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Adrian and the Psychodots are definitely no strangers to each other having performed together on and off for years, most famously as the group The Bears.  The Psychodots have also backed Adrian in some of his live solo performances.  As such, it's not uncommon that many of Adrian's fans are also fans of the Psychodots and vice versa.

So, who is Adrian Belew?  You might know him as one of the more inventive and personality-saturated electric guitarists making the rounds in recent times, or you might know him as the lead vocalist (and co-lead guitarist) of King Crimson, or maybe you know him from the astounding list of session and touring work he's done.  You probably own several albums that feature Adrian whether you know it or not.

The Psychodots are guitarist Rob Fetters, bassist Bob Nyswonger and drummer Chris Arduser, all of whom are songwriters for the band.  They began life as The Raisins before joining Adrian as The Bears then metamorphing into The Psychodots.   They are definitely one of the most energized pop/rock bands around and when they get together with Adrian, it's an event not to be missed!

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The Raisins/Everything & More ....4 CD-R Set $39.99

The Raisins/Everything & More ....4 CD-R Set $39.99

This 60 track collection, The Raisins Everything & More, has been out of print for years, but is now making its way back for a VERY limited run!  Only 50 copies were pressed and only eight copies are left!  Once these are gone, that's it.  Band members include guitarist Rob Fetters and bassist Bob Nyswonger who also belong to the bands The Psychodots and Adrian Belew's power pop band The Bears.



Gizmodrome/Gizmodrome ....CD $15.99

gizmodro.jpg (14592 bytes)

Gizmodrome is an "All Star band" made up of Adrian Belew (ex King Crimson, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Talking Heads), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Vittorio Cosma (PFM and Elio e le Storie Tese) and Mark King (Level 42). This album brings the audience back to when rock music was played by unique musicians, when daring was a must, when listening to an album was an experience to enjoy from the first to the last song. Fans of the bands the four Gizmodrome members are coming from will find it all again on this album which promises to be one of the "must have" of 2017!



Soon to be out of print

These classic Raisins and Psychodots titles from Adrian Belew cohorts and fellow Bears, Rob Fetters, Bob Nyswonger and Chris Arduser, will soon be going out of print.  Our remaining stock is all that's left.  Get them now while they're still available.

The Raisins/The Raisins ....CD $19.99

The Raisins/The Raisins ....CD $19.99

Before there was The Psychodots, before there was The Bears, there was The Raisins!  Including guitarist/vocalist Rob Fetters and bassist Bob Nyswonger (all hail the glory that is Bob), and produced by their future Bears co-hort Adrian Belew, The Raisins self titled album was originally released on vinyl in May of 1983.  Included is the Rob Fetters composition 'Fear Is Never Boring,' a regional number one hit which was later re-recorded by The Bears to become their first single.  Due to the original vinyl time limitations, there were three tracks left off the original record - Sucker Punch, Sugar Baby Honey Pie, and Interspecies Love.  The album has since been remastered and sequenced for CD and those three 'lost tracks' have been restored!



The Psychodots/Ripley's Live - the Official Bootleg ....double CD $29.99

The Psychodots/Ripley's Live - the Official Bootleg ....double CD $29.99

Here's a hard to find gem that many of Adrian's fans will appreciate.   The Psychodots are none other than Rob Fetters, Bob Nyswonger and Chris Arduser.   Many will recognize them as Adrian's co-horts in The Bears! This double live set comes on enhanced CD's with a music video and photos of the band.

The Psychodots/Akwardsville ....CD $19.99 The Psychodots/The Psychodots ....CD $19.99
The Psychodots/ Akwardsville ....CD $19.99 The Psychodots/The Psychodots ....CD $19.99

And here is the rest of the available Psychodot catalog from Messrs. Fetters, Nyswonger and Arduser.  On the Grid is sadly gone, sorry.  The ultimate in pop music from a power trio!



