The following DVD's and CD's are all pending releases that you can pre-order now.  Please understand that the release dates are varied.  Some could be released next week while others could be a month or two away.  And release dates can (and frequently do) change.  So please be patient when making a pre-order.

Future Releases


Beatles - It Was Fifty Years Ago Today: The Beatles - Sgt Pepper & Beyond UK Import Blu-Ray $25.99
UK TV Documentary with 4 hours of bonus footage. Featuring interviews with former employees, fellow musicians, family members and journalists, and supported by original and exclusive never-seen-before footage, this star-studded rockumentary offers a fascinating insight into the creation and recording of one of the most ground-breaking and influential albums in pop history. BONUS MATERIAL: 1) Liverpool/London Introduced by Alan G. Parker 2) Director and Producer interviews 3) The Bootleg Beatles 4) Andy Peebles John Lennon Interview December 80 5) Pete Best Interview at The Hard Day's Night 6) Julia Baird (John Lennon's sister) Interview 7) John Lennon Blue Plaque 8) The Merseybeat 9) Ringo archive. All region.

Deep Purple - From The Setting Sun (In Wacken) To The Rising Sun UK Import Blu-Ray $25.99
Double Blu-ray/All Region edition. Contains two best-selling video releases. From The Setting Sun... (In Wacken): Recorded and filmed in Wacken 2013, Deep Purple performed a unique concert, throwing away all their usual stage routine (and sometime arrangements). During this concert, Deep Purple left their "safe zone". That is why this concert is the one that represents a feeling of improvisation and electricity similar to the band's classic years - more than many other live releases by the band... To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo): If Wacken shows Deep Purple's performance in front of a huge rock audience, playing as if they had to leave all their habits behind, the Tokyo show 2014 is presenting Deep Purple completely at ease with their history and themselves. On the very same venue where the band has written rock history with the album Made In Japan, Deep Purple went on stage without nostalgia and with the attitude of a band that is physically led by the music. Song after song, Purple play a flawless show going back and forth in time. Deep Purple's many sides are at their best here: the energy but also the groove, the great solo moments by Don Airey and Steve Morse. The soft sides and their energetic heavy counterparts.

Lake, Greg - Welcome Backstage DVD $15.99
The voice and founding member of ELP and King Crimson.

Wakeman, Rick - Other Side Of Rick Wakeman With CD, 2PC DVD $18.99
Rick Wakeman, the prog god of the keyboards as you have never seen him before. As Clint Weiler writes: "Rick Wakeman in an up-close and uproarious stand-up performance filmed live in front of a studio audience. The 'Grumpy' rock legend, composer and raconteur exposes a host of hilarious anecdotes and unknown escapades experienced during his career, including the first rehearsals with Yes, his multi-marital life, amusing recording session memories, his exposure in a Japanese toilet, and more. Wakeman also explains his version of the X-factor and brings to life the lost chord in the Yes classic And You and I. This brand new show also features classic material from The Strawbs, Yes and his hit solo albums performed on the Grand Piano". A bravura performance. What's not to like?

Wilson, Steven - To The Bone Blu-Ray $18.99

CD Box Sets

10cc - Before During After: The Story Of 10cc UK Import, 4PC CD $74.99
2017 four CD set. Before During After - The Story of 10cc is a special box set, curated with input from the band to detail each and every chapter of their musical story. It Is the first complete, career-encompassing collection of the work of 10cc - Eric Stewart, Lol Crème, Kevin Godley and Graham Gouldman, together and apart. Features tracks from the band members' pre-10cc recordings, plenty of great 10cc hits, solo releases, side projects and more.

Fairport Convention - Come All Ye - The First Ten Years (1968 To 1978) Boxed Set, 7PC CD $74.99
Formed in London in 1967, Fairport Convention are the hardy perennials of the British Folk scene and are credited with inventing the genre known as Folk Rock. This 7CD set contains 121 tracks, 55 of which are previously unreleased. Highlights include key tracks from all of their classic albums, single B-sides, BBC Radio Sessions and TV performances.

Fairport Convention - Cropredy Box Old Boys XVI UK Import, 3PC CD $30.99
Recorded in 1997 during Fairport's thirtieth anniversary concerts at the Cropredy Festival), it features all the surviving members of the band (with the exception of Ian Matthews) and presents them as individual line-ups. Every Fairport is represented, whether your own personal dream team is the dual-fiddle powerhouse featuring Ric Sanders and Chris Leslie or the original band with Ashley Hutchings and Richard Thompson. The version of "Sloth" on the second disc, features the original Full House line-up, and is preceded by a very rare performance by The GPs, a Fairport off-shoot featuring Ralph McTell.

Grateful Dead - Road Trips 4 No.4 - Spectrum 4-6-82 CD $53.99

Howe, Steve - Anthology 2: Groups & Collaborations 3PC CD $19.99

King Crimson - Radical Action (To Unseat The Hold of Monkey Mind) With DVD & Blu-Ray, Ltd. Deluxe Edition, 6PC CD $57.99
Deluxe six disc set containing three CDs, two DVDs and a Blu-Ray plus an expanded booklet. The CDs contain the audio recordings of a complete King Crimson setlist. Blu-ray contains full concert video plus extras. The set was recorded live mostly in Takamatsu, Japan on December 19, 2015, with songs taken from other shows in order to represent every song played during the group's 2015 tours of Japan, Canada and France. The material performed is mostly from the 1969-1974 period, and most of it hadn't been performed live since the 1970s, although the songs were rearranged to suit the current line-up. Also included are some pieces from 1995 and onward, alongside new material. The title is derived from a song of the same name that the band has been playing in concert.

Paul, Les & Mary Ford - 8 Classic Albums Germany - Import, 4PC CD $13.99

Various Artists - Let The Electric Children Play: Underground Story Of TransatlanticRecords Deluxe Edition, RM, UK Import, 3PC CD $24.99
Esoteric Recordings are proud to announce the release of a new deluxe 3CD which tells the story of the so-called "underground" era of one of Britain's great independent record labels of the 1960s & 1970s, Transatlantic Records. In the heady atmosphere of the late 1960s, the sea change in British popular music spearheaded by the Beatles experimentation on the Sergeant Pepper album and swiftly followed by the likes of Cream, Pink Floyd, Traffic, Family, Procol Harum, Jethro Tull and a host of groups and musicians who followed in their footsteps led to the album being seen as the medium in which "serious" musicians would explore and develop their craft. The apparently disparate genres of blues, jazz, rock, folk and even world music were fused together by many diverse acts all of whom were eager to be regarded as "progressive" in their musical approach. The so-called "underground" audience eagerly consumed this music, which sat alongside the social changes that were also taking place. In the UK the major labels established imprints such as Harvest, Vertigo and Deram to market music to this audience, inspired by the vision of independent labels such as Island Records. Another, smaller British independent label also swiftly tapped in to this new musical movement, Transatlantic Records. This proudly independent imprint, founded in 1961 by Nat Joseph, looked beyond it's initial folk, jazz and blues output to sign a distinctly quirky and diverse roster of "underground" acts. Between 1968 and 1976 Transatlantic explored all aspects of the "progressive" and "underground" scenes; from the "heavy" groups such as The Deviants, Jody Grind, Little Free Rock and Stray, to the acts on the fringes of folk and rock such as Pentangle, Mr Fox, Alan Hull, The Humblebums, Gryphon and Carolanne Pegg, to jazz rockers such as Circus and Marsupilami.

