, Deluxe Edition, 3PC CD $18.99
Recorded during a special show on September 21st, 2013 during the Sounds of the Ages Festival at the magnificent Second Century Roman Theater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. On some of the songs during the band's set, Asia? was joined by The Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Levon Manukian.

Barbieri, Richard - Planets + Persona CD $16.99

Barclay James Harvest - Ring Of Changes - Reissue, UK - Import CD $26.99
Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce a remastered edition of the 1983 album by Barclay James Harvest, "Ring of Changes". The album was issued in May of that year and was a major European success and featured several hit singles. This Esoteric Recordings reissue has been newly remastered from the original master tapes, includes three bonus tracks and features a booklet that fully restores all original album artwork with a new essay by BJH experts Keith and Monika Domone.

Beatrix Players - Magnified - UK - Import CD $20.99
BEATRIX PLAYERS tell stories of real life and fantasy. Citing influences as diverse as Michael Nyman and Regina Spektor and drawing comparisons to the likes of Kate Bush and Einaudi Ludovico. There are tempestuous passages in the bands music that you can imagine being delivered by traditional rock instrumentation but it is the very absence of guitars and drums that means there's nobody out there quite like Beatrix Players. In 2015 the band (Amy Birks, Jess Kennedy and Amanda Alvarez) took their unique sound - a beautiful combination of vocals, piano and cello - into the studio to record their self-produced debut album, which has been mixed by two-time BBC Folk Award winner, Jim Moray.

Betts, Dickey & Great Southern - Southern Rock Jam - UK - Import CD $14.99
2017 collection. Dickey Betts is one of the great guitarists from the southern rock scene. After his time with The Allman Brothers he has carved out a successful solo career. This is a compilation album of the best of the albums he made for Arista Records back in the 70's. Tracks 1 to 5 originally recorded in 1977 are from the album Dickey Betts And Great Southern and tracks 6 to 10 originally released in 1978 are from the album Atlantas Burning Down.

Beyond the Fringe - Beyond The Fringe - 2PC CD $21.99
Beyond the Fringe was a British comedy stage revue written and performed by Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett, and Jonathan Miller. It played in London's West End and then in America, both on tour and on New York's Broadway in the early 1960s. Hugely successful, it is widely regarded as seminal to the rise of satirical comedy in 1960s Britain. The show was conceived in 1960 by an Oxford graduate, Robert Ponsonby, artistic director for the Edinburgh International Festival, with the idea of bringing together the best of revues by the Cambridge Footlights and The Oxford Revue, which had both transferred to Edinburgh for short runs in previous years. John Bassett, a graduate of Wadham College, Oxford, who was Ponsonby's assistant, recommended Dudley Moore, his jazz bandmate and a rising cabaret talent. Moore in turn recommended Alan Bennett, who had had a hit at Edinburgh a few years before. Bassett also chose Jonathan Miller, who had been a Footlights star in 1957. Miller recommended Peter Cook. The majority of the sketches were by Peter Cook and were largely based on material written for other revues. Among the entirely new material were "The End of the World", "TVPM" and "The Great Train Robbery". Peter Cook and Dudley Moore revived some of the sketches on their later television and stage shows, most famously the two-hander "One Leg Too Few". Originally released in an edited form as a single album in 1961, this double CD issue contains for the complete 1961 Show Recorded at the Fortune Theatre in London.

Big Country - Wonderland: Essential Big Country - UK - Import, 2PC CD $13.99

Blackfield - Blackfield V CD $15.99

Blake, Tim - Blake's New Jerusalem: Remastered & Expanded - UK - Import CD $18.99
Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a newly re-mastered edition of the classic 1978 ambient masterpiece "Blake's New Jerusalem" by Tim Blake. Tim first came to prominence as a member of Gong, where his synthesiser experimentation and mastery was demonstrated on albums such as Flying Teapot", "Angel's Egg" and "You". He would also join Hawkwind from 1979 - 1980 and from November 2007. Now regarded as a truly pioneering work, this edition of "Blake's New Jerusalem" has been newly remastered and includes three bonus tracks previously unreleased on CD; 'The Woodland Voice' (B-side of the 'Generator Laser Beam' single) and 'From Outta Space' and 'Jupiter to Jerusalem' - home demos recorded at the time of the album and released on the cassette "Waterfalls from Space".

Blake, Tim - Crystal Machine: Remastered & Expanded Edition - UK - Import CD $18.99
Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a newly re-mastered edition of the classic 1977 ambient masterpiece "Crystal Machine" by Tim Blake. Tim first came to prominence as a member of Gong where his synthesiser experimentation and mastery was demonstrated on albums such as Flying Teapot", "Angel's Egg" and "You". He would also join Hawkwind from 1979 - 1980 and from November 2007. Now regarded as a truly pioneering work, this edition of "Crystal Machine" has been newly remastered and includes three bonus tracks. 'Surf' was recorded in 1976 at Chateau d'Herouville studios in France and issued as a very rare single under the pseudonym Saratoga Space Messengers. The reissue also includes both sides of the rare Spanish single 'Synthese Intemporel' as bonus tracks

Bloomfield, Mike - Retrospective - UK - Import, 2PC CD $18.99
Two CD set. A truly unique compilation charting the history of Mike Bloomfield's career covering his work from 1964 to 1974, this set comes complete with interview segments where Bloomfield talks about his life and music and features his work both as a solo artist, his time with The Electric Flag, and his collaborations with Al Kooper, and Nick Gravenities. Also, from the Triumvirate album "It Hurts Me Too" with Dr. John and John Hammond and from The Newport Folk Festival, the amazing "Born In Chicago" with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Playing with Bloomfield across this collection we find Mama Cass, Paul Butterfield, Buddy Miles, Elvin Bishop, and Barry Goldberg.

Blue Oyster Cult - Some Enchanted Evening - UK - Import CD $18.99

Blues Band - Big Blues Band Live Album - UK - Import CD $29.99

Bowie, David - No Plan - EP CD $10.99
The No Plan EP was originally released digitally on January 8th, 2017 the day after would have been David Bowie's 70th Birthday. The release reached #1 on the iTunes charts of 11 countries including the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Finland and Sweden, and broke the Top 20 in more than 30 territories. The No Plan EP is now being made available on CD. The No Plan EP features the single 'Lazarus' from Blackstar, and the three final David Bowie studio recordings during the sessions for his 28th and final album Blackstar "No Plan," "Killing A Little Time" and "When I Met You." The track "No Plan" was hailed by Rolling Stone who ranked it at #4 in their 50 Best Songs of 2016 as "a magnificent coda... one last transmission from the Bowie universe."