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Rob Fetters/Saint Ain't ....CD $15.99

Rob Fetters/Saint Ain't ....CD $15.99

Eleven new songs recorded in Los Angeles, Cincinnati and at Adrian Belew's studio in Nashville.  With appearances from Matt Malley (Counting Crows), Belinda Lipscomb (Midnight Star), Gerald Brown (Shalimar, Jody Whatley), Krystal Peterson (Victor Wooten), L.A. sensation Bee Haskins, and members of The Bears / The Raisins / psychodots. Mastered by Richard Dodd.  Includes snazzy 12 page insert.  Tracklist:  Suffer, Nero, Desire, Famous Last Words (featuring Bee Haskins), Forever Never, What You Do, God Is War, Beautiful Stories, Play Your Guitar (featuring Belinda Lipscomb), Life & Death Boogie (featuring Clyde Brown), Walking Out (featuring Gerald Brown, Belinda Lipscomb and Krystal Peterson).



The Crimson ProjeKCt/Official Bootleg Live 2012 ....CD $16.99

The Crimson ProjeKCt/Official Bootleg Live 2012 ....CD $16.99

The Crimson ProjeKCt is a combination of two groups: The Adrian Belew Power Trio and Stickmen. Adrian is a King Crimson guitar player and its longest running singer - in addition to having worked with Bowie, NiN, Talking Heads and more. Stickmen includes Crimson members Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto, whose session work includes a veritable ''Who's Who of Rock History.'' These live recordings showcase them playing classic King Crimson material while on tour with Dream Theater in 2012.    Tracks include: B'Boom, THRAK, Dinosaur, Elephant Talk, Red, Frame by Frame, Thela Hun Ginjeet, Indiscipline.

Adrian Belew: guitar, vocals
Tony Levin: stick, bass guitar, backing vocals
Pat Mastelotto: acoustic and electronic drums, percussion
Markus Reuter: touch guitars
Tobias Ralph: drums, percussion
Julie Slick: bass guitar


More from the Bears, Belew, Psychodots Family!

The Bears/Car Caught Fire ....CD $16.99

The Bears/Car Caught Fire

The Bears are back!!!  Adrian Belew, Rob Fetters, Bob Nyswonger and Chris Arduser have regrouped for a third brand new studio album from The Bears, Car Caught Fire.  The album features 13 new songs of progressive pop brilliance, including a guest appearance from Robert Fripp.  An absolute must have for any fan of Adrian Belew, The Psychodots and The Bears!

The Bears/Eureka! ....CD $16.99

The Bears/Eureka!

The Bears are Adrian Belew, Rob Fetters, Bob Nyswonger and Chris Arduser.   It's been six years since The Bears last studio album, Car Caught Fire.  Since then we've had a couple live releases and a whole slew of solo releases from every member as well as releases from The Psychodots and The Graveblankets.  But finally in 2007 The Bears are back in the studio creating their own magic brand of power pop.   Eureka!  Be on the lookout for The Bears to tour in late April/early May.   Songs include Zelda Fitzgerald, Veneer, On, Troubled Beauty, Normal, We Never Close, Think, Keep Your Own Counsel, Idiot in the Sky, Doodle, Comin' Round the Mountain.

The Bears/Live ....CD $16.99

The Bears/Live

Adrian Belew, Rob Fetters, Chris Arduser and Bob Nyswonger have been busy at work lately first producing the third Bears album, Car Caught Fire, and then hitting the road for a tour that had fans dancing in the aisles!  Now before heading out on the road again The Bears have released their first live album - appropriately titled 'Live.'  The album features 14 tracks including songs from their lamentably out of print first and second albums.  So get the album and see the show!  "The best damn live band on the planet!"  - Barbara Knowles (Tokyo Star)

The Bears/Live at the Club Cafe ....DVD NTSC region 0 $24.99

The Bears/Live at the Club Cafe ....DVD NTSC region 0

The Bears recorded this DVD live at Club Cafe, an intimate and wired nightclub located in Pittsburgh, PA.  Members of The Bears (Adrian Belew, Rob Fetters, Chris Arduser and Bob Nsywonger) chose Club Cafe during their sold-out Car Caught Fire tour as the venue of choice to record the band's first live DVD.  Songs from the DVD include many of their fans favorite songs from the CD Car Caught Fire as well as their first two releases Rise and Shine and The Bears. The DVD also features a cover of King Crimsons 'Red.'  The DVD features over 90 minutes of live concert footage in 5.1 Dolby surround sound, as well as intimate interviews with each member of the band talking about their history and song writing. Fans will also enjoy a special private tour of Adrian Belew's recording studio Studio Belew, located in Nashville.  In total, the DVD contains over 3 hours of concert and interview footage that will provide high quality entertainment value for Bear fans and rock fans alike.