Wakeman, Rick - Art In Music Trilogy UK Import, 3PC CD $31.99
Digitally remastered three CD set. Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a newly remastered edition of Rick Wakeman's Art In Music Trilogy of albums. Recorded in 1997 and originally released in 1999, the set comprised three distinct volumes: The Sculptor, The Writer and Sketches. The music within the set was evocative and beautifully revealed a different side of Rick's musical nature. The trilogy was prepared for a German record company that quickly ceased operations, making original copies hard to find. This welcome reissue is presented as a digipack and has been newly remastered. The set includes a booklet with a new essay.

Young, Neil - Original Release Series Discs 5-8 - 4PC CD $45.99
Young, Neil - Original Release Series Discs 8.5-12 - Boxed Set, 5PC CD $49.99

CD Singles

Deep Purple - Johnny's Band UK Import CDsngl $11.99
CD pressing of the third single from the album infinite. 'Johnny's Band' follows the singles "Time For Bedlam" and "All I Got Is You". The song is an affectionate portrait of a fictional band that quickly gain success and enjoy every side that comes with it. As often happens, Johnny's Band can´t help but lose it, and break up, only to find out later that the pleasure still to be performing live is all that matters, even when the hype, the success and the glory have long vanished. As special bonus treats, the single includes four previously unreleased songs. Starting with the rehearsal recording by no other than Roger Glover, the "In & Out Jam" gives fans a glimpse behind the scenes of the album recordings. On top, the EP is peppered with three amazing and previously unreleased live versions. "Strange Kind Of Woman", "The Mule" and "Hell To Pay" were recorded on the successful NOW What?! world tour in Gaevle, Sweden on August 10th, 2013 and are, just like the rehearsal recording, only available on this EP.


10cc - During After: The Best Of 10cc UK Import, 2PC CD $24.99
2017 two CD set. During After is a special collection, curated with input from the band. This set focuses on the work of 10cc - Eric Stewart, Lol Crème, Kevin Godley and Graham Gouldman, together and apart. Features great 10cc hits, solo releases, side projects and more.

13th Floor Elevators - Psychedelic Circus CD $11.99

Barclay James Harvest - Octoberon UK Import, NTSC Region 0, 3PC CD $24.99
Digitally remastered and expanded three disc (two CDs + NTSC/Region 0 DVD) edition of the classic gold selling 1976 album by Barclay James Harvest. Originally released at the end of October 1976, the album was a big selling release for the band achieving Silver disc status in the UK and Gold in Germany, their first breakthrough album in that territory. The album struck a chord with the record buying public thanks to tracks such as 'The World Goes On', 'Suicide?', the epic 'Ra' and 'Rock n' Roll Star' and it's popularity continues to endure. This deluxe edition includes two CDs and a DVD, and features a new remaster of the original album mix, along with stunning new stereo and 5. 1 surround mix of the album. The set also includes new stereo and 5. 1 Surround sound mixes. The also includes 96 kHz / 24-bit stereo re-mixes and a 96 kHz / 24-bit re-master of the original album mix and includes two rare promotional films of 'Rock and Roll Star' and 'The World Goes On', as broadcast on the BBC TV show "The Old Grey Whistle Test". In addition, the set features six bonus tracks, including the previously unreleased alternate introduction mix of 'May Day' and alternate mixes of 'Ra', 'Suicide?' and more. This expanded deluxe edition also includes a lavishly illustrated booklet that fully restores the original album artwork, a new essay and also includes a reproduction poster.

Barreca & Leimer - Dual Mono 2PC CD $18.99
Dual Mono is the third Barreca Leimer collaboration. The process used for producing Dual Mono was designed to destabilize established habits and predilections in favor of responding to the music in at least subjectively new ways. It was also designed to reduce the illusion of control, to become more responsive to and accepting of unpredicted outcomes, and to give the music-as much as possible-a voice less tampered with. Each piece for Dual Mono was authored by only one of the participants, the other receiving MIDI data and being limited to revoicing the composition. With a general goal of maintaining a result that was somewhat, though not purely, minimalist in sympathy, each piece was then assembled in it's final form by the originator, now limited to controlling relative levels, crossfades, editing and processing. The final fifteen pieces that span two CDs embrace a range of emergent, generative and traditional forms that express a calm, informed ambience amid unsettled, shifting soundscapes. Of an earlier collaboration, Textura stated "the sheer density of sound presented in representative settings such as 'Loess', 'Talus', and 'Oram' is incredible, and one comes away from Field Characteristics convinced that the claim regarding the hundreds of sounds involved in the recording's presentation is clearly fact, not hyperbole."

Blackmore's Night - To The Moon And Back - 20 Years And Beyond 2PC CD $14.99
Two CD collection. Their debut album, Shadow Of the Moon was released 20 years ago, in May 1997. Since then, Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow) and his muse - and wife - Candice Night have entertained their loyal fans with a symbiosis of medieval melodies, mystical lyrics and modern musical arrangements. Their idea of fusing classical elements and Renaissance music with the 'here and now' is as impressive today as it was in 1997. Their many gold awards coupled with a worldwide fan base underline their status as the premiere act in their chosen genre. With this set, fans and novices alike can celebrate 20 years of Blackmore's Night. CD One contains 13 of the best tracks from their successful albums plus an exciting nine-minute live version of the fan favorite 'Home Again'. CD Two boasts five never before released new versions, two further bonus tracks, five of their favorite instrumental tracks, as well as the current single by Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, 'Land Of Hope And Glory' and a bonus video!

Bley, Paul - Paul Bley Synthesizer Show CD $17.99
Bamboo present the first ever reissue of Paul Bley's The Paul Bley Synthesizer Show, originally released in 1971. This stunning album was recorded over three sessions in New York City on December 9th, 1970, January 21st, 1971, and March 9th, 1971. The Paul Bley Synthesizer Show produces new songs and tough translations of previous works from Mr. Joy while joining the likes of other seminal works in 1972's Dual Unity (BAM 7018CD/LP), 1971's Improvisie (BAM 7019CD/LP), and Bley-Peacock Synthesizer Show's Revenge: The Greater The Love, The Bigger The Hate (1971). Featuring the songs of Annette Peacock, this collection sets another milestone in the abstract, free jazz spectrum and joins the above trilogy in celebrating an innovative and iconic figure. A classic piece of Paul Bley's work with synthesized free jazz in the 1970s - an essential release for fans of free jazz, fusion, and progressive music. Includes liners with interviews, background notes, and rare archival photos. CD version comes with a full-color 12-page booklet.

Bloomfield, Mike - Live At Bill Grahams Fillmore UK Import CD $14.99
CD reissue. Mike Bloomfield was an American guitarist and composer, born in Chicago, Illinois. He became one of the first popular music superstars of the 1960s to earn his reputation almost entirely on his instrumental prowess, since he rarely sang before 1969. Respected for his guitar playing, Bloomfield knew and played with many of Chicago's blues legends before achieving his own fame and was instrumental in popularizing blues music in the mid-1960s. Taken from two weekends worth of jam concerts at the Fillmore West in February 1969, this album makes features performances by Nick Gravenites, Mark Naftalin, John Kahn, and Snooky Flowers (among others), with cameos from Taj Mahal and Jesse Ed Davis.