Bowness, Tim - Lost In The Ghost Light - UK - Import CD $24.99
Limited deluxe CD/DVD mediabook edition. 2017 album from British vocalist Tim Bowness, best known for his work with No Man (which also features Steven Wilson). The album has been mixed and mastered by Wilson and is unlike any in Tim's back catalog. Bowness utilizes a core band comprising Stephen Bennett (Henry Fool), Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief), Hux Nettermalm (Paatos) and Andrew Booker (Sanguine Hum), and is also joined by guests including Kit Watkins (Happy The Man/Camel), Steve Bingham (no-man) and the legendary Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull). Andrew Keeling (Robert Fripp/Hilliard Ensemble/Evelyn Glennie) arranges for string quartet and flute on three of the album's songs. Lost In The Ghost Light is a concept album revolving around the onstage and backstage reflections of a fictional 'classic' Rock musician in the twilight of his career. The album features some stunning solos and harmonically rich compositions that represent Bowness's most musically ambitious work to date. Lyrically, the album addresses how the era of streaming and ageing audiences affects creativity, how a life devoted to music impacts on real/family life, and how idealistic beginnings can become compromised by complacency and the fear of being replaced by younger, more vital artists.

Brovold, Bill - Serenity Knolls CD $15.99

Bruce, Jack & Friends - Bottom Line Archive, 2PC CD $17.99

Bto ( Bachman-Turner Overdrive ) - Street Action / Rock N Roll Nights - UK - Import CD $17.99
Digitally remastered two-fer containing B.T.O.'s last two albums for Mercury Records, dating from 1978 and 1979. Rock N' Roll Nights spawned the hit single 'Heartache', but personnel changes and a drying up of commercial success caused the band to break up in late 1979. Since then, there have been numerous leavings and joining's, far too many to mention here! Currently, both Randy Bachman and Fred Turner are fronting a revitalized B. T. O.

Byrds - Live At The Fillmore 1969 - UK - Import CD $13.99
An amazing live set from Feb 1969 featuring almost all of the classic album SWEETHEART OF THE RODEO. Recorded over two nights 7th and 8th Feb just after the release of DR BYRD AND MR HYDE, and features a number of tracks not found on any other Byrds albums including MERLE HAGGARDS "Sing Me Back Home"The Byrd's on this recording were ROGER MCGUINN, CLARENCE WHITE, GENE PARSONS and JOHN YORK

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Electricity 1967-1968 CD $17.99
Electricity 1967-1968 is a collection of very rare recordings from Don Van Vliet AKA Captain Beefheart. The tracks were recorded live at MIDEM Pop Festival, Cannes Beach, France, at Frank Freeman's Dance Studio, Kidderminster, UK and Allegro Sound Studios, Los Angeles, CA. Track one, "Electricity" (1968 Live) Van Vliet's adaptation of the Howlin'; Wolf vocal-construction device is in full frontal view, as is the evolving Magic Band rhythmic concept and French/Drumbo's incredibly responsive manifestation thereof as he shadows Van Vliet's singing; an outstanding version of one of the most innovative songs in the proto history of avant-rock. "Kandy Korn" (live) is structurally perhaps the most adventurous of the lot, it's interlocking parts peering past any jam-o-philic indulgences at the martial art to come.

Carr, Ian - Old Heartland CD $17.99
Ian Carr (21 April 1933 - 25 February 2009) was a Scottish jazz musician, composer, writer, and educator. Carr performed and recorded with the Rendell-Carr quintet and jazz-rock band Nucleus, and was an associate professor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Old Heartland is completely different to what a follower of Ian's workwith Nucleus might expect. It is a suite of four jazz-classical compositions, Northumbrian Sketches, performed with the Manchester String Orchestra (later Kreisler String Orchestra), which has also worked with Michael Nymnan, and three other tunes, performed with old colleagues from Nucleus, Geoff Castle and John Marshall, and others. There's elements of Joseph Haydn, Vaughan William's and Benjamin Britten as Carr builds an indigenous English vocabulary in which to add his knowledge of contemporary jazz, with influences of ECM artists and Miles Davis in his work with Gil Evans. Northumbrian Sketches was commissioned in 1986 by the Bracknell jazz and classical music festivals; and Carr wrote it as a tribute to his late friend, the author Sid Chaplin. It's lyrical trumpet lines are full of melancholy and majesty, soaring above landscapes of strings. It's sophisticated and highly cultured music, serious and concentrated finely into superb performances. The complementary material is beautifully crafted too, gentle and tastefully fitting the conceptual objective of the recording. The bass clarinet and flugelhorn combinations on Full Fathom Five are particularly lush, and Marshall's gentle percussive touches and Mark Wood's acoustic guitar melodies give the title track the rightbalance. A great album for quiet contemplation.

Chicago / London Underground - Night Walking Through Mirrors CD $17.99

Chickenfoot - Best + Live - 2PC CD $17.99

Clannad - Fuaim CD $15.99

Cline, Alex - Oceans Of Vows - With Book CD $18.99

Cooder, Ry - Live At The Bottom Line '74 CD $17.99

Dauner, Wolfgang & Flo - Elektronische Mythen CD $11.99
They were exciting years, when Miles Davis used to drive through New York in an open sports car listening to Stockhausen's tape manipulations, and when Kraftwerk and Can in Düsseldorf and Cologne developed their own special style of Kraut rock. Experimentation with electronic music, and research into all its possibilities, were very exciting, but could be extremely frustrating too, especially under live conditions. There were no instructions, no one who could help you to find the different sounds and effects. Plus there was the problem that the Moog had no memory, so that each musical step had to be noted down and set up again in the same constellation for the performance.

Deep Purple - All I Got Is You - UK - Import - CDsngl - $12.99
Deep Purple - InFinite CD $16.99
Deep Purple - InFinite - With DVD, 2PC CD $17.99
Deep Purple - InFinite - With DVD, With T-Shirt, 2PC CD $25.99
Deep Purple - Time For Bedlam EP CD $10.99

Dimeola, Al - Morocco Fantasia CD $16.99
Al Di Meola's fantastic appearance in 2009 also represented a summit of different cultures and religions - Al Di Meola (guitar), Peo Alfonsi (2nd guitar), Fausto Beccalossi (accordion), Gumbi Ortiz (percussion), Victor Miranda (bass), Peter Kaszas (drums), and with special guests from Morocco, Said Chraibi (oud), Abdellah Meri (violin) and Tarik Ben Ali (percussion). On his third trip to Morocco, the public gave this exceptional guitarist a rousing reception and showed ist openness towards Western music - and Al Di Meola wowed the audience with a special repertoire.

Domancich, Sophia - Alice's Evidence - Spain - Import CD $21.99

Dylan, Bob - Legendary Broadcasts 1960-1964 CD $15.99
Dylan, Bob - Triplicate CD $24.99
Triplicate, is the new three disc studio album from Bob Dylan. The collection features 30 brand-new recordings of classic American tunes and marking the first triple-length set of the artist's illustrious career. With each disc individually titled and presented in a thematically-arranged 10-song sequence, Triplicate showcases Dylan's unique and much-lauded talents as a vocalist, arranger and bandleader on 30 compositions by some of music's most lauded and influential songwriters. The Jack Frost-produced album is the 38th studio set from Bob Dylan and marks the first new music from the artist since Fallen Angels, which was released in early 2016.