Adrian Belew/Coming Attractions ....CD $13.99

Adrian Belew - Coming Attractions

Apparently Adrian has been caught in some kind of time warp.  Coming Attractions is his latest collection of greatest hits.  However, this collection features tracks from various albums that have not yet been released!  Projects in the works include Adrian's next solo album, a brand new Bears project, another in his series of acoustic albums, an archival collection of rarities, and the second in his experimental guitar series.  All are represented here in a delightfully diverse collection!   But beware, this will only make you hungry for the full length releases!

Adrian Belew/Lone Rhino + Twang Bar King ....import CD $21.99

Adrian Belew/Lone Rhino + Twang Bar King ....import CD $19.99

BGO - These two albums were originally released on the Island label in 1982 ('Lone Rhino') and 1983 ('Twang Bar King'). Adrian Belew has played with some of rock's biggest names: he did the guitar work on Talking Heads' classic album 'Remain In Light' and on offshoot group Tom Tom Club's albums. He played on King Crimson albums 'Discipline,' 'Beat' and 'Three Of A Perfect Pair' as well as David Bowie's 'Lodger' album, and appeared on Paul Simon's 'Graceland' single and Nine Inch Nails' 'The Downward Spiral' and 'The Fragile.' More recently Belew put together a solo album with Primus bassist Les Claypool and Tool drummer Danny Carey lending a hand.

Adrian Belew/Salad Days ....CD $13.99

Adrian Belew - Salad Days

This is Adrian's brand new release on Thirsty Ear Records.  Salad Days combines tracks from BelewPrints and The Acoustic Adrian Belew with live tracks heard here for the first time.  This collection of acoustic performances includes song selections from his solo history as well as with King Crimson.

Adrian Belew/Side One ....CD $17.98

Adrian Belew/Side One

'Side One' is Belew's conscious attempt to work in a "power trio" format for the first time, and he recruited two powerhouses in their own right to join him: Primus bass guitarist Les Claypool and Tool drummer Danny Carey. It's the first of three musically distinct albums scheduled for release over the next year. He also painted the intriguing, abstract cover artwork for all three records.  "Over the last four or five years, I had put so much time and effort into re-establishing King Crimson and to a lesser degree The Bears that my solo work had to be continued in the 'spare moments' in between,"Belew says. "I'd have a little time here and there to write solo material between tours or I might have a few weeks off where I could go into my studio and record, eventually accumulating material in two very different styles: side one and side two. Along the way to finishing those two I recorded enough for a third."  Belew -- who has worked with the likes of Frank Zappa, David Bowie, nine inch nails and Porcupine Tree -- always envisioned the 'Side One' material as being performed by a power trio.  "In a power trio you almost have to overplay. It forces ingenuity and puts a lot of pressure on each player but I enjoy that. I like the focus of three people," he says. "What's challenging as the vocalist and guitarist is that sometimes I am triggering guitar loops while I'm playing. We call it 'belewps.' I'm my own rhythm guitar player!"

Adrian Belew/Side Two ....CD $16.98

Adrian Belew/Side Two

Following up on the success of Side One, Adrian Belew is back with Side Two, the second installment of three concept albums to be released this year.  Side Two takes the listener further into the creative genius that is Adrian Belew with songs like "I Wish I Knew," "Asleep" and "Happiness."  Belew, who is known throughout the musical community for his work with King Crimson, says that the idea for Side Two stemmed from his desire to explore the more electronica side of music while still maintaining his own signature sound.  "For Side Two I wanted to work in the 'D.J.' form using drum loops and synthesizer pads but adding elements usually missing from that music," Belew explains.  The result is a well-rounded album that not only dares to explore uncharted territory but also stays true to the Belew catalogue.  The 10 songs featured on Side Two are: "Dead Dog on Asphalt", "I Wish I Knew", "Face to Face", "Asleep", "Sex Nerve", "Then What", Quicksand", "I Know Now", "Happiness" and "Sunlight."