Bloomfield, Mike - Live At The Record Plant 1973 CD $17.99
Mike Bloomfield and Mark Naftalin, live at the Record Plant, Sausalito on April 22nd, 1973. Although blues-rock guitar great Mike Bloomfield had retreated from the spotlight in the early 1970s, he continued to play in low-key settings such as the performance on this CD. Recorded at Sausalito's Record Plant on April 22, 1973 for broadcast on KSAN-FM in San Francisco, the performance also feature longtime collaborator Mark Naftalin on piano. Only one of the songs from the set would make it's way to a later release from Bloomfield. The entire broadcast is presented here, digitally remastered, with background liners and rare archival photos.

Cactus - Evening In Tokyo CD $11.99
The band referred to as America's Led Zeppelin, Cactus, offer this stunning concert performance recorded in late 2012 at the Garden Shimokitazawa club in Tokyo! Features founding member and Vanilla Fudge/Ozzy Osbourne alum Carmine Appice plus Detroit blues legend Jim McCarty (formerly of Mitch Ryder's backing band The Detroit Wheels), and vocalist Jimmy Kunes (formerly of Savoy Brown)!

Cale, John & Terry Riley - Church Of Anthrax Deluxe Edition, RM, UK Import CD $26.99
Digitally remastered edition of the album Church of Anthrax by John Cale and Terry Riley. This unique collaboration was originally released in 1971 and saw Cale (fresh from his ground-breaking work as a member of the Velvet Underground and now finding his feet as a solo artist) and Riley (noted for his highly influential works "In C" and "A Rainbow in Curved Air") create a work of atmosphere and uniqueness. All instrumental, with the exception of the song "The Soul of Patrick Lee", Church of Anthrax was the perfect melding of the experimental genius of two unique musicians. Hard to categorize, the album was recorded a year prior to it's release by Columbia in February 1971 and actually preceded Cale's first solo album. This Esoteric Recordings release has been newly remastered and features a booklet that fully restores the original album artwork and includes a new essay.

Captain Beefheart - Buddah Years - Holland - Import CD $15.99

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Just Got Back From The City CD $16.99
The word 'genius' is very much over-used by music journalists, and there are a very few people within the rock music genre who are actually deserving of the term. Don Van Vliet, better known by the soubriquet of Captain Beefheart, is one of those few. Eccentric to the edge of insanity, and legendarily brutal to his musicians, he released a string of records from the mid-60s until he retired from the music business in 1982, disappearing with his wife into the desert to be a painter. This is a collection of previously unreleased recordings from 1965-67, which includes demos for such perennial favourites as 'Yellow Brick Road'. Truly, they don't make music like this anymore, and I seriously doubt that they ever will.

Cockburn, Bruce - Bone on Bone CD $14.99

Colosseum - Daughter Of Time Expanded, Remastered, UK Import CD $19.99
Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a newly re-mastered & expanded edition of the classic 1970 album by Colosseum "Daughter Of Time"Released on the Vertigo label in December 1970, the album was the band's third studio release and also heralded a line-up change within the group, featuring Jon Hiseman (Drums), Dave Greenslade (Organ & Vibes), Dick Heckstall-Smith (Saxophones) along with new recruits Dave "Clem" Clempson (Guitar, Vocals), Mark Clarke (Bass) and the distinctive lead vocalist Chris Farlowe. Following on from the success of the album "Valentyne Suite", "Daughter of Time" was another fine album, spending five weeks in UK Top 30 charts.A classic early Progressive Rock album, "Daughter of Time" includes such classic tracks as 'Three Score and Ten, Amen', 'Take Me back to Doomsday', 'The Daughter of Time' and the band's interpretation of the Jack Bruce song 'Theme from an Imaginary Western'This Esoteric Recordings release is newly remastered and includes three bonus tracks recorded at Lansdowne studios in London in May 1970 and August 1971, including the lengthy opus 'The Pirate's Dream'. This release fully restores the original album artwork and features an illustrated booklet with a new essay and exclusive interviews with Dave Greenslade and Clem Clempson.

Colosseum - Those Who Are About To Die Salute You Expanded, Remastered, UK Import CD $19.99
Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the classic debut album by Colosseum. Colosseum came together in 1968, the brainchild of virtuoso drummer Jon Hiseman and saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith (who had played together in the Graham Bond Organisation and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers). Teaming with bass guitarist Tony Reeves and keyboard player Dave Greenslade, the line-up of the band was completed with the recruitment of guitarist and vocalist James Litherland. Recorded in the winter of 1968, Those Who Are About to Die Salute You was a stunning debut album and was one of the first successful attempts to fuse jazz, blues and rock. Featuring such classic tracks as 'Walking in the Park', 'Beware the Ides of March', 'Those About to Die' and 'The Road She Walked Before', Those Who Are About to Die Salute You reached #15 on the UK album chart and remains a seminal album in the development of what would be known as Progressive Rock. This Esoteric Recordings release is newly remastered and includes three bonus tracks recorded at Pye studios in London in November 1968. The release fully restores the original album artwork and features an illustrated booklet with new essay.

Colosseum - Valentyne Suite UK Import, 2PC CD $21.99
Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition of the classic 1969 album by Colosseum. Originally released in November 1969 housed in a striking sleeve designed by Marcus Keef, Valentyne Suite was the first release on the progressive imprint Vertigo and spent nine weeks on the UK album chart, peaking at #15. The album featured the "classic" Colosseum line-up of Jon Hiseman (drums), Dave Greenslade (organ and vibes), Dick Heckstall-Smith (saxophones), James Litherland (guitar, vocals) and Tony Reeves (bass). Valentyne Suite is arguably the finest album by the band, featuring such outstanding tracks as 'The Kettle' (with a distinctive riff later sampled by Fatboy Slim), 'Elegy' and 'The Machine Demands a Sacrifice' (with lyrics by Pete Brown). However, the album's focal point was the three part 'Valentyne Suite' which earned the band critical praise and is now regarded as a milestone in early progressive rock. This expanded reissue includes a bonus track of 'Tell Me Now' (recorded at Lansdowne studios in April 1969) and a bonus remastered CD of the US and Canadian album The Grass Is Greener, released on the Dunhill label in 1970. The album featured some material featured on Valentyne Suite, albeit remixed and featuring new member Dave "Clem" Clempson (guitar, vocals), who replaced James Litherland in the group. The album also featured a series of songs unreleased in the UK such as 'Jumping Off the Sun', 'Lost Angeles', 'Rope Ladder to the Moon' (written by Jack Bruce and Pete Brown), and a version of Ravel's 'Bolero'. The Esoteric Recordings edition also features a booklet that fully restores the original album artwork of both Valentyne Suite and The Grass is Greener and features a new essay.