Edenbridge - Great Momentum - 2PC CD $16.99

Erskine, Peter - Second Opinion CD $15.99
Following the success of Peter Erskine's 'Dr. Um and the Lost Pages,' Peter and his Dr. Um Band are ready to offer a Second Opinion. With a slew of new compositions plus some tasty standards from Henry Mancini and Victor Young, 'Second Opinion' reaches new heights for fun, funk, swing and interactive blowing... all in Hi-Fi sound! Peter says that this is his 'favorite album yet. ' Building upon terrific media coverage and reviews for 'Dr. Um,' Second Opinion will easily find it's audience of Erskine fans, Beasley fans, Bob Sheppard fans, and soon-to-be Benjamin Shepherd (bassist) fans.

Erskine, Peter New Trio - In Praise Of Shadows CD $15.99
This is the 2nd Audio CD from the Peter Erskine New Trio, featuring jazz drumming legend Erskine with his nephew and bass phenom Damian Erskine, plus keyboard virtuoso and arranger Vardan Ovsepian (with guests Artyom Manukyan on cello & EVI master Judd Miller). 'In Praise Of Shadows' is sharing the February 17 release date with Erskine's Dr. Um Band album 'Second Opinion. ' From the gentle covers of the Japanese classic pop hit 'Sukiyaki' plus Mexican love ballad 'Marcheta,' to blistering new originals by Vardan Ovsepian and a new Erskine classic ('Each Breath'), this is an album that has something for everyone who loves good music... including a lovely bass ballad by Damian titled 'Begin Within. ' Begin the New Year with the New Trio!

Fairport Convention - Fairport Convention 50:50 At 50 - UK - Import CD $21.99
Fairport Convention - Who Knows Where The Time Goes: Essential UK - Import, 2PC CD $13.99

Fleetwood Mac - Tango In The Night - Remastered CD $13.99
Fleetwood Mac - Tango In The Night - Expanded Version CD $19.99

Fuse One - Fuse One / Silk - UK - Import CD $12.99
Digitally remastered two-fer containing a pair of albums on one CD plus bonus tracks. As far as supergroups are concerned, Fuse One is right up there with the likes of Crosby, Stills & Nash, Cream, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Bad Company etc. - the only difference is the genre. Jazz (funk) has it's superstars and when the likes of Stanley Clarke (bass guitar), Eric Gale (lead guitar), Lenny White (drums), Tom Browne (trumpet), John McLaughlin (guitars), Stanley Turrentine (saxophones), Wynton Marsalis (trumpet) and George Benson (guitar) plus many others pool their resources, that is one hell of a band. As producer, Creed Taylor commented Fuse One was conceived as a forum in which major contemporary musicians perform according to their own musical disciplines and interact without the constraints that accompany leader responsibilities. Each player brings in new compositions and ideas. The Fuse One album was released in 1980, and kicks off with a Ronnie Foster composition titled 'Grand Prix' where Stanley Clarke takes the lead, and creates a jazz (funk) classic. Other stand out tracks are John McLaughlin's 'To Whom It May Concern' and 'Taxi Blues' composed by Stanley Clarke. Silk was released one year later in 1981, and features 'In Celebration Of The Human Spirit' and 'Silk' which was the band's only single and the 7" version is included as a bonus track along with the George Benson composed b-side 'Ode To '.

Galas, Diamanda - All The Way CD $14.99

Garcia, Jerr - Garcialive Volume Eight: November 23rd, 1991 Bradley Center CD $16.99

Gilbert, Paul - Pg-30 Live At Zepp Tokyo 2016 - Japan - Import CD $52.99

Gosta Berlings Saga - Detta Har Hant CD $18.99
2017 release. The album was recorded during winter 08/09, partly assisted by Mattias Olsson of Änglagård, and represents the band's evolution since the release of the critically acclaimed debut album Tid är Ljud (2006). Whereas the previous album dealt with the interaction between nature and city, Detta Har Hänt focuses on the latter with eight stories about the languishing welfare state, industrialism and love. The songs range from full-blown epic soundscapes via dissonant darkness to minimalistic powerful grooves without compromising when it comes to the strong melodies the band is known for. The basis for the album was recorded live in the band's own studio Pelikaan, which has preserved a genuinely organic and highly energetic feel to the music. Overdubs have been made with instruments such as Mellotron, Minimoog and pump organ to give even more dimensions to the colorful sounds of Gösta Berlings Saga. In conclusion Detta Har Hänt is a gigantic leap forward in all musical aspects, and should not be missed by anyone interested in new music.

Guaraldi, Vince - Jazz Impressions Of Black Orpheus / Flower Is A Lovesome Thing - Holland - Import CD $12.99

Hackett, Steve - Night Siren CD $16.99
Hackett, Steve - Night Siren - With Blu-Ray, 2PC CD $20.99
Hackett, Steve & Djabe - Summer Storms & Rocking Rivers - With DVD, 2PC CD $22.99

Hayward, Justin - Moving Mountains CD $16.99
Moving Mountains is a 1985 solo album by Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues, released on Towerbell Records. It was later re-released on CD and cassette in June 1989 with one bonus track, "The Lights Are Low". Hayward was awarded the first of numerous awards from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) for songwriting in 1974. In 1985, the Moody Blues picked up the Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music, and in 1988 Hayward received the Novello, among other honours, for Composer of the Year (for "I Know You're Out There Somewhere"). In 2000, he was one of a handful of British artists to receive the "Golden Note" award for lifetime achievement by ASCAP. In 2004, Hayward was awarded the "Gold Badge" for lifetime achievement by the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA). At the Ivor Novello Awards in London on 16 May 2013 Hayward was given the PRS for Music Award for Outstanding Achievement (presented to Hayward by Marty Wilde).

Henry Cow - VOL.1: Beginnings CD $16.99
Henry Cow - VOL.2: 1974-5 CD $16.99
Henry Cow - VOL.3: HAMBURG CD $16.99
Henry Cow - Vol.4 & 5: Trondheim - 2PC CD $17.99
Henry Cow - VOL.7: LATER & POST-VIRGIN CD $16.99
Henry Cow - VOL.8: BREMEN CD $16.99
Henry Cow - VOL.9: LATE CD $16.99
These CDs were originally available only as part of Henry Cow's 40th Anniversary Box Set. Now available as a stand alone discs, these CDs contain performances not previously released.

Holdsworth, Allan - Eidolon - 2PC CD $17.99
6 Panel CD Wallet and includes 20 page booklet

Hopkin, Mary - Live At The Royal Festival Hall 1972 CD $16.99
A recording of Mary's performance in 1972 supporting Ralph McTell. Mary was joined on stage by Brian Willoughby, Danny Thompson, Tony Visconti and the Pop Arts String Quartet. There are highlights from her first two albums as well as some of her folk favourites.