Adrian Belew/Side Three ....$16.98

Adrian Belew/Side Three

Side Three is the final installment of Adrian Belew's trilogy (beginning with Side's One and Two, of course).  Side One was Adrian's attempt at a power trio featuring Primus' Les Claypool on bass and Tool's Danny Carey on drums.  On Side Two Adrian worked solo bringing in elements of electronica into his signature sound.   Both of these releases generated rave reviews from Adrian's fans who claimed them among his best work.  The final chapter of Adrian Belew's trilogy sums up one of the most ambitious musical journeys in recent memory. Once again joined by Danny Carey (Tool) and Les Claypool (Primus) Side Three is the final piece of the saga and follows a 2005 Grammy nomination for best rock instrumental performance for (Beat Box Guitar from Side One).

Bob Nyswonger/Deposition ....CD $14.99

Bob Nyswonger/Deposition ....CD $14.99

"For the majority of his three-decade career, Bob Nyswonger has been best known for his influential role as the bassist and a singer-songwriter for three of the Cincinnati area's most legendary and adventurous rock acts: The Bears, Psychodots and The Raisins. The groups share line-ups featuring combinations of Nyswonger, guitarists/vocalists Rob Fetters and Adrian Belew, and drummer/vocalist Chris Arduser. Their playful and intelligent lyrics, superb musicianship and inventive arrangements have garnered them significant regional acclaim, as well as several stints in the national media spotlight.  Currently, Psychodots and The Bears are part-time entities that their members engage in between individual projects. Nyswonger is no exception, having just launched his first solo album Deposition. The eclectic disc features a variety of songs Nyswonger had penned over the years that didn’t quite fit into any of his group contexts. Its 11 tracks are comprised of addictive power pop cuts, raucous rockers, flickering ballads and the occasional ambient excursion. Nyswonger handles all of the lead vocals and plays most of the instruments, including guitars and keyboards. Arduser, Fetters and Belew, along with fellow Cincinnati mainstays drummer Bam Powell and singer-songwriter Lee Rolfes also contribute to the disc. Nyswonger’s daughter Carmen provides vocals as well." ~

The Psychodots/Terminal Blvd. .....CD $16.99

The Psychodots/Terminal Blvd.

An urgent communique from Bear, Raisin, Psychodot and occasional soloist Rob Fetters:  "Dear Fellow Bipeds, Please pardon me if you're not interested...but for those of you who are...  I grew up in Sylvania, Ohio with my talented friends Chris Arduser and Bob Nyswonger and we have played music and recorded together for a long, long time under different banners, with additional musicians - but when it gets down to the core trio, well, we call that group psychodots....   psychodots have just completed our first studio album in 10 years: "Terminal Blvd.  Terminally Yours,  Rob Fetters"

And here are just some of the multitude of people Adrian has worked with. For his work with King Crimson, go to the Discipline page.   For his work with Frank Zappa, go to our Rykodisc page.

Joan Armatrading/Joan Armatrading ....CD $10.99
Talking Heads/Remain in Light ....CD $13.99
Talking Heads/Popular Favorites (Sand in the Vasoline) ....double CD $27.99
Tom Tom Club/Tom Tom Club ....CD $10.99
David Byrne/The Catherine Wheel ....CD $10.99
Jean-Michel Jarre/Zoolook ....CD $13.99
Cyndi Lauper/True Colors ....Cd $10.99
Laurie Anderson/Mister Heartbreak ....CD $10.99
Laurie Anderson/Home of the Brave ....CD $10.99
Laurie Anderson/Bright Red ....CD $13.99
Paul Simon/Graceland ....CD $13.99
Paul Simon/Rhythm of the Saints ....CD $13.99
Mike Oldfield/Earth Moving ....CD $10.99
Crash Test Dummies/God Shuffled His Feet ....CD $13.99
Nine Inch Nails/Downward Spiral ....CD $13.99
Sara Hickman/Necessary Angels ....CD $13.99
Jars of Clay/Jars of Clay ....CD $13.99  

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