Cooper, Alice - Paranormal With T-Shirt, 2PC CD $25.99
What a way to burst back with his first album of new music in six years! Cooper reunites with producer Bob Ezrin and welcomes guests Billy Gibbons, Larry Mullen of U2, Deep Purple's Roger Glover and several of his original Alice Cooper bandmates. This is a back-to-his-roots, raw garage rocker; you'll feel like you've time-traveled back to the '70s as you behold "Paranormal," "Fireball," "Dead Flies," "Rats," "Paranoiac Personality" and more. All these two-disc editions (2 CDs or double 180-gram vinyl, 45 rpm) include the album plus two new tracks with the original Alice Cooper band along with six live 2016 performances in Columbus, Ohio with the new Alice Cooper band (including "Billion Dollar Babies," "Only Women Bleed," "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and "School's Out"). Box set tops it all off with an XL Alice Cooper T-shirt! Earmusic.

Cooper, Alice - Paranormal 2PC CD $14.99
Deluxe two CD edition includes bonus live CD. 2017 album from the veteran shock rocker. Paranormal is Alice Cooper's 20th studio album, his first album of original material in six years. It's a weird and wonderful collection of guitar-driven delights and produced by long-time collaborator Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Deep Purple), and featuring guests like ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons, U2 drummer Larry Mullen, Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover, as well as a highly anticipated mini-reunion of the original Alice Cooper band members. Paranormal is full of surprises and riveting turns. In keeping with his passion for the unexpected, the singer decided to steer clear of writing another concept album like 2011's Welcome 2 My Nightmare, and focused on creating an explosive collection of unforgettable standalone songs. On Paranormal, Alice Cooper and Bob Ezrin go back to their roots and create the raw garage sound that fans loved and still love. With the beloved sound of Coopers early days, fans will feel like they're taken back straight to the '70s. Perhaps the biggest surprise on "Paranormal" is the historic two-song mini-reunion with his former bandmates, guitarist Michael Bruce, bassist Dennis Dunaway and drummer Neal Smith. The two songs, "Genuine American Girl" and the Who-inspired "You and All Your Friends" stand out, as in their iconic sound being instantly recognizable. In addition to the 12 new tracks on "Paranormal", the singer has included a bonus disc of his current band playing killer live versions of some of The Coop's greatest hits, such as "No More Mr. Nice Guy," "Billion Dollar Babies" and "School's Out."

Deep Purple - Classic Songs Live In Concert CD $9.99
Deep Purple - Fire In The Sky 3PC CD $28.99
Deep Purple - Fire In The Sky CD $14.99

Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - Livin' On The Open Road: Live At The A&R CD $17.99
Delanie & Bonnie And Friends, live from the A&R Recording Studios, New York on July 22nd, 1971. By the summer of 1971, Delaney and Bonnie were internationally renowned for their exciting rock/soul hybrid, and their uncanny ability to attract collaborators of the highest ability. This remarkable session was captured live at A&R Studios in New York for broadcast on WABC-FM. It finds them supported by a host of fine musicians, including Duane Allman (giving one of his last performances), Gregg Allman, and King Curtis, and culminates in an epic rendition of "Only You Know & I Know". Duane Allman is featured on "Come On In My Kitchen", "Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad", "Poor Elijah", and "The Ghetto". The entire original WABC-FM broadcast is presented here, professionally remastered, with background notes and images.

Doors - Singles With Blu-Ray, 3PC CD $24.99
Doors - Singles 2PC CD $19.99

Drifting Sun - Twilight UK Import CD $21.99

Dyble, Judy & Andy Lewis - Summer Dancing CD $19.99

Earth Opera - Complete Elektra Recordings Reissue, 2PC CD $18.99
Digitally remastered two CD set. Earth Opera was an American rock group who were part of the Boston psychedelic scene. Active from 1967-1969, the group featured Peter Rowan and David Grisman. They were folk and bluegrass performers in Boston clubs, who got caught up in the changes in the music scene in the mid 1960's. They formed Earth Opera in 1967. They were joined by John Nagy on bass, Paul Dillon on drums and Bill Stevenson on keyboards and vibraphone. They released two albums on Elektra Records, Earth Opera and The Great American Eagle Tragedy, both of which are included here along with two rare singles.

Eloy - Vision Sword and Pyre (Part 1) CD $16.99
"The Vision, The Sword and the Pyre" - The Rock Opera about Joan of Arc. This first version of an epic project is an interpretation by the pioneering German progressive rock band Eloy. Composed, directed and produced by Frank Bornemann, head of the internationally respected German rock legend, the work is dedicated to the life and acts of the late Middle Age French heroine Joan of Arc, canonised in 1920, and combines unique musical complexity with absolute and unbiased historical precision. Following his own band's sensational return to the stage after 13-year break and the live concert recording on CD and vinyl, which made it into the Top 40 of the German album charts, the Grand Seigneur of prog rock has now decided to crown his extraordinary career with a further highlight that's bound to create a storm of interest among the band's international fanbase and the wider record-buying public. The Vision, the Sword and the Pyre was however initially conceived as an elaborate spectacle musical for the French stage. However, the Eloy mastermind and his band have recorded the coming album in English. This first version of the work is now to be released as two separate albums.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Black Moon 2PC CD $17.99
ELP's first release after a 14-year hiatus, this 1992 LP brought their sounds and electronics up to date but harkened back to their early days with classical excursions and dramatic prog flourishes. The 140-gram vinyl edition is the album's first vinyl release in the U.S.: "Black Moon," "Paper Blood," "Changing States," "Romeo and Juliet" and more. The 2-CD edition adds single-edit bonus tracks and a 1992 Royal Albert Hall concert: "Karn Evil 9-First Impression, Pt. 2," "Tarkus," "Knife Edge," "Creole Dance," "Romeo & Juliet," "Lucky Man," "Still... You Turn Me On" and more! BMG.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - In The Hot Seat 2PC CD $17.99
The final ELP studio album (1994) pairs soaring Greg Lake melodies with outstanding Emerson keyboard work on "Hand of Truth," "Daddy," "One by One," "Heart on Ice," "Thin Line," "Street War," their take on Bob Dylan's "Man in the Long Black Coat" and more. The 2-CD reissue here adds their studio recording of "Pictures at an Exhibition" plus live 1997-98 recordings of "A Time and a Place," "Take a Pebble," "Hoedown," 21st Century Schizoid Man/America," "Tiger in a Spotlight," "Touch and Go" and more. Or, get the album on 140-gram vinyl (first vinyl release in the U.S.)! BMG.

Epitaph - Live at Rockpalast With DVD, 4PC CD $22.99

Fairport Convention - 35th Anniversary With DVD, 2PC CD $25.99

Galahad - Quiet Storms CD $16.99
Quiet Storms is a 2017 Galahad album with a difference. As the title suggests, Quiet Storms shows a more mellow and at times pastoral side to the band's output containing almost none of the bombast and heaviness of the previous three studio albums, instead the majority of the songs and their arrangements evoke a more laid back, spacious and introspective atmosphere. As well as featuring songs included as 'extras' on recent re-issues, Quiet Storms also includes several new songs along with new re-workings of older songs plus a few tracks which were included on the 2014 EP's now appearing on an album for the first time. Unusually for Galahad the album also contains a couple of cover versions, one being a stripped-down piano, violin and vocal version of Rammstein's 'Mein Herz Brennt' as well as a re-working of the John Grant track 'Marz' complete with additional words by Stu which, ironically, makes it a deeply personal track. As well as the core of the band Quiet Storms also includes several guests such Christina Booth from Magenta on guest vocals, Karl Groom from Threshold on acoustic guitars and occasional keyboards, long time Galahad cohort Sarah Bolter on flute, clarinet, soprano saxophone and backing vocals as well as Louise Curtis on violin.