Jansen, Steve - Extinct Suite - UK - Import CD $16.99

Jarre, Jean-Michel - Oxygene Trilogy, 3PC CD $28.99
2017 three CD set containing all three of the composer's Oxygene releases. 40 years after the huge international impact of Oxygene, and 20 years from it's second volume Oxygene 7-13, Jean-Michel Jarre is fulfilling a trilogy of albums with Oxygene 3, containing seven newly composed and recorded pieces, consistently titled parts 14-20. His inspiration for the newly added parts on Oxygene 3 was not to go back in time, but to add a sense of "now" to his iconic piece of work. Plunging into the environment of Oxygene with it's highly original dark, moody and at times quite upbeat musical language, Jarre references some of the music from his entire body of work on Oxygene 3. It s a state-of-the-art recording, embracing both classic and modern ways of music production.

Jazz Passengers - Still Life With Trouble CD $15.99

Jethro Tull - Stand Up (Steven Wilson Remix) - Remix CD $15.99
Digitally remixed - by Steven Wilson - and remastered edition of this album from the classic British band led by Ian Anderson. Jethro Tull's second album, Stand Up, marked an early turning point for the band with the addition of guitarist Martin Barre along with Ian Anderson s introduction of folk-rock influences to the group's blues-based sound. Released in the summer of 1969, Stand Up rose quickly to the top of the U.K. Albums Chart, and eventually earned gold certification in the U.S. Before recordings for the album began, the band's original guitarist Mick Abrahams resigned because of musical differences with Ian Anderson; Abrahams wanted to stay with the blues rock sound of their 1968 debut, This Was, while Anderson wished to add other musical influences such as folk rock. Mick was replaced by guitarist Martin Barre, who appeared on every Jethro Tull album from this point on. Stand Up represents the first album project on which Anderson was in full control of the music and lyrics.

Kansas - Drastic Measures - Holland - Import CD $14.99

Kantner, Paul - Venusian Love Songs - UK - Import, 2PC CD $18.99
The late Paul Kantner was the founder for the JEFFERSON AIRPLANE and later JEFFERSON STARSHIP. Venusian Love Songs was part of a project Paul began back in 2011 which was originally intended to release a new volume of music every few months. Playing with Kantner on this studio recording are DAVE FRIEBERG (QUICKSILVER MESANGER SERVICE, JEFFERSON STARSHIP) long time guitar compadre SLICK AGUILAR (STARSHIP) CATHY RICHARDSON from STARSHIP, Co pilot form JEFFERSON AIRPLANE MARTY BALIN also guests with felloe AIRPLANE and HOT TUNA bassist JACK CASADY. Along with original material there's a slew of great covers including The Beatles "All You Need is Love" and a mash up that blends U2's "Pride In The Name Of Love" with Balins "Miracles" and Martin Luther King's "I have A Dream " speech

Katatonia - Fall Of Hearts - Tour Edition CD $14.99

Krieger, Robby - In Session CD $14.99
2017 collection containing rare studio sessions from one of the boldest rock guitarists of all-time, The Doors' Robby Krieger! Features an incredible roster of guest appearances including Jackson Browne, Hawkwind's Nik Turner, Asia's John Wetton, Styx's Tommy Shaw, Start Trek's William Shatner and others. Includes exclusive mixes plus a bonus live track that has never been released on CD before.

Long Distance Calling - Satellite Bay: Special Edition - Hong Kong - Import, 2PC CD $26.99

Lorber, Jeff Fusion - Prototype CD $16.99
Superstar keyboardist, writer, producer Jeff Lorber is renowned as a pioneer in the Jazz-Fusion movement. Scoring #1 radio hits with Jeff Lorber Fusion and as a founding member of Smooth Jazz super-group Jazz Funk Soul, Lorber performs constantly before his dedicated fans from coast to coast!!

Magic Pie - Circus Of Life CD $16.99
Magic Pie - Motions Of Desire CD $16.99
Magic Pie - Suffering Joy CD $16.99

Mandel, Harvey - Snake Attack - UK - Import CD $19.99

Manzanera, Phil - Live At The Curious Arts Festival - UK - Import CD $19.99
'Live at the Curious Arts Festival' captures Manzanera and the band's show stopping performance at this well-known UK literary festival, held in July 2015. The set list included storming versions of Roxy classics, such as 'Take a Chance with Me', 'More Than This' and 'Love is the Drug' with Sonia Bernardo giving these songs an electrifying new twist, she is indeed a star in the making. The band packed full of talent, many still in their 20's, crackled and sizzled, inspiring Manzanera, whose playing on this set shows just why he is one of the world's greatest guitarists.

Matthews, Ian - Valley Hi / Some Days You Eat The Bear & Some Days The Bear Eats You - UK - Import CD $17.99
Matthews' two solo albums for Elektra Records, dating from 1973 and 1974. 'Valley Hi' was produced by Monkee Mike Nesmith and included legendary session musicians Byron Berline and Red Rhodes, whilst 'Some Days' had Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter, David Lindley and Andy Roberts amongst others. Matthews has had a long and varied career, from Fairport Convention, through Matthews Southern Comfort, and onto his own solo one. Ian currently lives in Holland where he continues to gig and record. Digitally remastered and slipcased, and with extensive new notes

Mayall, John - Rock The Blues Tonight - UK - Import, 2PC CD $21.99
This Two disc set, well over two hours long, with 14 previously unreleased live performances from Canada in 1970-71. Musical friends guest appearing on this blues extravaganza include Harvey Mandell, Freddy Robinson, Sugarcane Harris & Keef Hartley

McCartney, Paul - Flowers In The Dirt - Special Edition, 2PC CD $19.99

McGear, Michael - Woman - Remastered CD $18.99
Woman is the first solo album by British musician Mike McGear (spelled Michael on the cover), brother of former-Beatle Paul McCartney, who also co-wrote a song, but is credited as a "friend". Roger McGough produced and co-wrote some songs with McGear. The cover is a black-and-white photo of McGear/McCartney's mother.

Moody Marsden Band - Unplugged Live In Hell Norway Play - UK - Import CD $17.99
Archive live release from the legendary British musicians. Although best known from their days in Whitesnake, Bernie Marsden and Mickey Moody prove here that good old fashioned blues/rock is far from dead. Recorded at The Hell Blues Festival, Hell, Norway, September 1993. Whitesnake fans wouldn't be disappointed either - after all, these guys co-wrote the best tracks that band ever did.

Mute Gods - Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth CD $16.99

New Riders of the Purple Sage - Powerglide - Holland - Import CD $14.99

Numan, Gary - British Live Performance Series CD $14.99

Oldfield, Mike - Return To Ommadawn: Deluxe Edition - With CD, Deluxe Edition, UK - Import, 2PC CD $22.99

Omega - Anthology 1968-1979 - 2PC CD $17.99
A superb and highly impressive 2CD anthology of early works from one of the biggest and most successful rock bands to come out of Hungary, Omega! Big, bombastic choruses, shimmering keyboard melodies and soaring vocals have made Omega a hugely successful band selling over 50 million albums worldwide! Includes the 1969 hit "Pearls In Her Hair," which has been covered by Scorpions and sampled by Kanye West for his song "New Slaves!"