Gallagher, Rory - Drinkin' Down The Bourbon CD $14.99

Garcia, Jerry & Merl Saunders - Garcia Live Volume Nine: August 11th, 1974 Keystone Berkeley 2PC CD $16.99
Two CD set. GarciaLive Volume Nine presents Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders' adventurous rock-jazz-R&B fusion performance from August 11th, 1974 at Keystone in Berkeley, CA with John Kahn on bass, Martin Fierro on saxophone and flute and the Grateful Dead's Bill Kreutzmann on drums. While the evening's set list focuses mainly on standards, the approach is anything but regular or straight. It showcases their ability to re-imagine standards through inventive arrangements and fiery virtuosity permeated with soul.

Grosskopf, Harald & Eberhard Kranemann - Krautwerk CD $17.99

Harley, Steve & Cockney Rebel - Live From London CD $16.99

Harrison, Gavin & O5Ric - Drop CD $12.99

Harrison, Geff & London Symphonic Rock Orchestra - Collectors Premium 2PC CD $18.99

Harrison, Joel - Other River CD $15.99

Hastings, Pye (Caravan) - Beauty Of This Life UK Import CD $20.99

Horslips - Aliens - Bonus Tracks CD $14.99
Horslips - Man Who Built America (bonus Tracks Version) - Bonus Tracks CD $14.99
Horslips - Tain - Bonus Tracks CD $14.99

Hot Tuna - Live At New Orleans House UK Import CD $14.99
CD reissue. Hot Tuna is an American blues band formed in 1969 by guitarist Jorma Kaukonen and bassist Jack Casady during a break from Jefferson Airplane while Grace Slick was recovering from throat surgery. The band played several shows around San Francisco before Jefferson Airplane resumed. Their early repertoire was derived mainly from Airplane material and covers of American country and blues artists. The band's name came from someone Kaukonen refers to as a "witty wag" who called out "hot tuna" after hearing the line 'What's that smell like fish, oh baby,' from the song "Keep On Truckin'". This album is taken from concerts recorded at New Orleans House, Berkeley in September 1969. It was originally released as the band's debut album Hot Tuna in 1970 and has become affectionately known as the "breaking glass album", because of the sound of breaking beer glasses which can be heard during "Uncle Sam Blues". Some tracks include Will Scarlett on harmonica.

Hughes, Glenn - Return Of Crystal Karma Expanded, UK Import, 2PC CD $17.99
Glenn Hughes' Purple Records reissue schedule continues with the release of his 2000 solo album, "Return Of Crystal Karma", OR "R. O. C. K. " for short. Produced by Glenn Hughes & Michael Scott, it features original songs written with guitarist JJ Marsh and keyboard player Hans Zermüehlen, as well as 'Gone', co-written with Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi. The album even features a guest cameo from The Cure's Lol Tolhurst. This 2CD edition includes a 45 minute, live bonus CD, recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 25th November 1999. It features exclusive versions of Trapeze classics 'Coast To Coast' and 'Your Love Is Alright', as well as a live version of Black Sabbath's 'No Stranger To Love', originally recorded for Sabbath's "Seventh Star" album in 1986. The expanded booklet features liner notes by Classic Rock magazine's Malcolm Dome based on new interviews with Glenn.

Hughes, Glenn - Way It Is Expanded, UK Import, 2PC CD $17.99
Glenn Hughes' reissue programme for Purple Records continues apace with the release of his 1999 solo album, "The Way It Is". Produced by Glenn Hughes & Michael Scott, as well as featuring original material written with guitarist JJ Marsh, the album also includes two versions of Jimi Hendrix's 'Freedom'. Glenn Hughes originally came to prominence in Trapeze, but major success for the band was curtailed in 1973 when Glenn joined Deep Purple for "Burn", "Stormbringer" and "Come Taste The Band". When Purple split in 1976, Glenn's first post-Purple LP was the solo "Play Me Out", released in July 1977. Glenn would go on to collaborate with Pat Thrall in Hughes/Thrall, Rainbow's Joe Lynn Turner in the Hughes-Turner Project, and with Tony Iommi in Black Sabbath and the self-titled "Iommi" albums, plus a healthy solo career, that continues to this day. This 2CD edition includes a live concert recorded at London's Astoria 2, and features versions of Trapeze classics 'You Are the Music', 'Coast To Coast' and 'Your Love Is Alright', as well as an extended medley of Deep Purple tracks plus the song 'Gone', co-written with Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi. The expanded booklet features liner notes by Classic Rock magazine's Malcolm Dome based on new interviews with Glenn.

Innes, Neil - Off The Record CD $16.99
Digitally remastered edition of this 1982 album from the Rutles/Bonzo Dog Band/Monty Python member. After working with Python's Eric Idle on Rutland Weekend Television, Idle moved to the United States, and Innes went on to make a solo series in 1979 on BBC television, The Innes Book of Records, which ran for three seasons and contained a few of Innes' previous music compositions along with new ones written for the show. Off The Record is the fourth solo album by Neil Innes and was released in 1982 featuring songs from the second and third BBC television series of The Innes Book of Records.

Legg, Adrian - Lost For Words CD $16.99
Adrian Legg is a virtuoso guitar player -who, according to Richard Chapman - is "impossible to categorise as a player"- who brings electric approaches to acoustic playing. Legendary guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani says he is "simply the best acoustic guitar player I've ever heard. I don't know anyone else who can create such a cascade of beautiful notes... Adrian plays like he's got hammers for fingers." This, his fifth album, was originally released in 1986 and showcases his remarkable talents. We truly cannot recommend this record highly enough.

Manzanera, Phil & Lucho Brieva - Corroncho 2 CD $16.99
The second album by Phil Manzanera and artist and sculptor Lucho Brieva, Corroncho 2 continues the adventures of the two Corronchos. The Spanish speaking concept album tells the story of two hapless compadres from the Caribbean coast of Colombia - 'Corronchos' - who go on a road trip to 'the promised land', specifically Queens, in New York. Mistakenly turning right instead of left from Cartagena on the Caribbean coast, the 13 tracks document their incident-strewn adventures, as they navigate through the countries and cultures of South America, shining a light in their irreverent and humorous way, on the many issues of the Latino man, Love, Death, Politics and Dancing.

Mayall, John - Rock It In The Pocket CD $14.99

Mazurek, Rob - Mother Ode CD $14.99
2014 release. In July 2013, a few months after the passing of his mother, cornetist Rob Mazurek performed solo at the Corbett Vs. Dempsey gallery in Chicago. Mazurek is one of the highest profile figures in contemporary creative music, leading bands like the Exploding Star Orchestra, Skull Sessions Octet, and Starlicker. On this occasion, he brought a box filled with various implements - his cornet, naturally, but flutes, bells, books, maracas, apples, and little electronics. This box became an inexhaustible resource as he pulled new soundmakers from it and performed a profoundly intense dedication to his mom, culminating in a durational event that found him shaking the remaining contents of the box over his head until he could no longer hold his arms aloft. It was one of the most moving musical happenings that anyone at the gallery could remember, and Corbett Vs. Dempsey have taken the opportunity to release it as a CD. Often, such potent live events don't translate to a recording, but on Mother Ode, the emotional impact of Mazurek's dedication appear just as vividly, a deep mourning of death rubbing elbows with a joyous celebration of life.