Oregon - Out Of The Woods / Roots In The Sky - UK - Import CD $18.99
Acclaimed jazz group Oregon's first two albums for Elektra Records, dating from 1978 and 1979. Oregon was formed by guitarist Ralph Towner, wind player Paul McCandless and bassist Glen Moore, and past members have included Collin Walcott and Trilok Gurtu. The group has had a long recording career, beginning on Vanguard in 1970 and including ECM and Sony amongst others

Ork - Soul Of An Octopus CD $15.99
2017 release. Following on the heels of 2015's captivating Inflamed Rides, the members of the powerful collective O.R.k. - lead singer Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari, Porcupine Tree bassist Colin Edwin, Marta Sui Tubi guitarist Carmelo Pipitone and King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto - were primed to deliver an even more potent statement for their sophomore offering. Coming off of a triumphant tour of Europe and South America, they were charged to take things up a notch. And so it was with Soul of an Octopus, their second recording and RareNoise debut. This one finds the four kindred spirits dealing in even deeper waters. "After Inflamed Rides we did around 30 shows in Europe, Argentina, Chile and Mexico this year," says Fornasari. "That definitely helped us to reign in our sound and get to a more focused mutual vision. So all the pieces from the new album represent an honest and effective picture of who we are as O.R.k. right now."

Palermo, Ed Big Band - Great Un-American Songbook, Vol. I And II - 2PC CD $24.99

Rafferty, Gerry - Can I Have My Money Back: Remastered & Expanded Edition - UK - Import CD $14.99
Digitally remastered and expanded edition of Can I Have My Money Back?, the classic debut solo album by legendary singer/songwriter Gerry Rafferty. Recorded in 1971 for Transatlantic Records, the album followed Rafferty's two albums as a member of The Humblebums with Billy Connolly. Upon it's original release, Can I Have My Money Back? was critically acclaimed as a fine fusion of folk and rock influences. The track 'Sign on the Dotted Line' would see Rafferty collaborate on the writing with Joe Egan, which in turn would eventually lead to the formation of the band Stealers Wheel. This edition of Can I Have My Money Back? has been newly remastered and features the addition of a bonus track, "So Bad Thinking" (originally released as the b-side of a single of the album title track). The booklet features a new essay and fully restores the original album artwork.

Ramses - Control Me CD $17.99

Rascals - Rascals - Complete Singles As & Bs - 2PC CD $34.99

Residents - Disfigured Night CD $19.99
Over the years, The Residents have been so prolific that it's easy to see that a year could have simply vanished and gone unnoticed. And one did - 1997! In the early to mid 90's, The Residents were quite active in the creation of CD-ROMs, releasing Freak Show, The Ginger Bread Man, and Bad Day on the Midway from 1992-95. So much time was devoted to writing and designing the CD-Roms that, other than some soundtrack music for the game and a short side project, Pollex Christi, no music was recorded in 1996. Having lost so much time on a dead concept, 1997 finally arrived, but the new year was not so happy. For the first time in decades, The Residents had absolutely nothing in the works. 1997 was born dead. And truthfully, the year never got much better, but the group did begin moving in some interesting new directions. Creatively, The Residents saw Pollex Christi as a successful experiment, consequently they decided to follow it up with another highly experimental, classically styled piece. Moving quickly, in the spring of 1997, the group began work on a new 15 min work, Disfigured Night. Soon afterards, inhabiting a position that normally would have been occupied by a string quartet, The Residents performed for a small, but wealthy crowd in San Jose. As the unsuspecting patrons entered the event, the group was seen perched 30 feet above the entrance to the cavernous lobby of software giant Adobe's world headquarters. Needless to say, The Residents hour long set was not quite what the rich nerds expected. Making sure no one missed it, the group performed the set, made up of a mix of prerecorded and live elements - some planned and some spontaneous - four times, and quickly left town.

Residents - Ghost Of Hope CD $19.99

Return to Forever - Live: Complete Concert - Holland - Import CD $14.99
Two CD reissue. Live was the final album by fusion band Return to Forever. It was recorded live at the Palladium in New York City on May 20 1977 as part of the Musicmagic tour to support the album of the same name. This was the only tour to feature the Musicmagic (1977) lineup, which included original members Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, and Joe Farrell, along with a newly added member, Chick Corea's wife, Gayle Moran on vocals, piano and organ, and a six-piece horn section.

Rhapsody - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - With DVD, Asia - Import, NTSC Region 0, 2PC CD $31.99

Schenker, Michael - Fest: Live Tokyo International Forum Hall A - 2PC CD $19.99
Schenker, Michael - Fest: Live Tokyo International Forum Hall A - With DVD, 3PC CD $22.99

Schnitzler, Conrad - Con-struct CD $17.99

Schulze, Klaus - Androgyn CD $17.99
Re-Release of Klaus Schulze's Androgyn (originally released 2002 as part of the strictly limited and long exhausted 5CD Boxset Contemporary Works II). The first track on Androgyn has again, like on Another Green Mile, the cello of Wolfgang Tiepold and some odd voice samples added to interesting synth sounds. The long second track has Klaus on electric guitar and for good reason it's called Back To The Future: Klaus plays the guitar with a Gleiteisen, a piece of iron that he used in the cosmic slide guitar technique from old Ash Ra Temple times, 32 years ago. The next four tracks belong together. There's No Mystery has a voice and the adequate and efficient cello again...and of course it has Klaus' famous string accord in the back; you already heard it on Another Green Mile (MIG 01712) and can hear it again on further albums. As Androgyn comes to it's end it gets more rythmic. For the final title This House Full Of Shadows I noticed at first listening: Will be liked by the people. We hear again Wolfgang Tiepold's expert cello. (KDM, 2002)The bonus track A Tiny Violin is a rare beautiful pearl from the 10thCD Adds & Edits of the limited wooden boxset Contemporary Works I. On violin: Thomas Kagelmann. After the successful releases of U.S.O. Privée (MIG 01412) and Another Green Mile (MIG 01712) MIG-Music proudly lifted another nugget of Klaus Schulze. We will continue to discover further gems!

Schulze, Klaus - Ballett 3 & 4 CD $20.99

Sherwood, Billy - At The Speed Of Life - UK - Import CD $15.99
BILLY SHERWOOD is the current bass player in the band YES. Billy Sherwood was a key part of the line-ups which created the YES albums OPEN YOUR EYES, THE LADDER and was also part of the TALK tour. He recently mixed the band's HEAVEN AND EARTH album and 2 subsequent DVDs. AT THE SPEED OF LIFE was Sherwood's third solo album and has been out of print for many years. This CD release will be eagerly greeted by YES fans especially in light on Sherwood's recent return to the band in mid-2015.