McLaughlin, Johon & 4th Dimension - Live At Ronnie Scott's CD $16.99

Mike + The Mechanics - Beggar On A Beach Of Gold Italy - Import CD $13.99
Mike + The Mechanics - Living Years UK Import CD $13.99
Mike + The Mechanics - Mike & The Mechanics UK Import CD $13.99
Mike + The Mechanics - Mike & The Mechanics M6 UK Import CD $13.99
Mike + The Mechanics - Word Of Mouth UK Import CD $13.99
Mike + The Mechanics & Paul Carrack - Rewired UK Import CD $13.99

Moore, Thurston - Sonic Street Chicago CD $14.99
2014 release. An epic outing on electric guitar, recorded in November 2013, as part of an evening of music and film at the Art Institute of Chicago. The CD features a single magnificent improvisation, ranging from brittle, delicate passages to full-throttle flame-throwing. Performing an accompaniment to James Nares's brilliant film Street (2001), Thurston Moore played with his back to the screen, letting the sounds and images converge and diverge of their own accord. The result was an extraordinary stand-alone live recording that shows Moore at peak power, one of the most confident and original guitarists of his generation. Cover artwork by Nares.

Nelson, Bill - Chance Encounters In The Garden Of Lights UK Import, 2PC CD $21.99
Deluxe expanded two CD edition of the classic Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights. Originally issued on Bill's Cocteau label in 1987, the double set featured two distinct works; The Angel at the Western Window and The Book of Inward Conversation. In his note for the original release Bill Nelson declared; "The music presented on these two albums marks the consolidation of several years of musical and philosophical practice. Almost every piece was conceived during moments of intense stillness or 'magical vacuity'. Of all the music I have made, this is, perhaps, the most personal and yet the least demonstrative." Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights has now become a highly regarded collection of beautifully evocative ambient music in the prolific discography of Bill Nelson. Long out of print, this Cocteau Discs remastered limited edition presents this wonderful double album once again, restoring the original artwork in the collection in a deluxe digipack set. It also features 21 bonus tracks drawn from the 1988 CD edition and a rare limited edition EP included with the very first LP pressing of the double album.

Nico - Behind The Iron Curtain CD $16.99
Nico was a remarkable woman. Except, of course, she wasn't called Nico at all. She was born Christa Paffgen in 1938 and went through her teenage years in the ruins of post-war Berlin. At 16yrs old she became a model, and a few years later she appeared in one of Fellini's most acclaimed movies, following which she acclaimed the status of a true icon of the Beat Generation. In 1965, she became involved with Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones and she made her first album a year or so later. But her reputation only really began when Andy Warhol invited her to join the legendary Velvet Underground. Her solo career proper began in 1968 and she released four more albums over the next 17yrs. Her singular deep voice, often only accompanied by herself on harmonium, became highly critically regarded. This record, Behind the Iron Curtain, is a concert recorded by Nico for "Pandora's Music Box '85" at de Doelen Concertgebouw, Grote Zaai (Great Hll), in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on October 9, 1985.

Nilsson, Harry & Various Artists - Popeye (Music From Motion Picture) Deluxe Edition, 2PC CD $17.99

O.S.T. - Twin Peaks CD $18.99

Ozric Tentacles - Technicians Of The Sacred 2PC CD $13.99

Pickford, Andy - Vanguard Volume 3 UK Import CD $22.99

Pineapple Thief - Tightly Unwound 2PC CD $14.99

Poco - Live At Columbia Studios UK Import CD $14.99
CD reissue. Poco are a Southern California country rock band originally formed by Richie Furay, Jim Messina and Rusty Young. Formed following the demise of The Buffalo Springfield in 1968, Poco was part of the first wave of the West Coast country rock genre. The title of their first album, Pickin' Up the Pieces, is reputedly a reference to the break-up of The Buffalo Springfield. This album was recorded in front of an audience of mostly family, friends, and music company executives from Columbia. The band had just released the studio album From the Inside, which introduced Paul Cotton in place of Jim Messina. Cotton's contributions on electric guitar signify that Poco was headed in a more commercially rock-oriented direction. The set list is made up of material from the new album, with four more from Deliverin', and The Buffalo Springfield's "A Child's Claim to Fame" as part of a medley that also includes "Pickin' Up the Pieces. "

Raspberries - Pop Art Live 2PC CD $21.99

Savoy Brown - Witchy Feelin' CD $14.99
Blues is not for the faint-hearted. Since the genre first drew breath, it's greatest practitioners have embraced the darkness, spinning tales of hardship and death, hellhounds and devilry. If the sleeve of Witchy Feelin' suggests that Kim Simmonds, too, has a tendency towards the macabre, then Savoy Brown's iconic leader is happy to confirm it. "Blues has always dealt with themes of the Devil, witchcraft and so forth, and I've always written along those lines. At least three of the songs on Witchy Feelin' have that hoodoo vibe..." Released in 2017 on Ruf Records, Witchy Feelin' proves the Devil still has all the best tunes. From the thrillingly brittle guitar riff that opens Why Did You Hoodoo Me, we are in the hands of a master, with Simmonds reigniting the seismic vocals and searing fretwork that established Savoy Brown as linchpins of the '60s British blues boom. "On this album, I tried my best to get my voice in it's power zone," he explains. "I'm a baritone singer. I like listening to singers I can relate to, such as J.J. Cale, Mark Knopfler, Tony Joe White and Tom Rush. For my guitar playing, I still get inspiration from Otis Rush, Buddy Guy and all the Chicago players I grew up listening to back in '63... but I always listen to new music too." Recording alongside Pat Desalvo (bass), Garnet Grimm (drums) and engineer Ben Elliott, Simmonds leads us into a world of dark nights, wild weather, women and whiskey: all perennial themes given a modern twist by this ageless bluesman. "The songs on this album have been two years in the making," he reflects. "I tried to write songs that had a personal point of view yet can be relatable to everyone. On Vintage Man, I wrote about being the type of guy who doesn't change as he gets older. I wrote about the power of love on Why Did You Hoodoo Me. And with Guitar Slinger, I wrote a song about seeing a great guitar player in an old country bar - as I did when I first saw Roy Buchanan in '69."

Schulze, Klaus - En=trance RM CD $20.99
Schulze, Klaus & Solar Moon System - Ultimate Docking 2PC CD $22.99

Splinter - Place I Love CD $16.99
Apparently, when The Beatles' musical partnership fell apart in a farrago of bitterness in 1970 and 1971, George and Ringo tried to buy Apple Records from the other two. And when that brave plan failed ignominously both ex-Beatles started their own record labels. The first was George with Dark Horse records, which slightly peculiarly, didn't actually feature George's Dark Horse album. What it did include was this remarkable debut album by South Shields duo Splinter. They released 5 albums, but this -their debut- was the one which garnered the best reviews, and even spawned a hit single. Singer Bill Elliot had a Beatles connection going back to 1971, when he sang lead on John Lennon's song 'God Save Us'; a fundraiser for the Oz magazine obscenity trial, which is now one of the most collectable releases on Apple Records.

Stewart, Eric & 10CC - Anthology UK Import, 2PC CD $19.99
Two CD set. Eric Stewart is most known for his tenure with the Mindbenders in the 1960s, and 10cc from 1972 to 1995. In 1968, he became a co-owner of Strawberry Studios in Stockport, where he developed skills as a recording engineer and record producer. His involvement in Strawberry was instrumental in the eventual formation of 10cc. Stewart has collaborated with Paul McCartney on three of his albums recorded between 1982 and 1986. He has also recorded three solo albums and released Viva La Difference in 2009. This compilation brings together tracks from all his solo albums and some tracks from his period in 10cc for the first time. Compiled and co-mastered by Eric, these two discs showcase the talents of one of the UK's best producers and writers. Some of these tracks are available on CD for the first time.

T. Rex - Remixes UK Import, 2PC CD $17.99

Talinka - Talinka CD $16.99

Tangent - Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery UK Import CD $22.99

Ten Years After - Sting In The Tale UK Import CD $19.99

Thompson, Richard - Acoustic Classics II CD $12.99
On the heels of the success of Acoustic Classics in 2014, Acoustic Classics Vol. II will feature acoustic renderings of classic songs from the Richard Thompson catalogue, some previously recorded by other singers, some previously available only in a band format.

Townshend, Pete - Another Scoop 2PC CD $20.99
Townshend, Pete - Scoop 2PC CD $20.99
Townshend, Pete - Scoop 3 2PC CD $20.99

Vannelli, Gino & Metropole Orchestra - North Sea Jazz Festival 2002 With DVD, 2PC CD $22.99

Various Artists - Rift - Dark Side Of The Moon (original Soundtrack) CD $13.99
From the forthcoming sci-fi horror film comes this stellar soundtrack featuring a full line-up of space and psych rock luminaries. Inlcudes tracks by prog rock heroes Nektar, Rick Wakeman (of Yes), John Wetton (of Asia), and Nik Turner (co-founder of Hawkwind) PLUS Robby Krieger (of The Doors), Guru Freakout (with Mani Neumeier of Guru Guru), Hungarian prog legends Omega and more! The Rift film will be hitting theaters in late September!

Various Artists - Take What You Need: UK Covers Of Bob Dylan Songs 1964-1969 UK Import CD $14.99
A compilation of cover versions of Bob Dylan songs recorded by British artists in the 1960s. "Take What You Need" gives a unique perspective on Dylan's compositions, with the choice of songs starkly contrasting to those recorded in America during the same period. This collection runs the gamut of musical genres from folk to country rock, taking in singer-songwriters, rhythm & blues and pop. Several extremely rare cuts make their official CD debut here, notably tracks by the Fairies (their cover of 'Don't Think Twice' was the very first British Dylan cover), Julie Felix, Boz and Cliff Aungier. The sleeve note contains a detailed track-by-track commentary by Elektra Records and Sandy Denny biographer Mick Houghton.

Various Artists - Twin Peaks (Music From The Limited Event Series) CD $18.99

Wakeman, Rick - Simply Accoustic With DVD CD $18.99
CD reissue. Rick Wakeman is an British keyboardist, songwriter, television and radio presenter, author, and actor. He is best known for being in the progressive rock band Yes across five tenures between 1971 and 2004 and for his solo albums released since the 1970s. Here with just a grand piano, Wakeman manages to roll thirty-plus years of music into an entertaining and quite rewarding trip down memory lane in front of a live audience. He gives forth with arrangements of his work from every point in his career, from his time with the Strawbs ("A Glimpse Of Heaven"), his days as a marathon session musician (David Bowie's "Space Oddity," Cat Stevens' "Morning Has Broken"), his various stints with Yes and ABWH (a lovely version of "Wonderous Stories" and a medley of "The Meeting" and "And You And I") and high points from his solo career in the bargain. Wakeman intersperses these performances with stories of how the songs and pieces were written, and he is a natural racounter and howlingly funny at times. If the music thing doesn't work out, he'd make a killing doing stand-up comedy in the Catskills! All told, Simply Acoustic is a concert recording that makes you wish you'd actually been there.

Wilson, Steven - To The Bone CD $14.99

Winter, Johnny - Remembrance, Vol. II - Ltd. Ann. Edition, Original Master Recording, RM CD $31.99

World Trade - Unify CD $14.99


Asia - Alpha SACD $28.99

Dylan, Bob - Another Side Of Bob Dylan SACD-Hybrid $39.99
Limited Mobile Fidelity SACD hybrid pressing. The ever-evasive Bob Dylan never explicitly stated exactly what represented the another side of himself referenced in the title to his second 1964 record. Yet the whimsical moods, hallucinogenic prose, humorous angles, transparent mistakes, and noncommittal themes give a pretty clear idea at what the Bard hinted as he emerged from being labeled as a reluctant generation spokesperson and folk savior after releasing two highly intellectual, socially pioneering sets replete with protest songs. Dylan needed to take a breath, step back from the drama, and reevaluate his surroundings. The uninhibited joie de vive is discernible in the rattling piano lines on 'Black Crow Blues', seemingly subconscious ramble of the hysterical folk rhyming of 'Motorpsycho Nightmare', bluesy dream sequencing throughout' I Don't Believe You', and intentionally out-of-tune yodeling during 'All I Really Want to Do'. On a majority of the prized set, Dylan let's his guard down, but does so in clever manners that speak to his surrealist imagination and biting wit. He possesses the rare ability to make planned strategies appear spontaneous, to challenge audiences with stinting wordplay and minimalist melodies that provide a deceptive false security.

Dylan, Bob - Freewheelin' Bob Dylan SACD-Hybrid $39.99
Limited Mobile Fidelity SACD hybrid pressing. It's the album the ignited sea changes in pop culture, music, songwriting, poetry, and the social consciousness. It's the creation of a 22-year-old visionary still years away from casting a jaundiced eye to the media. It's the sound of change, the feeling of ground shifting beneath one's feet, and the entrance of an entirely new way of thinking. This is the very finest, most transparent digital stereo edition of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan ever produced. Never before has the resonance of his nylon guitar strings, fingerpicked notes, shivering harmonica fills, or plainspoken timbre possessed such clarity, openness, body, or realism. Exponentially surpassing the potential he demonstrated on his debut, Dylan became a mirror of the concerns, issues, and feelings confronting the nation. Writing and singing with penetrating honesty, observational wit, moral conviction, and scathing emotion, he digs into the madness of war ("Masters of War," "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall"), hypocrisy of segregation ("Oxford Town"), urgency of civil rights and freedom ("Blowin' in the Wind"), and multiple angles of unrequited love ("Girl From the North Country," "Don't Think Twice It's All Right") with a literate astuteness and depth that, nearly 50 years later, still leave audiences slack-jawed. Satire, absurdist humor, and traditional blues also pepper the album, which rests upon graceful melodies and sparse, poignant patterns. Viewed as protest songs, love songs, folk songs, or talking blues songs, the material on The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan remains amongst the most astonishing and imaginative ever committed to tape. It deserves-as much as you deserve-a fidelity that makes as closely intimate as possible the music's connection with you. You deserve this edition.