Snakefinger - Greener Postures CD $19.99

Southside Johnny & Ashbury Jukes - Fever--the Remastered Epic Recordings 2PC CD $24.99

Stills, Stephen - Back In Time CD $15.99
Combining diverse instrumental talent, brilliant composition, and legendary collaborative skills, Stephen Stills stands out among the greatest rock legends of all time. Included on this disc is an exclusive interview containing intimate details, rare insight, and other gems not previously discovered until now.

Sun Ra & Arkestra - Secrets Of The Sun CD $16.99
Of this album, Troy Collins writes: 'Marking a transition in it's development between the advanced swing of the early Chicago-era recordings and the increased free-form experimentation of it's New York tenure, this album also reveals the first recorded versions of two Ra standards, "Friendly Galaxy" and "Love in Outer Space." Accessible, yet segueing into vanguard territory, this album highlights a fertile period in the Arkestra's history. Looser and more aggressive than it's Chicago recordings, these pieces find the Arkestra pushing at the limits of harmony and tonality.'

Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra - When Angels Speak Of Love CD $16.99
Digitally remastered edition. Sun Ra was an American jazz composer, bandleader, piano and synthesizer player, poet and philosopher known for his experimental music, "cosmic philosophy", prolific output, and theatrical performances. He was inducted into the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame in 1979. For much of his career, Ra led "The Arkestra", an ensemble with an ever-changing name and flexible line-up. As John Szwed writes about "When Angels Speak of Love was considered a bizarre record when it was heard even three years later, made more bizarre by extreme echo, horns straining for the shrillest notes possible, rhythms layered, their polyrhythmic effect exaggerated by massive reverberation (which was abruptly turned off and on). 'Next Stop Mars' is the centerpiece of the album, a very long work which opens with a space chant, followed by Allen and Gilmore taking chances on their horns beyond what almost any other musician would dare at that time. Sun Ra played behind them, again relentlessly spinning around a single tonal center with two-handed independence, then rumbling thunderously at the bottom of the keyboard against Boykins's bass, a clangor made heavier by electronic enhancement." In other words, Classic RA and now finally available on CD.

Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Supersonic Sounds - UK - Import CD $12.99
Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra - Magic City CD $13.99

T. Rex - Bolans Zip Gun / Futuristic Dragon - Deluxe Edition, UK - Import, 3PC CD $44.99

Thomas, Mickey - Over The Edge CD $9.99
Studio album from the voice of arena rock supergroup Starship, Mickey Thomas! Features 10 brand compositions written by rock luminaries such as Jack Blades of Night Ranger, Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain of Journey and others! Includes guest performances by a host of great musicians such as Neal Schon, Steve Lukather of Toto, Richie Kotzen and more!

Thorogood, George & The Destroyers - Live At Rockpalast: Dortmund 1980 - With DVD, 3PC CD $22.99

Travers, Pat - Live At Rockpalast: Cologne 1976 - With DVD, 2PC CD $22.99

Twenty Sixty Six and Then - Reflections On The Future CD $17.99
In May 1972 Twenty Sixty Six And Then met first time and decided to found a band. Day and night they rehearsed and filed on their sound in their residence in Mannheim. Another journalist at that time: Dominating in their music is a dynamic, which is regulatory in the developing harmonies in the complex structured arrangements. When the musicians sometimes get lost in old hard rock stereotypes they kept enough distance to the sounds, to prove their intents with detailed inserted alienation. In a short way: the rediscovery of a Krautrock origin from the Mannheim-rock scene in the early 70ties. Twenty Sixty Six And Then were the singer Geff Harrison (the only member from the UK), Veit Marvos on organ, Steve Robinson played the second organ, Gagey Mrozeck guitar, Dieter Bauer on bass and Konstantin Heinrich Bommarius on drums. The CD contains the bonus tracks, originally released on the rare and strictly limited double-vinyl-edition re-released in 2002.

Unicorn - Blue Pine Trees: Remastered & Expanded Edition - UK - Import CD $14.99
Digitally remastered and expanded edition of Blue Pine Trees, the 1974 album by Unicorn. Featuring a line-up of Kenny Baker (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Pat Martin (bass, vocals), Kevin Smith (lead guitar, mandolin) and Pete Perrier (drums), Blue Pine Trees was released on the Charisma label in 1974. The album was Unicorn's second LP and was produced by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, who also featured on pedal steel guitar and guitar on several tracks. This expanded edition of Blue Pine Trees features six bonus tracks: 'Volcano' (an outtake from the Blue Pine Trees sessions), 'The Ballad of John and Julie' (recorded for a BBC Radio session), 'Bog Trotter', 'Ooh Mother' (both sides of a 1974 single) along with 'I'll Believe in You (The Hymn)' and 'Take it Easy' (issued as a single in 1975).The booklet features a new essay featuring an interview with Pat Martin and fully restores the original Hipgnosis album artwork.

Ut New Trolls - E In Concerto - With DVD, Italy - Import, 2PC CD $29.99

Various Artists - Closed Circuits: Australian Alternative Electronic Music Of The 70s & - Australia - Import CD $28.99

Various Artists - Guitar Greats UK - Import, 3PC CD $17.99

Various Artists - Many Faces Of Jimi Hendrix Argentina - Import, 3PC CD $17.99

Various Artists - Many Faces Of The Police Argentina - Import, 3PC CD $17.99

Various Artists - Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music From Philips CD $28.99

Various Artists - Roots Of David Bowie - 2PC CD $16.99

Velvet Underground - Boston Tea Party January 10th 1969 - 2PC CD $20.99
Velvet Underground - Boston Tea Party July 11th 1969 - 2PC CD $20.99

Wakeman, Rick & Friends - Gastank - 3PC CD $22.99
Three CD edition. Gastank was an English television show that aired between 1982-1983 on Channel 4. Hosted by Rick Wakeman and Tony Ashton the show featured a mix of interviews with 1970s musicians and impromptu performances where the guest artist would join Rick and Tony with their house band in playing re-arranged versions of their classic songs, or entirely new pieces created for the show. The format was very informal with the setting likened to a bar where Wakeman and Ashton would interview the guests over a drink or two followed by their performance in front of a small studio audience sitting in groups at tables. They would frequently cite the show as an opportunity for musicians from different bands to get the opportunity to work together. During it's run, the show featured guests as diverse as Ian Paice, Rick Parfitt, Steve Hackett, Andy Fairweather Low, John Entwistle, Godley and Creme, Eric Burdon, Suzy Quatro, Eric Burdon and Phil Lynott. Now for the first time on CD, you can cherish all the seminal music performances from Rick, Tony and their guests.

Wingfield Reuter Stavi & Sirkis - Stone House CD $16.99

Winter, Johnny & Edgar - Brothers In Rock & Roll - UK - Import CD $14.99
2017 collection of storming Texas rock 'n' roll by the legendary Winters brothers. Contains over 70 minutes of the best these two have to offer. This compilation brings together the best and most famous tracks by these two sensational artists together on one CD. Sadly, Johnny died while on tour in 2014 but Edgar remains active both recording and playing.

Zappa, Frank - Buffalo - 2PC CD $21.99
Originally released in 2007, Buffalo captures an entire concert recorded live at the Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo, NY on October 25, 1980. The original tapes were salvaged from the Vault by Vaultmeister Joe Travers and mixed by Grammy-Award winning engineer Frank Filipetti.

Zappa, Frank - Civilization Phase III - 2PC CD $29.99
Civilization Phaze III, one of the final projects to be finished by Zappa before his passing, completes the trilogy of Masterworks established first with Lumpy Gravy and We're Only In It For The Money in 1968. Originally envisioned as Lumpy Gravy, Phase III, this music morphed over a period of years in various states of completion. Realized mainly on the Synclavier and including performances by the Ensemble Modern and newly recorded dialogue from inside the piano, Frank finally put the finishing touches on the double CD in 1992. It received a Grammy for Best Recording Package in 1995.

Zappa, Frank - Congress Shall Make No Law... - CD $12.99
Gail Zappa always said that FZ always made a point to 'educate' his audience as well as entertain them. She continued on that note with this release, an informative document that focuses on the importance of FZ's testimonies to fight censorship. FZ's address to the Senate Committee Hearings in 1985 and to the Maryland State Legislature in 1986 are featured here in their entirety combined with various synclavier and interview excerpts found in the Vault.

Zappa, Frank - Dance Me This - CD $12.99
The 100th release by the Zappa Family Trust and the last project to be finished by Frank Zappa before his passing, Dance Me This, was composed and realized on the Synclavier, FZ's go-to digital workstation that was state of the art at the time of the recording. The music is described by the Maestro as 'designed for modern dance groups.' The album was finished but shelved by the Trust until finally receiving it's much anticipated release in 2015.

Zappa, Frank - Everything Is Healing Nicely - CD $12.99
The Ensemble Modern from Frankfurt Germany spent a lot of time with Frank Zappa during the last few years of his life. As the group was working closely with Zappa preparing for a series of concerts scheduled in 1992 (to be known as 'The Yellow Shark'), FZ, in his typical manner, was digitally recording every rehearsal. Everything Is Healing Nicely features highlights from those recordings, hand-picked by Zappa, compiled posthumously by then staff engineer Spence Chrislu, and released exclusively through mail order in 1999.

Zappa, Frank - Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison - CD $12.99
Around 1987 or so, Frank Zappa completed a digital master of this title which was intended for a vinyl release. FZ never released it and re-worked some of the material for another project, mainly Civilization, Phaze III. Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison, realized on the synclavier, eventually found a release in it s original form in 2011. The CD contains unreleased compositions, unedited versions and added bonus tracks from the time period.

Zappa, Frank - Frank Zappa Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa - CD $12.99
When released on Halloween 1996, Frank Zappa Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa, A Memorial Tribute was considered to be an 'Audio Tombstone' by the family. It features the three signature guitar pieces: 'Black Napkins,' 'Zoot Allures' and 'Watermelon In Easter Hay' in their original released form (remastered) with added live versions that predate the issued masters. Also included is 'Merely A Blues In A: from Paris '74'. A fitting 'Memorial Tribute' indeed.

Zappa, Frank - FZ:OZ - 2PC CD $21.99
2002 release of double live album recorded at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney Australia on January 20th, 1976. Featuring Terry Bozzio, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Roy Estrada, Andre Lewis and Frank Zappa. This is the first in a series of live recordings, being released on the Zappa label.

Zappa, Frank - Greasy Love Songs - CD $12.99
The third installment of the Project/Object Audio Documentary series focuses on the 40th anniversary of Zappa's 1968 homage to old Doo Wop and Rhythm & Blues. Cruising With Ruben & The Jets was FZ & The Mothers fourth album release. Greasy Love Songs brings together the long awaited release of the original 1968 mix along with mix outtakes, interview excerpts and oddities from the sessions. Also contains liner notes from Cheech Marin.

Zappa, Frank - Hammersmith Odeon - 3PC CD $29.99
In early 1978, Frank Zappa played a string of dates between January & February at the famous Hammersmith Odeon in London, England. Hammersmith Odeon, first issued in conjunction with a special birthday event at The Roundhouse in London in 2010, contains performances from those shows. These recordings are famous for being the basis for the Sheik Yerbouti album. This album contains all alternate performances and highlights from the master show tapes.

Zappa, Frank - Joe's Camouflage - CD $12.99
In late summer 1975, Frank Zappa formed a band that never got past the rehearsal stage, but managed to have their own band promo shots taken with fall touring rapidly approaching. This Joe's series entry, Joe's Camouflage, finds mainly 4-track rehearsal tapes that captured FZ experimenting with this group, updating arrangements of older songs along with some new compositions, some that were never revisited later in his career. Featuring Novi Novog on viola and keys, Robert 'Frog' Camarena on vocals and Denny Walley on guitar, all three of whom left the band shortly after these recordings were made.

Zappa, Frank - Joe's Corsage - CD $12.99

Zappa, Frank - Joe's Domage - CD $12.99
Frank Zappa Joe's Domage US CD album

Zappa, Frank - Joe's Menage - CD $12.99
Frank Zappa, notorious for recording everything, carried cassettes with him on the road. On one occasion backstage during the late 70's, Frank gave longtime fan Ole' Lysgaard a cassette which contained a dub of a live recording excerpt from a concert in Williamsburg, VA 11-1-75. Thanks to Ole', this excerpt has been forever immortalized as the content for 'Corsaga' number 4. Joe's Menage is transferred directly from the show master tape.

Zappa, Frank - Joe's Xmasage - CD $12.99
Frank Zappa Joe's Xmasage US CD album

Zappa, Frank - One Shot Deal - CD $12.99
Released in 2008, One Shot Deal features chunks of material found in the vault selected by FZ and compiled by Gail Zappa & Joe Travers. Ranging from 1972 to 1981, One Shot Deal blends live compositions, improvisations and guitar solos from various world tours, all recorded live.

Zappa, Frank - Philly '76 - 2PC CD $21.99
Frank Zappa played the Philadelphia Spectrum Theater on October 29th, 1976. The concert was professionally recorded and was a perfect contender for the ongoing concert series from Vaulternative Records. Philly '76 was released in 2009 and features a complete show from a rare band line-up with another stellar mix from Grammy Award winning engineer Frank Filipetti.

Zappa, Frank - Roxy By Proxy - CD $12.99
Roxy By Proxy contains material recorded live at the infamous run of shows at The Roxy Theater in Hollywood CA, December 1973. It's the first compilation made from digital mixes created in 1987 by Frank with Bob Stone at FZ's home studio, The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen. The sequencing plays like a full show while the package features extensive liner notes from the one and only Ruth Underwood, then the percussionist in the band.