Dylan, Bob - Highway 61 Revisited SACD-Hybrid $39.99
Limited Mobile Fidelity SACD hybrid pressing. It's title references the road that spans North Minnesota to the Mississippi Delta, and the formative blues, country, and roots sounds connected to it's existence. The highway also lays claim to towering musical myths and deaths, many tied to the blues lexicon and narrative. All figure prominently on the revolutionary beacon that is Highway 61 Revisited, the 1965 set that overturned rules, upended preexisting limits, and utterly changed everything in it's path. Ranked the fourth-greatest album ever made by Rolling Stone, it's reach, power, and content boggle the mind nearly five decades after it's release. Teeming with organic energy, palpable voltage, and countless textures, the disc faithfully recreates the dimensions, vibes, and events associated with the six days Dylan and Co. Spent at Columbia's Studio A. Everything from the soundstages to dynamics, instrumental separation to balances, resonates with enormous might and insightful perspective. Recorded amidst a time of unfathomable turmoil and frustration that witnessed Dylan booed by fans, labeled a traitor, and call into question his work, Highway 61 Revisited roars and snarls, jabs and criticizes. It's bonfire of cynicism, fury, indignation, and absurdity forever transformed rock, what it could mean, and what it could do. Supported by a thundering, commanding band that included guitarist Mike Bloomfield and organist Al Kooper, Dylan hopscotches between tempos, moods, and melodies. The symmetry of the songs references a scattered hybrid of R&B, blues, folk, soul, gospel, vaudeville, and garage rock pieces that Dylan assembles in the shape of a brilliant, brain-teasing aural puzzle. At it's core, Highway 61 Revisited is about experience, reality, and the cruelties and truths that lie outside soporific safety nets and bourgeois ideals. These reasons - and the bold musicianship, ace performances, inimitable sonics, and vast lyrical expanses - are why the album means as much today as it did in the mid-1960s. Akin to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Dark Side of the Moon, this is an album that everyone needs to own and hear in the best-possible fidelity. Don't delay.

Flying Burrito Brothers - Gilded Palace Of Sin SACD $35.99
The Gilded Palace of Sin is the first album by the country rock group The Flying Burrito Brothers, released in 1969. It continued Gram Parsons' and Chris Hillman's work in modern country music, fusing traditional sources like folk and country with other forms of popular music like gospel, soul, and psychedelic rock. The Gilded Palace of Sin is listed at number 192 in Rolling Stone magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

King, Carole - Tapestry JPN MLPS, Ltd. Ed., SHM-CD SACD $59.99

Styx - Pieces Of Eight SACD $28.99

Japanese CDs

Brecker, Michael - Directions In Music: Live At Massay Hall SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $22.99
Brecker, Michael - Don't Try This At Home SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $22.99
Brecker, Michael - Michael Brecker SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $22.99
Brecker, Michael - Now You See It Now You Don't SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $22.99
Brecker, Michael - Pilgrimage SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $22.99
Brecker, Michael - Two Blocks From The Edge SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $22.99
Brecker, Michael - Very Best Of SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $22.99
Brecker, Michael - Wide Angles SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $22.99

Davis, Miles - Amandla SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $19.99
Davis, Miles - Dingo & Michel Legra SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $19.99
Davis, Miles - Live Around The World SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $19.99
Davis, Miles - Live At Montreux SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $19.99
Davis, Miles - Music From Siesta SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $19.99

Ogerman, Claus - Claus Ogerman Featuring Michael Brecker SHM-CD, Japan - Import CD $22.99

Watanabe, Kazumi - Dogatana Japan - Import CD $25.99
Watanabe, Kazumi - Endless Way Japan - Import CD $25.99
Watanabe, Kazumi - Kylyn Japan - Import CD $25.99
Watanabe, Kazumi - Kylyn Live Japan - Import CD $35.99
Watanabe, Kazumi - Lonesome Cat Japan - Import CD $25.99
Watanabe, Kazumi - Olive's Step Japan - Import CD $25.99
Watanabe, Kazumi - Talk You All Tight Japan - Import CD $25.99
Watanabe, Kazumi - To Chi Ka Japan - Import CD $25.99
Watanabe, Kazumi - Village In Bubbles Japan - Import CD $25.99

Japanese Mini-LP Sleeve CDs

B-52's - B-52's JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $36.99
B-52's - Bouncing Off Satellites JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $36.99
B-52's - Mesopotamia JPN MLPS, Extended Play, RM, SHM-CD CD $29.99
B-52's - Party Mix JPN MLPS, Extended Play, RM, SHM-CD CD $29.99
B-52's - Whammy JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $36.99
B-52's - Wild Planet JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $36.99

Berry, Chuck - Chuck Berry In Memphis: Ltd. Ed. JPN MLPS, SHM-CD CD $33.99
Berry, Chuck - Chuck Berry's Golden Hits: Ltd. Ed. JPN MLPS, SHM-CD CD $33.99
Berry, Chuck - Concerto In B Goode: Ltd. Ed. JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $33.99
Berry, Chuck - From St Louie To Frisco: Ltd. Ed. JPN MLPS, SHM-CD CD $33.99
Berry, Chuck - Live At The Fillmore Auditorium JPN MLPS, Ltd. Ed., SHM-CD CD $33.99

Blake, Tim - Blake's New Jerusalem JPN MLPS, Blu-Spec CD, RM CD $44.99
Blake, Tim - Crystal Machine JPN MLPS, Blu-Spec CD, RM CD $44.99

Canned Heat - 70 Concert: Recorded Live In Europe JPN MLPS, Ltd. Ed., RM, SHM-CD CD $33.99
Canned Heat - Boogie With Canned Heat: Ltd. Ed. JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $33.99
Canned Heat - Canned Heat: Ltd. Ed. JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $33.99
Canned Heat - Cookbook - Bonus Track CD $14.99
Canned Heat - Future Blues: Ltd. Ed. JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $33.99
Canned Heat - Hallelujah: Ltd. Ed. JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $33.99
Canned Heat - Historical Figures & Ancient Heads JPN MLPS, Ltd. Ed., RM, SHM-CD CD $33.99
Canned Heat - Living The Blues: Ltd. Ed. JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $44.99
Canned Heat - Memphis Heat: Ltd. Ed. JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $33.99
Canned Heat - New Age: Ltd. Ed. JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $33.99
Canned Heat & John Lee Hooker - Hooker N Heat: Ltd. Ed. JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $44.99

Drake, Nick - Bryter Layter JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $36.99
Drake, Nick - Five Leaves Left JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $36.99
Drake, Nick - Pink Moon JPN MLPS, RM, SHM-CD CD $36.99

Fagen, Donald - Nightfly JPN MLPS, SHM-CD CD $38.99

Hensley, Ken - Eager To Please JPN MLPS, Blu-Spec CD CD $42.99
Hensley, Ken - Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf JPN MLPS, Blu-Spec CD CD $42.99

Manzanera, Phil - Coroncho JPN MLPS, Ltd. Ed. CD $39.99
Manzanera, Phil - Coroncho 2 JPN MLPS, Ltd. Ed. CD $39.99


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