Zappa, Frank - Token Of His Extreme - CD $12.99
In August 1974, Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention taped two legendary sets at KCET TV Studios in Hollywood, CA. This popular footage was used by FZ in a number of different edits originally intended as a TV special and eventually featured in the home video release The Dub Room Special (1982). A Token Of His Extreme was officially issued on DVD in 2013 along with the release of the soundtrack on CD.

Zappa, Frank & The Mothers of Invention - Carnegie Hall - 4PC CD $45.99
As history would have it, and thanks to the persistence of promoter Ron Delsener, Frank Zappa & his Mothers actually played Carnegie Hall. The two shows on October 11th, 1971 were recorded for posterity to mono 1/4' tape using a concealed Nagra tape machine and a Electrovoice 664 microphone. Both shows are presented here in their entirety along with the opening set of show 1 by the fabulous accapella group The Persuasions.

Zombies - Odessey And Oracle: 50th Anniversary Edition CD $14.99

Zorn, John - Garden Of Earthly Delights CD $17.99


Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum SACD $28.99

Grand Funk Railroad - All The Girls In The World Beware!! SACD $28.99

Original Sound Track - Eddie And The Cruisers - OST SACD $28.99

Yes - 90125 - Mini-LP Sleeve, Japan - Import SACD $36.99
Yes - Big Generator - Mini-LP Sleeve, Japan - Import SACD $36.99
Yes - Close To The Edge: Limited - Mini-LP Sleeve, Limited Edition, Japan - Import SACD $37.99
Yes - Drama - Mini-LP Sleeve, Japan - Import SACD $36.99
Yes - Fragile: Limited - Mini-LP Sleeve, Limited Edition, Japan - Import SACD $37.99
Yes - Going For The One - Mini-LP Sleeve, Japan - Import SACD $36.99
Yes - Relayer - Mini-LP Sleeve, Japan - Import SACD $36.99
Yes - Tales From Topographic Oceans - Mini-LP Sleeve, Japan - Import, 2PC SACD $48.99
Yes - Time & A Word: Limited - Mini-LP Sleeve, Limited Edition, Japan - Import SACD $37.99
Yes - Tormato - Mini-LP Sleeve, Japan - Import SACD $36.99
Yes - Yes Album: Limited - Mini-LP Sleeve, Limited Edition, Japan - Import SACD $37.99
Yes - Yes: Limited - Mini-LP Sleeve, Limited Edition, Japan - Import SACD $37.99
Yes - Yessongs [Live]: Limited - Mini-LP Sleeve, Limited Edition, Japan - Import SACD $48.99

Japanese CDs

Brecker Brothers - Return of the Brecker Brothers - Japan - Import CD $14.99

Burton, Gary - Reuinon - Japan - Import CD $14.99

Corea, Chick - Akoustic Band Limted Edition - Japan - Import CD $14.99
Corea, Chick - Light As A Feather - Japan - Import CD $25.99
Corea, Chick - Musician (Live At The Blue Note) - SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $48.99
Corea, Chick - Return To Forever - Japan - Import CD $25.99
Corea, Chick Electric Band - Beneath The Mask - SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $20.99
Corea, Chick Electric Band - Chick Corea Elektric Band - SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $20.99
Corea, Chick Electric Band - Eye Of The Beholder - SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $20.99
Corea, Chick Electric Band - Inside Out - SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $20.99
Corea, Chick Electric Band - Light Years - SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $20.99
Corea, Chick Electric Band - Live In Japan 1987 - SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $25.99

DeJohnette, Jack - Bill Evans: At The Montreux Jazz Festival - Japan - Import CD $25.99

Jarrett, Keith - Koln Concert - Japan - Import CD $25.99
Jarrett, Keith - Melody At Night With You - Japan - Import CD $25.99
Jarrett, Keith - Standards Live - Japan - Import CD $25.99
Jarrett, Keith - Standards Vol 1 - Japan - Import CD $25.99
Jarrett, Keith - Standards Vol 2 - Japan - Import CD $25.99

King Crimson - Collector's Club: 1969.11.21&22 - Japan - Import CD $26.99
King Crimson - Collector's Club: 1969.7.5 Hydepark - Japan - Import CD $26.99
King Crimson - Collector's Club: 1971.5.11 Plymouth - Japan - Import, 2PC CD $37.99
King Crimson - Collector's Club: 1972.10.13 Zoom - Japan - Import, 2PC CD $37.99
King Crimson - Collector's Club: 1972.3.12 Denver - Japan - Import CD $26.99
King Crimson - Collector's Club: 1974.7.1 Central - Japan - Import CD $26.99

Metheny, Pat - Offramp - Japan - Import CD $25.99

Vangelis - Chariots Of Fire (Original Soundtrack) - Japan - Import CD $14.99

Waits, Tom - Night On Earth (Original Soundtrack) - Japan - Import CD $14.99
Limited edition Japanese pressing, originally released in 1992, Waits' soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch's quirky Night on Earth is built around a recurrent theme reminiscent of Rain Dogs and manipulated into moods that reflect the cities in which the movie's various stories are told. Warner. 2017.

Japanese Mini-LP Sleeve CDs

Harrison, George - All Things Must Pass - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $53.99
Harrison, George - Brainwashed - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $36.99
Harrison, George - Cloud Nine - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $36.99
Harrison, George - Dark Horse - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $36.99
Harrison, George - Electronic Sound - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $36.99
Harrison, George - Extra Texture - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $36.99
Harrison, George - George Harrison - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $36.99
Harrison, George - Gone Troppo - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $36.99
Harrison, George - Live In Japan - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $48.99
Harrison, George - Living In The Material World - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $36.99
Harrison, George - Somewhere In England - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $36.99
Harrison, George - Thirty Three & 1/ 3 - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $36.99
Harrison, George - Wonderwall Music - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $36.99

Sallyangie - Children Of The Sun - Mini-LP Sleeve, Blu-Spec CD, Japan - Import CD $38.99

Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra - I Roam The Cosmos - Mini-LP Sleeve, Japan - Import CD $34.99

Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground & Nico - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $32.99
Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $32.99
Velvet Underground - White Light / White Heat - Mini-LP Sleeve, SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $32.99

Yes - 9012 Live The Solos (UHQCD) - Mini-LP Sleeve, Japan - Import, 2PC CD $38.99
Yes - Classic Yes (UHQCD) - Mini-LP Sleeve, Japan - Import, 2PC CD $38.99
Yes - Yesshows (UHQCD) - Mini-LP Sleeve, Japan - Import, 2PC CD $49.99
Yes - Yesstory (UHQCD) - Mini-LP Sleeve, Japan - Import, 2PC CD $49.99
Yes - Yesterdays (UHQCD) - Mini-LP Sleeve, Japan - Import, 2PC CD $38.99


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